Sunday, January 18, 2009

♥♥Popcorn, dogs and JESUS♥♥

I started this blog with a "No Title" on it...........cause I just didn't know where I am going with it. I thought that I might just ramble on and type things that came to my mind and that could have been dangerous. BUT finally did give this blog a title and as you can see it's about popcorn, dogs and read on and I hope you enjoy. Better go make yourself some popcorn though.

Mmmmmmmmm......husband is making popcorn, I love the smell of popcorn....okay maybe I will think of something after a few handfuls of popcorn, luscious popcorn........oh yes so very good. With real butter drizzled and a little salt, taste just like popcorn from the show. MMMMMM ~ good! My favorite way to make popcorn is with the "Orvil Redenbacker Microwave popper" A little bit of oil, 1/4 cup corn and 4 minutes in the mic. Then drizzle butter and sprinkle salt on top ............Here's a picture>>
And here is that same truely was so goooooooddddd!

Have I made you hungry for popcorn, oh so good. Well, I have munched it all away and my dog Kylie had to have some also.....funny dog, her and Hyko love to eat lettuce, popcorn, carrots, cucumbers.....neither one like spinich though, oh and they both love pasta. I ran out of dried dog food and gave them canned dog food, they must have thought they died and went to heaven cause they gobbled down that canned dog food like it was going out of style. Here are some pictures of Hyko and Kylie, my little darling dogs. This one of Hyko, he is standing on the word of God. Kylie........just likes to smile!!!!!

Well I should end this blog for you can see my world is very small right now.....not much going. It has been VERY cold outside, burrrrrrrr, and I prefer to stay in the house and stay warm. Tuesday is the inaguration, will have to watch some of it, hopefully this country will take the course towards God and not away from him. We are to pray for Obama, pray for those in authority over us...........Today I heard Jimmy Swaggart say that we should pray for "God to direct the affairs of this country" I wrote that down, that is the way I will pray for Obama and this's all in God's hands, and we should not worry or fret about what will happen cause God has everything under control and I must believe that. The moment we start to doubt is when we stop believing the word of God. There is a saying I heard a long time ago......"God said it, I believe it and that is all there is to it" Straight and to the point!
You have a good day..........sorry for the ramblings, not alot to write in the middle of winter, and I am not leading a very exciting life at this point. Better days are coming though, just waiting for that trumpet sound and Jesus calling us home...............THEN life will be better, do you know Jesus as your Lord and Savior? Hope so, you can have peace in the midst of the storm, just admit you are a sinner and Jesus died for your sins, ask for forgiveness and ask him into your heart and let him take over from very simple, even a child can do it. You'll still have the bumps in the road, but the bumps will be cushioned with Jesus!!!!
Hey you have a great day ~ Louise

Saturday, January 10, 2009

♥♥♥Valentine's Day Special♥♥♥

Here is my Valentine's Day special. Earrings and a Valentine Card 'all in one' for that special someone. The earrings are made with silver findings, beads are 8mm ruby red and irridesent glass and silver balls. Earrings are 1-1/2 inches long. The front of the card is a plain heart with a ribbon tied through it and layered on a patterned piece of vellum.

The price for both card and earrings is $10 + $2 postage they will also come in their own envelope and will be packed carefully in a bubble envelope. You will also receive an extra card and thank you tag for your own personal use. Go to my little store on Etsy.




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