Saturday, November 30, 2013

More Christmas Cards in My Etsy Store

Hi Everyone, how are you all doing this fine day.....the last day of November. Not exactly sure where this month went to, but it sure did fly by. For me, it went pretty fast, as it is my birthday month. I always look forward to Thanksgiving and a wonderful turkey dinner and all the trimmings. Hope your Thanksgiving was a blessed day.

Well, today I have added some cards I have been making for Hospice, Etsy and for my personal use to send out to friends and family for Christmas. Hope you like them. For Hospice, I am donating them. On Etsy: they are selling for $3.00 + postage (about $1.50 cause I always add an extra card.) If you are friend or family, you'll be seeing one of these cards or one like it in your mail box in the next few weeks. Wishing you a Merry Christmas.
This is one of my more prettier cards. I made this one last year, but kept it for a sample and made a few more this year. I like that blue shimmery background which I ran through my cuttlebug then embellished with the tree and gems and my new Merry Christmas stamp.
In this card I used the same cuttlebug folder but turned it on it's side and embellished with snowflakes and gems.
I got the idea for this card from a fellow stamper on blogspot. Becky @ http://www.scrappin' I visit her daily. She likes to use Washi tape, as do I. A very simple card, one that can be produced pretty quickly. This was a good card to make for Hospice. Check her out, she always has some great ideas. Thanks Becky.
This card was fun to make and I could make quite a few at one time. I cased the idea from Brenda @ Thanks Brenda.
This Christmas Tree Washi tape card....ummmmm...not sure where the idea came from, but I cased it from someone. So, whoever you are Thanks.
My last card is my gingerbread man. Have lots of gingerbread men, maybe I should make more of these for Hospice. They go pretty fast.

Well, there you have it, more cards from the inventory of and Have a great day and keep looking up for your redemption draws nigh. Cheers ~ Louise

Thursday, November 28, 2013

More Recycled Christmas Cards

Hi everyone....hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We spent a quiet day and ate about 4pm, yum, turkey, dressing, potatoes, bean cassarole, ginger bread and Apple pie. Just what the Doctor ordered. Now onto "Black Friday"!!! I intend on staying home. Don't care to shop on this day. I probably will pay some bills, mail them at the post office and get some stamps. That will be all for my travels on Black Friday.

Been working on making Christmas cards for Hospice. I have one more week before we meet for breakfast at Denny's and bring our cards for this month. I am pretty sure I made enough for Hospice and for my own personal use. If not, there definately is time to make more.

Following are some more recycled Christmas cards. They are not only fun to make but can be constructed pretty fast. I am calling this line of cards my "New Life" cards, because they have been given new life and a second chance to make someone happy and loved even as they come to the end of life. I think I will continue on in doing this, as it is very rewarding.
There you have it. More recycled cards, I did add a set of these cards to my Etsy store. A set of 6 cards for $6.00 + postage. I've had a lot of people "favoring" my cards lately, course, I have been favoring a lot of Etsy sellers too. I am going to be adding more Christmas cards in the next few days. Then on to Valentine cards and St. Patrick how the season's pass by fast when you make cards.

So you all have a great Black Friday and enjoy Saturday as December is right around the corner......where in the world did 2013 go??? What will 2014 hold??? Only God knows the answer to that question. Keep looking up for your redemption draws nigh. Cheers ~ Louise

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving and a few Recycled Christmas Cards

Hi everyone and Happy Thanksgiving to you all. I hope you are enjoying and looking forward to time with your family and friends. I already made my turkey...a little 9 pounder. Took it apart to make soup, the rest will be for tomorrow. JP has had a couple of meals from the little turkey. Made my apple pie from those wonderful apples from our tree....which reminds me, I must have some pie tonight.

Tomorrow, I'll be making a fresh bean cassarole and pumpkin to do a little bit of cooking. Last year we had turkey dinner at a friends house. So it will be nice, not to have to go someplace and just kind of lounge around and take our time doing stuff and eat when we want. The Packers are playing @ Detroit at 11:30am oh, oh looks like I will be recording my doggie show and maybe part of the parade so I can watch the game. Jimmy Swaggart's Campmeeting too....can't miss that!!!!
So here is my cute little turkey that I made over a month ago. It caused quite a stir on the internet. The person that made the original turkey was more elaborate then this one and had more feathers. This one is just a small duplicate of the larger one. But anyway he comes your way to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving Day.

Give thanks to God for all that He has given you because all that you have comes from HIM. He gives and gives and gives. "For God so loved the world that He gave His Only Begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish, but have Everlasting Life. John 3:16"
I've been doing something a little new. A friend gave me a box full of old cards. Some were so old they were browned around the edges. There were also some cards that were handmade for someone. I went through them all a found some cards I really liked and cut them down and am now "recycling" them. The above cards, the two snowmen are a few of my favorites, I think they turned out pretty cute and I've had a lot of fun rejuvinating them.

