Monday, July 30, 2012

A Busy Week-End 4 Us

Hi everyone........well today is Monday the 30th......where in the world did this month go????? Thought I would add a few pictures of our busy weekend....not too adventurous....but busy for a couple of 65 year olds.

KYLIE....KYLIE she is such a happy dog. Here she is asking me, "can we go for a walk?" I said, "maybe later, when it cools down". We got Kylie from the shelter in Oshkosh, I am not sure if Kylie picked us or we picked Kylie, either way it has worked out fine. Kylie is a mama's girl and sticks pretty close to me....but just like any little girl, does not always listen to mama. Kylie has alot of likes and dislikes. She mostly dislikes the mailman and any other man that comes to the front door until I tell her to "STOP" and then she backs off. Some man must have done her mean before she knew us cause it takes her awhile to like any man that come to the door.

 Following are a few pictures of the weekend. We did have a surprise on Sunday.....a big storm came through around about 6:10pm. The rain came down pretty heavy and around 6:30 the power went off.....I become so lost without the power, gosh we sure do take the "power" for granted don't we??? The "Power" of the Holy Spirit is taken for granted too, for that matter!!!!
Flower box petunia's and flowers in front of house. Did some weeding and got rid of some flowers that look like weeds when growing but when they bloom, they are the cutest little blue bells that last a few weeks. When they begin to dry up....down they come. I have no fear that they will return next year, even during a hard winter. My daisies keep popping up in different places, I like them where ever they decide to show their pretty faces. Someday the front of the house will be all perennial flowers, right now I have to plant to fill in empty places.

Here is JP fertilizing with his new fertilizer cart. 39 years we have been married and this is his first little fertilizer cart. You can see how dry the grass is and only the weeds seem to grow. This picture was taken Saturday......Sunday afternoon it rained..........oh well, JP can fertilize again. Hopefully the weeds were served notice that they are not welcomed here.

JP added a little color with some of the red chips we had left over after I redid the patio and flowers next to the patio. I should take a picture of the patio. Looks really nice, but the squirrel seems to think that is his domain and has been making holes in the chips trying to find a place for his nuts.....darned squirrel. Anyways, the yellow and orange marigolds are trying very hard to survive this drought.....been watering them, but not as much as I should. They should have been a little bit larger by now. Well, there still are a few more months of growing weather yet. I really need to paint my porch's due, can you see the paint chipping? And the steps and porch need to be stained again. I keep threatening every year to do that, but the summer comes and goes and there sits the stairs and porch, still needing to be stained and painted. I procrastinate very well don't I?

Going to close this blog for the day........this blog is that is hard to believe. It's been good therapy for me. Not really sure where or who reads my blogs, if anybody does for that matter. But, it has been fun to do. I have a few blogs that I like to visit on a daily basis.....they may not realize it, but they become a friend that I enjoy visiting and seeing what they are up to and do miss them when they take a few days away from their blogs.

I am hoping that my next blog will be a few cards that I have been working on. I had a big sale last week and was busy working on that special order. Would be nice to have a few more orders like that...will have to just wait and see and promote more.

You all have a great day and keep looking up for your redemption drawth nigh.
Cheers ~ Louise

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Patiently Waiting...........for Jesus!

Waiting..........Waiting, watching and waiting. Don't you just love when you come home to see your dogs or cats waiting for you??? Like as if you have been gone for days and weeks.........but it was only for a few short hours. Gosh they are so happy to see you, they are just beside themselves because you have returned home!!! That's the way we are supposed to be as we wait for the return of Jesus.

I am looking forward to the return of Jesus, more each day. When things happen, and life gets tuff. When we get pushed around and tugged and pulled in every different direction, yeah, I look forward to the return of Jesus more each day.

Yesterday I went for a lovely boat ride on Lake Butte de More. Weather was beautiful, but changed every 5 minutes, cloudy, sunny, breezy, overcast, warm, then chilly, but never rained. There are some beautiful homes on the lake, would be nice to live on a lake, would be like a mini-vacation every day. So in the mean-time, a ride on the lake, in the pontoon is my mini-vacation. After the ride, we docked and went for lunch then made some cards. Each one of us brought a card with the fixings and showed the others how we made that card. I will have to take pictures of them and post them in my next blog.

