Thursday, June 22, 2023

Some Flowers Around the House

Hi there everybody!!! Been a while since I last blogged. Thought I better get something going here and flowers came to my mind. Been doing a lot of cards lately but have not taken pictures of them yet. So, a few pictures of my perennial flowers should be in order. 

The below flowers usually bloom around September 1st. The vine is still growing and is not even quite up to the banister. I like this flowering vine; I call it a "Star Clematis" because the flowers look like stars. It gives me lots of privacy on the front porch.

These guys, JP used to call them the "choir" their real name is "Bee Balm" they have taken over the whole garden. The red flowers make for a good tea. They should be blooming in the next few weeks.

Here are my "Black-eyed Susans" I love them. They have been showing up every year in this spot for the last 8 years. The bottom is this year's growth this month. The top picture is from 2016. The blooms will last 4-5 weeks or until a bad storm knocks them over.
Here are my lovely pink peonies, the plant has gotten very big, I really need to cut the plant in half and put the other half someplace else. Never have done that though, the thought is there though. Well now the blooms are done blooming, and it is time to cut back the plant.
Now, this is my "Mystery Rose Bush." I think when I planted it, it was supposed to be a white rose. 2002 when we had the porch replaced, it got trampled on by the workers and did not grow for a couple of years, I was going to dig it up but then the next spring, it started to grow. All it did was grow green branches which we would cut down....I guess it went wild for quite a few years. The last couple of years it started blooming these pretty red roses near the bottom of the base of the plant for the last few years. This year it has bloomed more flowers than ever before. I hope it blooms all summer; we will see. I never took very good care of it all these years cause I did not know what it wanted to do. I have been watering it now and maybe I will give it some "Miricle Grow" just to see what it's next step is. Yes, it is a "Mystery Rose."
Now, here are my ever-faithful purple clematis. They are right next to the "Star Clementis" so these bloom way ahead of the white flowers. Wish they would last all summer, but no they don't.
Well, there you have it a slight change from the cards but all so pretty as cards. Flowers growing around my house (ha, along with the weeds). I will miss these flowers if I should have to sell this house, hopefully not for a while though. We will see, glad I don't know the future, that is in God's hands.

You all take care and enjoy the summer if I don't return to blog. But if I do return to blog, it will be about cards. Talk to you later. Cheers ~ Louise


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