Sorry the typing is small. I deleted something I shouldn't have and I can't figure out what it was....oh well, maybe the next picture and caption will be better, I will reframe from pressing the delete button.
Well I kind of messed up....I had a few more pictures added to this blog but lost them and blogspot won't let me add any more, I guess this will have to suffice for now. I will add a few more pictures in my next blog.

Next Friday the 6th is our Hospice meeting, so I shall blog then with all the cards that I made for you to see. Well you all have a great Thanksgiving and careful not to overeat. You can always eat again in another couple of hours....turkey sandwiches sound so good to me...mmmm turkey, cranberry sauce and mayo with lettuce...YES! YES! YES! Sounds GOOD!!

Keep looking up for your redemption draws nigh. Cheers ~ Louise

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Do You Like Chocolate Cake???

Hi everyone. How are you all doing on this bright and sunny day??? Well, it is bright and sunny here. Looking out the window though...looks like I need to wash a few windows...hahahaha.

So here's my question: Do you like Chocolate cake??? If you do, this is the BEST chocolate cake I have EVER had!! I thought I might be able to freeze a little, but I don't think it will make it to the freezer, maybe a couple of pieces might, just not sure at this point!!
If you are looking for a GOOD cake for one of those special occasions...this is your cake to buy. Go to:
You'll see a big picture of Buddy holding a pretty blue cake. Go up to the right of the screen and click on PRODUCTS go to the pretty teal cake wrapped up like a present. Click on the cake and up will come 7 different cakes and OH! there is that wonderul "Oh My Ganache" cake I had for my birthday!!!
In this picture the cake has been taken out of the box and is sitting pretty on the table. My taste buds were singing at this point and I could hardly wait for the first bite of this scrumptious cake.
Here I have placed 3 candles on the cake and lite them (67 candles would have taken too long to place, light and then blow out) 3 candles was enough and also all I had on!
Here I have cut a piece of cake and lite another candle........mouth drooling......I could hardly wait for that first bite of heavenly, delicious, chocolate. YES, YES, it truly was what I was expecting. If I could give you a piece...I would have.
In this last picture is all that is left...actully JP got another slice. And yes.....I did manage to save a few pieces and freeze them for later on in the week, like maybe for Thanksgiving day. BUT....I may get some Peanut Butter Cup Cakes from Buddy...maybe, maybe :)

Well there you have it....Ode to "oh my ganache" birthday cake I ever had and best $19.99 I ever spent and well worth it!!!

You all have a great day and keep looking up for your redemption draws nigh. Cheers ~ Louise

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Happy Birthday Celebration!!!!!!

Hi everyone, how is your day going?? Well, it's my Birthday tomorrow. I get to turn 67 years of age!!!! Never thought I would make it this far!!! When I was young, I thought, I would stay young forever. Being old was for those who were already "OLD" like "antique Old" When I was 16 and my mother was 36, like, I thought she was ready for the rocking chair, she was soooooo old. I don't think that way, cause now....yep....I am ready for the rocking chair. Of course those that are older then me will say...."OH Louise!!!! You are still young and you have alot of years yet to go"!!!! Well, my mind is willing, but my body ain't!!!!

So anyways, I am celebrating tonight and tomorrow. Tonight, gonna make a steak with mushrooms, fries and salad....doesn't that sound good???? Was thinking of making a little cheese cake with cranberry sauce...we'll see. Tomorrow, I am going to Festival Foods to buy my "Cake Boss" Cake, it will cost $19.99, oh but that's what I want for my Birthday with a candle on top. JP, does not know it yet....but he will sing Happy Birthday to me...hahahahahahaahaha.
Here is my cake. A chocolate ganache cake, hummmmm wonder if I can find the exact makings of this cake on Cake Bosses website. Okay...layers of heavenly chocolate cake with chocolate shavings filled with a creamy fudge filling and topped with Belgian chocolate ganache. A couple of pieces should hit the spot....looking forward to this. What ever is left, I am sure we can freeze it again.
Thought you would enjoy seeing a picture of me when I was 7 or 8 years old. I think this was taken in 1953. A man with a pony would come around and take pictures of the kids in the neighborhood. Have no idea what the cost of a picture was....maybe back then it was $1.00 or 2.00. Gosh, I wonder how long the wait was for the picture...who knows. This was my first attempt to scan a picture and download it into my computer. Then I went to to crop it, that's a fun program to play with. Must go back there and play some more.