Well, I am going to shut down this blog, my computer is acting up.....must be too hot. You all take care and take Jesus and keep looking up for your redemption drawth nigh.
Cheers to that.....Louise

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sadness in Aurora

Sadness in Aurora.............what can a person say to heal a heart. Only God can fix that. IT'S HIS BUSINESS YOU KNOW. You might say, "well, if it is God's business to fix what happened in Aurora.....why did it even happen?????? Why did some live, and some die, why did some have plans to go, but at the last minute change plans???? And, that woman who was about to open the door to James Holms's apartment...."something told her not to open the door." And, WHY in the world did James Holms even do what he did????

I am not even sure why, some die at an early age, or some die at an old age. And, how one dies is a complete mystery to me. Why do some get killed, die of cancer, heart attacks, malfunctions of the body, freak accidents (like that boy who was swallowed up by sand), earthquakes, volcano's, wind storms, hurricanes, tornado's, heat, cold, and the list goes on.

So, why do some, die in their sleep, here today and gone tomorrow. Why do some kill themselves? (when the Bible says, "Thou shalt not kill" (Exodus 20:13)???? So many questions, I know I am missing many more questions. You might even have alot of questions yourself.  There might be some who think they can answer your question......but if it is coming from a worldly perspective it is just a guess on their part.

But if by chance, you read the Bible, and Jesus IS your Lord and Savior. You'll know the answer to why James Holms did what he did............."SIN".........bottom line!!! His belief system was in Satan and he was doing the work of Satan. Satan wants that ALL men and women and children die without knowing Jesus as Lord and Savior. He hates mankind you know, and he hates you and me, whether we are saved or unsaved. Anyone created by God is a # 1 Target for Satan!!

I hope and pray that through this tragedy that many, many people will come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior............He is the only way we can make it in the SIN-SICK World!!!

If you don't know Jesus as your Lord and Savior, ASK HIM TODAY! Because you may never know what will happen tonight or tomorrow may never come for you. Many of those people that died in that Aurora movie theater thought they had a whole life to live. Unbeknownest to them, Satan comes to steal and to kill and to destroy (John 10:10) and devour our souls.

Jesus came, that we might have life and that we might have it more abundantly. (John 10:10)

When I asked Jesus into my life, all I prayed was, "Jesus I've made a mess of my life, please come into my heart and take over from here, make everything new again." Then, sit back and watch what God will do for you. Everything will look new, even the sky and clouds will be different, you'll even smile more. But take care, "Be sober, be vigilant: because your adversary the Devil, as a roaring lion, walks about, seeking whom he may devour." (1 Peter 5:8)
Start reading your Bible, beginning with the book of John and get to know who Jesus is. Find yourself a Bible believing church, not just any church, but a church where Jesus Christ and Him Crucified is preached. The best place for me has been at Jimmy Swaggart Ministries. You can watch the Wednesday and Sunday services plus get preaching, teaching and wonderful music all week long, 24/7.

Going to close this blog for today, you take care and take Jesus and keep looking up for your redemption drawth nigh. Cheers ~ Louise

Monday, July 16, 2012

♫♪♫ Monday, Monday ♫♪♫

Do you remember that song by the "Mama's and Papa's????? Monday, Monday, so good to me.....(must find the words for this blog)
Yeah, it was a little hard to wake up this morning. This cute kitty says it all, took this picture off  Facebook today.....just made me laugh!!!

Well it was a quiet and busy weekend. Went to a paper sale at PaperCuts and  an "Amuse" stamping party and open house at Betty's place. Made 2 make n' take cards at the paper sale and 3 make n' take cards at Betty's. All very good ideas to use for future cards. Spent a little bit of money but, is that not the idea?????????

