Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Few New Cards Added to Etsy

Hi everyone........not sure how many that is, but hope you are all having a wonderful much to do, so little time. Been watching some cooking shows on TV this morning and now I am ready to cook. My direction is towards tomatoes and peppers. Received a great surprise early this morning, JP came home with a big box of tomatoes and peppers from work. On one of the cooking shows, Lydia from Italy made "stuffed tomatoes" gonna try this one today for dinner, I have some big peppers in the frig, so I need to stuff them too. Made a big pot of rice and added some little sausages to that rice. Deydrated some peppers and tomatoes and will make some salsa also.

Was reading on another blog that today is "World Make a Card Day". Well for sure I will be making my Christmas cards tonight, but thought I would add come cards already made to this blog. Hope you like them.

The above card "Happy Anniversary with the two doves" was made a couple of weeks ago and just added it to my Etsy store a couple of days ago. (the card is $3.00 + shipping and postage) It was basically easy to put together. Using Wabashi taped on the card and the 3 silver hearts were punched out and glued on top of the tape. A border punch at the top for added pzazz. The doves were from  an Amuse die set, using the frame from the die cut and dabbing with pink ink to get the affect I wanted. The inside of the card says "Thinking of you on this Special Day"
This is my "The Flying Duck 1" card which I just added to my Etsy store last night the card  is priced  for  $3.00 + shipping and postage. A very fun card to make using a flying duck templates and stamping a scenery stamp on top then dabbing ink around the duck to fill in. A scripture verse added and the lines drawn in and studs added to embellish. 
I added this Christmas decoration along with a few other decorations to Etsy this past week. Little round disks punched out and folded to form the horn like sections then dabbed with gold speckles. Each section is glued together to form the wreath, Peace is calligraphied and speckled and the tree added for embellishment. This ornament can be added to your tree, on a present, on the door where ever you want to display this lovely ornament. The price is $7.00 + shipping and postage.
I have not added this card to Etsy as's a very fall looking card and looks like the duck is flying into fire or a sunset or sunrise. You can see the scenery stamp pretty clear here. Done pretty much the same way as the above duck card only adding squiggly lines. This card will also be $3.00 + shipping and postage.

As this post has gotten pretty long, I think I will close here for the day. You all take care and enjoy your Saturday and Sunday and keep looking up for your redemption drawth nigh.
Cheers ~ Louise

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