Well, time to close here. Time to walk Kylie around the block. Gosh, it's 5:15 and pitch dark out there already....uge, uge, uge. I miss it being light at this time of the day...the days are soooooo short!!!

You all have a great day and keep looking up for your redemption draws nigh. Cheers ~ Louise

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Bloggers Block?????????

Hi there are you all today???? I am having "bloggers block" right now. Can't think of a thing to write. It has been so dreary and rainy outside and as usual the ceiling is leaking. I don't even like to cook in the kitchen when the ceiling is leaking. I swear, someday the ceiling will cave in.

But one things for sure....I could be in southern Ill where tornado's hit today and through out the midwest. 65 tornadoes were reported today. I could be in the Philippines and lose everything to the typhoon. Yes, we cry in our sorrows so much...not thinking that others have it worse. A leaking ceiling some how does not look so bad right now. BUT...I will be forever "Looking for a City" A city of gold where the roses never fade and we are forever young, it will be worth it all when we see Jesus.....yes there is a place like that and far much better then this world has to offer.

Hope you enjoy this little segment of Jimmy singing..........I like his music, always calms my soul!! Jimmy started playing piano at age 8, never had a lesson. He asked God to give him the talent to play the piano. His father asked him where he learned to play like that, did his aunt teach him? Jimmy said no, he just asked God to help him. Jimmy sat down and started to play a few chords and here he is today. Amazing what God will do, if we just ask with the faith of a little child.

Well, so much for today, guess I am not much into blogging today. You all have a great rest of the day and keep looking up for your redemption draws nigh.

Taking pictures of some of the Christmas cards I have been working on, so stay tuned for the next issue of  "cards4ubylouise"  Have a great rest of the evening and Cheers - Louise

Thursday, November 14, 2013

My Monthly Card Making Day

Hi there everyone. Hope your day went well and you are enjoying the evening, that seems to go much too fast. It's already 7:20pm. Made a couple of pumpkin pies tonight had such a taste for it, just like I thought, mmmm tastes good. They won't last long, once the husband gets wind of them walking into the kitchen tonight. Not one piece will he have, but probably 2 pieces, well, at least they won't go to waste and end up in the garbage.
Yesterday was my monthly card making day. In the above picture are two of the cards. The card on the left was colored in with copic markers and the cardinal colored in and cut out and layered on the cardinal to pop up. The card on the right, little sweet magnolia girl sitting on a frame. The frame and two trees were first sanded down, the trees were embellished with speckles and the frame was left plain. Then the trees were layered on top of each other, one being popped up and the frame popped up also. The sweet magnolia girl is layered on top of the frame.
This card was stamped in blue ink, the trees smeared with glue and sprinkled with glitter. It looks like in this picture the glitter is hard to see. The picture then placed on a lovely border, blue ribbon glued on the card and the saying stamped in blue at the bottom. A blue bow added to embellish the card.
In this Santa Claus card, he is stamped on glossy card that was die cut as an ornament. We dabbed pink ink on the rosy his face up, colored in his glasses and blue eyes. He was then layered on a fancy frame and little tree branches, gems and ornament holder added. Then everything is layered on the card with ribbons and bows.
In this picture is a lovely voltive that we will be making next month. Betty designed this herself. So I will be looking forward to making this next month.
In this picture are two of the voltives one in white and one in beige. I think I will make the one in beige. Soooo in my next card making blog next month you will see the beige voltive I made along with the cards we'll be making too.

So next week on the 21st is my, never thought I would get this old. I am looking forward to getting my Birthday cake at Festival. Cake Boss's "chocolate gonache cake" can hardly wait to take my first bite of that delicious cake....mmmm!!!! I think along with that cake I will make a steak and fries also. Yeah....looking forward to another year of blessings!!!!

Well, time to close here and get downstairs and work on some cards for Hospice. So you all take care and keep looking up for your redemption draws nigh. Cheers ~ Louise