After my field trip of sorts, JP and I went for a short date to the antique store and looked around at all the old things that I remember as a child and are now ANTIQUES.....oh if only I had known as a young kid, to start collecting, would have been rich or would I have been called a hoarder and pack-rat???? Who knows, maybe if I sold some of our old stuff, I could make a few bucks, but it is hard to part with some of my "stuff".

Didn't make anything special this week-end. We were just basically trying to keep cool.  Friday, was half a chicken in my Nu-Wave which keeps the kitchen cool and a stir-fry of vegies. Saturday, JP ate left overs, fruit bowl and pannais for supper. Sunday, BLT pannis, beans, left over stir-fry vegies, ceaser pasta salad and fruit. Simple, simple, simple.

Trying to figure out why I took so long to write a's been a week since I last wrote, must have been on a "blog vacation" or something. Actually been playing on Pinterest alot lately.........sure can be addicting. Guess, I am vacationing I did not vacate, (that's where vacation comes from, when you vacate one place to go someplace else). Maybe I just got side-tracted. So listen, if you feel like it, go to and type in Louise Langefeld Gatti and check out my boards, you can see some of my favorite things, cards, crafts, water fountains, places to visit, diets, food and more food and lots of refreshing drinks!!!! Check it out, you will be glad you did.

Guess it is time to close, this computer is acting up. I threaten to take it into Office Depot for a cleaning but I just know they will say..........."oh you need a new Windows 8 computer" or just try to sell me an older computer just to get it off the floor to make room for the new ones. But then, we both need our eyes checked and it looks like another used car is in our future. Soooooo you all take care and keep looking up for your redemption drawth nigh.
Cheers to you ~ Louise

Monday, July 9, 2012

Flowers from my Garden in this HOT Weather!!

My perennial daisies are still doing well. Took this picture yesterday and was surprised to see they did pretty well during those hot days last week. I watered once or twice, giving them a little drink during those hot days. Their roots must go deep, they are planted in a low spot in the garden, so maybe the ground is still damp from the spring rains. Whoooooo knows, they are still looking good!!!
My Easter Lilly, sweet isn't she?? Planted her a couple of years ago and she has been faithful every year since to show herself off in my garden. I do have another Easter lilly that needs to be planted, probably will plant it in the fall or maybe in August, that will give it a good start. We will be sure to see the lillies next year around this time.
Below are my "maranda's" Looks like a choir of flowers, doesn't it? We sure did not plan it this way. They sure are amazing all at different levels so they all get the sun.
I got these flowers a couple of years ago from a lady here in Appleton. She has a beautiful flower garden with so many flowers.....she happened to be digging up these "Marandas" their other name is "Bee Balm" as they attract alot of bees, butterflies and humming birds. Both of which I have not seen much of.  They are starting to spread now and probably is time to thin them down....hope they take over the weeds so the weeds don't grow as much. 

Well, I am going to close this blog for today, I have some cards in the making, so I shall probably post those in the next few days. You all have a great day and keep looking up for your redemption drawth nigh.
Cheers to you this night ~ Louise

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

An Etsy Order and Keeping Kool!

Just got a special order from my Etsy store the other day. This should keep me cool in this scorching heat or at least! The lady lives down in Florida and is giving a 1st birthday party for her daughter. The color theme is pink and yellow and lemonade and cupcakes. She wants 4 lemonade cards to put gift cards in for prizes. She wants the pink lemonade with a pale yellow border and I shall add a yellow straw with no "relax" on the lemon or a "1" if I have a decent stamp around and is not too small, but just right.

 When I am finished with the cards I will take a picture and download them so I can show the finished product on this blog. I will probably make some extra cards to add to my Etsy store at a later date. already have a set of 6 cards in my store, I marked them down $2.50 per card ($15.00 + postage) After I am done here I am going downstairs where it is cool and start working on the cards again. Started last night and have some more work to do. I want to get them all ready for mailing so they can go out as soon as the lady pays for them and is cleared by paypal.  It has been quite a dry spell in my Etsy store, this will help boost my moral.