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Yummy Food and Keeping Warm

Hi everyone, how was your Saturday?? Mine? Very fine, slept in a little bit later then usual. Played on the computer and had breakfast, Changed the sheets on the bed and put a new quilt on. (you will see the quilt in the last picture) Washed my hair.....normal type things. Walked Kylie in the windy cold, I don't think she minds what kind of weather it is outside, just so she can go for a walk. Oh, we finally took the air conditioner out of the kitchen window. Burrrr, winter is coming. Cooked dinner, we had hamburgers, french fries and salad. Oh and made some lasagna soup too...this is batch #10.....oh yum. Yes, I guess it was a good Saturday. Now it is time to blog a little, then I will go downstairs and work on some Christmas cards for Hospice and sending out to friends and relatives. Ride my stationery bike for a few miles and then finally hit the sack in some nice clean linens...oh what cozy-ness!!! Yes, it was a good Saturday. But Sunday is coming and we must get up early for Church.
In the above picture is one of my favorite breakfasts I had recently...eggs, spinach, cheese and 1 slice of ham cooked and placed on a warm tortilla and folded over like an omelet. Sometimes topped with hot sauce or honey mustard...oh yummy. You also see some yummy watermelon pieces. A cup of decaf coffee went along with this also. This little breakfast will hold me over till 3 or 4pm then I get the munchies.
Another picture of my favorite breakfast, 2-100 calorie tortillas, eggs, spinach, cheese and 1 slice of ham. With a side of strawberries sprinkled with Stevia. A cup of decaf coffee made with my Keurig coffee machine. Oh and btw...just had a little cup of lasagna soup....oh my, this is very good. I put the recipe up on one of my blog posts, will have to check out the date. Okay, I found it in October "New fall cards and Lasagna Soup". So click on October or you can go to this link directly and get the recipe:
In this picture are the ingredients for some meat balls I made a while back with the Mann's Broccoli slaw. As you see by the ingredients, eggs, hamburger, the slaw mix, garlic powder and garlic salt, (which I will cut down a bit) Parmesan cheese, parsley and dry Italian dressing. The recipe is on the back of the Mann's slaw bag.
        Mix it all together and make little balls. Place on a cookie sheet and bake @350 for 20-30 minutes.
Then I mixed the meat balls with noodles and pesto sauce and served. In this picture, I am sure it does not look very appetising but it was another one of those "very good" recipes I tried out on the husband. The best meat ball recipe I EVER tried was Fabio's Italian Meat balls...oh those were awesome. Here is the link to his meat balls.  When you go to this link, go to the search button and type in "meatball - Fabio" then click mouse and it will take you to Fabio's recipe.  Click on Continued Reading and you will get the recipe. You might also enjoy looking around at this sight.......looks kind of interesting, I might go back there for a snoop.
So in this last picture is the quilt my SIL Robyn made for's beautiful isn't it??? I was very surprised when she presented it to me. It is now on the bed, looks rather nice and very autumney....I like the browns....most of my favorite colors. One of my plans this winter is to paint the bedroom. So I will go with one of the colors in this quilt for the walls. Have not decided yet....I have a few months to play with that plan in my mind.

Well, time to close this blog for another few days till I can think of something else to talk and ramble on about. So you all take care and keep looking up for your redemption draws nigh. Cheers ~ Louise

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Singing in the Rain........

Hi everyone. This is going to be short and sweet's raining and guess what the kitchen ceiling is leaking...UGE!! Can't turn the kitchen light on as the water is leaking through the light fixture. Bread pans and bath towels are catching the rain water. Now there are drips of water coming down the cabinets onto the counter and into the silverware drawer. Had to take the silverware tray out because water got under the tray. Oh...I tell ya, it's a challenge. One good thing...eventually the rain will turn to snow..........sooooooooo if I keep laughing and singing maybe the problem will go away???????

Have a great day and keep looking up for your redemption draws night. Cheers ~ Louise

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Saturday's....Don't blink your will miss it!!

Hi is your day going? Saw this cartoon on another site and had to borrow it. Christmas is already in the stores and halloween candy being discounted. My gosh...we go from one season to the next in minutes. Was there not a "breather" inbetween???
Had a nice meeting at the Hospice Care Group. Got my coffee and bagle with cream cheese. Very delicious!!! There were only 4 of us, missing a couple of people. Next meeting we will meet at Denny's for breakfast. That will be fun, my taste buds are singing already...mmmmm, eggs and bacon, some fruit and coffee?

Today I had a little bit of fun. WG&R Furniture store was offering a free coffee cup if you came in and took a look around...I just love the they had a huge Continental Breakfast offered. It looked like "a Senior Citizen" gathering with over 100 people. That was not including through out the store. Sweet Rolls, fruit, cookies, cheese cake squares, juice and coffee were on the menu. I guess here is where I would put a picture of that coffee mug...well, I have to take a picture of it, maybe tonight.

I have a stuffed pork roast and cabbage in the Crock Pot right now......smelling good!!! Well, I should close this blog for today. Have to take Kylie for a walk around the block. She missed her walks the last two days because of the rain. She has been nudging me for a walk to day...better go before it starts to get dark out.

"SPRING AHEAD AND FALL BEHIND" Don't forget to "FALL BEHIND" and turn your clocks get an extra hour of sleep tonight. If you will either be too early for church service or too late for the second one, or is that visa versa?

OH!!! I just reached a mile stone with this blog....drum roll please....this is my 400th blog since I started in 2008...WOW!!!

You all have a great weekend and keep looking up for your redemption draws night. Cheers ~ Louise


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