Are  you Keeping Kool?????? It has been pretty warm these last few days.....uge, I am not a warm bodied human....I like the 60's and 70's maybe even low 80's but not this 90's and 100's with high, no, no!!! To think this is only July........August is also a warm month!!!!
We have a window unit air-conditioner in the kitchen, the two bedroom doors are closed, so all the air-conditioner has to do is cool the kitchen, dinning room and front room if it can make it that far. So we have a fan on the floor in the dinning room pushing the cool into the front room. Shades are pulled and no lights on, so hopefully it is cooling off here. When I step outside and come back in, I can actually feel the I guess it is working.
The above card with the stamp "Keep Kool" and the "lemon" was my first attempt at making my first stamps. It was kind of fun.....a little putsey, but fun.

Well I hope you are enjoying this "4th of July".........going to be lots of fireworks celebrating our "Independence" but in a way we are losing our Freedoms everyday.....The White House politicians are trying to take our freedoms away and trying to wipe away "In God we Trust" from our lives. I wonder how much more God will take before he says, "Enough is enough........Jesus go get my children" I guess, time will tell.

You all have a great day and keep looking up for your redemption drawth nigh. Cheers ~ Louise

Monday, July 2, 2012

Ah......Monday - Health and God's Healing

Yeppers, it is Monday. I found this cute little picture on facebook yesterday and just had to add it to my blog today.
It's been pretty warm these last couple of days, too warm for me, I like 60's and 70's, but that is me. Do  you wonder why it has been so warm? Guess the "Global Warmers" would say, "See, we told you so." But you know.....I think we are under judgement from God. He is very angry and when you hear of earthquakes that deffinently speaks of God's wrath (Psalm 18:7). He loves us very much, but He is angry, because we think "WE" can run things.....nope, we can't. We need God in our everyday lives, we just can't do without HIM, and that's for sure. Has HE got your attention yet???????????

I found a neat website a few days ago and it is FREE. It's a community of dieters called you can journal, type in what you ate and it adds up your calories, see what other dieters are doing, go on forums, find recipes. An array of things to do. I am still looking around trying to get acculmated. I actually have lost some weight, it has been tough though, but finally am seeing a few pounds come off. "God did His part, now I must do mine."

What I mean by that previous comment is this: These last 6 months, my health has not been up to par as I have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes. I've asked God to help me lose weight many times (Psalm 18:6), but never realized it was the meds that might be the problem. Having to keep tabs of my Blood Sugars since December 13th, I've found it VERY difficult to diet. I have been on blood pressure meds for over 20 years. When the Doctor perscribed diabetes and colestral medication, suddenly my liver levels went up. So he first took me off the colestral medication. Blood test and no change. He then took me off ALL medication. Blood test and still no change. Had an Ultra sound and blood test. Finally, liver levels were normal, but they found a gall stone. Have not heard what they are going to do about that. But the Doctor wants me to lose weight. Finally, I my weight is coming off, a pound here and a pound there, I have been trying very hard.

I need to tell you, that when the Doctor took me off all medications, I was really frightened. Blood pressure medication for 20 years????? I thought for sure I was going to die, (the pharmasist told me I was a walking time-bomb, so I really needed to take that blood pressure medication). So naturally I was scared........did the Doctor REALLY know what he was talking about????? I sure did not know, but I did stop taking all meds, including vitamins...........who knows what was causing my liver levels to go up. Well, after about a month of no meds, I actually started feeling better and my blood sugars seemed to go down alittle.

My last blood test, last week, came back and my AC1 is 6.8 = controlled, so that is a good sign. Finally, my body is getting into a normal mode, could it be that God is healing my wretched body. I would like to believe that. So after a couple of months of this roller-coaster ride, things are leveling out......God did his part, now I must do mine......It is God's business to keep us healthy and whole. I am so glad I have God to lean upon. We sure can wrack up our bodies with bad living.

So this is all good news ~ that I am very happy to report on this warm day on July 2nd. Maybe I can truly celebrate Independence Day by saying "Yes, I am on my way to losing weight and feeling free and healthy, the way God meant me to feel!!!! Whole in HIM!!!!!

Have a great day and keep looking up for your redemption drawth nigh!!! Cheers - Louise


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