Thursday, April 26, 2018

Some More Cards I Made the Other Night and Hockey

Hi there everyone. Can you believe another week has passed us by??? April is almost over, although I won't miss the snow that went with it, it's all mostly gone, tomorrow the weatherman is saying a little rain and that will wash all the snow away. I won't miss it.

Watching some hockey tonight. The Pittsburgh Penguins played the Washington Capitals and won 3-2. Now playing, the Vegas Golden Knights are playing the San Jose Sharks and Vegas won 7-0, what a game!!! The Knights scored 3 goals in 7 minutes...that was amazing!!! The Sharks put another goalie in the net after 5 goals.....the Knights just scored another goal with the new goalie....great game!! My Step-father, if he was still alive would probably be rooting for the Vegas Knights, as he gave up on the Chicago Blackhawks....I didn't though....but as long as the Knights are in the playoffs and not the Hawks, I shall root for the Knights, and hope they get the Stanley Cup!!!!
I love this fancy die, it's a Spellbinder, I bought it from Our Daily Bread it's called Vintage Flourish Pattern and also the outer frame is called Vintage Flourish frame. I am still looking for the oval that would fit the inside of the frame. (this oval is borrowed from Betty)Thought I had it when I ordered some ovals from Amazon...but nope, still not a fit.
I have been borrowing this die from Betty. Always with the thought of getting my own set....well finally I got my own set. Makes such a pretty card. I have this card sitting by my computer, like those purple and white flower that are glued with dots.
The pictures are printed on Acetate from the computer. I have quite a few pictures, mostly of "frogs" why, I don't know, but I think a few of those frogs will go for Father's day cards for Hospice.
This is my favorite card....I like that picture of the vintage looking, I think.

Well, the Knights won this game 7-0 Andre Fluery is the goalie for the Knights.....I wish the Chicago Blackhawks could have a goalie like him.....he is a winning goalie. Hopefully this next season will be better.

Have a good evening and keep looking up.....better days are coming, here, there, or in the air!!!!! Cheers ~ Louise

Monday, April 23, 2018

Cards I Made the Other Night

Hi there everyone. Thought it was time to change the winter something Spring-like!!! The weather is beautiful outside...sunny and in the 60's. It actually feels WARM and I turned down the heat in the house. Maybe I should bring the fan up from downstairs. Was looking at air-conditioners today at Walmart....guess I must save my pennies for a new one this summer. Our old air conditioner conked out, it never really cooled down the room and then it started spitting at me. So, I think it is time for a new one.
I made these Spring like cards last week. Need to make more....they were a very easy process and fun to make.
First I stamped the "Thinking of You" and "Happy Birthday" then taped the verses with painters tape.
Next step was to ink the top and bottom of the card with Distress ink....any colors you might have, after I got the desired look, I then sprinkled the cards with water to get the water spots. Dabbed with a paper towel to pick up the water. Let them dry for awhile.
I had these flowers already colored. The flower is from Stampin'up, I fussy cut out each flower. Each petal, I drew lines and colored in the tips of each petal with an ink pen. Then took copic markers and finished the petals off with different colors that would coordinate with the colored card.
WA-LA....a very lovely card. Think I will make some more like these for Hospice. I have two weeks to get about 60 cards done and 20 favors for Fathers day. There's still time.

Yesterday I went to a Revealing Party. For 6 months I took part in a secret stamping group. You send 12 images, could be a stamped, die cut or back ground to the name you received. Then make 2 cards with that image, one for your self and one for the person you sent the images to. Someone has your name and has done the same. So I came home with 6 cards from the lady I sent images to and 6 cards from the lady that had my name. Making sense much???

When I get the pictures taken of the cards, I will put them on my blog. My card and the other ladies take on the image sent and vise versa. I should add, that the reveal party was at a new stamping store in Neenah, and we could buy anything we wanted and get 10% off....dangerous place for me to go. Yes, I bought something, musical notes for another card I am making.

Well time to close here, JP just left for his job. I got our dinner planed out.....spare ribs in the pressure cooker....they turn out soooo good. Talk to you later...have a great night and keep looking up, better days are coming. Cheers ~ Louise

Monday, April 16, 2018

Snow, Snow, Snow - April 13-16 - Yep, it's SPRING!!

Hi there was YOUR weekend??? This was ours. Snow, snow, snow! I have never seen so much snow fall in one weekend. This was the 3rd worse snow storm in 130 years, 29inches is the record an we had about 22 inches not including the snowdrifts. I have never seen our car completely covered....unbelievable!!! This shot is from the back door.
The picture below is our car, picture was taken from out the kitchen window....where are the tires??
Our backyard from the kitchen window.....that's a lot of snow, guess I won't be working in the backyard this week!!
A shot of the street to the right of us. The city has been working to put in new water there is quite the mess on Durkee St.
A shot of the street to the left of us. Towards Drew St.
A shot of our neighbor's truck from the front porch, covered with snow. He is in Florida enjoying the warm weather. I think he left at a good time!!! Except he usually does the drive way with his snow blower. Not this time. Yeah, we have a snow blower too....but it doesn't work. Why are we holding on to it????
Here is the neighbor's truck from the back door. The truck may be sitting there till the snow melts.
Another view of the snow from the back door......look at those drifts!!! JP had to dig out a spot for Kylie to do her business.
NO SITTING ON THIS!!! You will get a cold seat!!
Last but not least.......THIS is what things are supposed to look like.....might be awhile for this lovely view!!!

So there you have it.....Winter in Appleton, Wisconsin. April 13-16th....with more coming on Wednesday. BUT, it will be in the 50's this weekend!!! I really should be out there helping with the snow, but JP says no, it is heavy and could make my back worse. So I stay in the house and worry that the snow won't get shoveled for him to get out of the driveway. Maybe tomorrow. He is not going to make it to work today. I hope his supervisor understands.

You all have a great week, I have been working on some really neat cards, using the colorful foils...when I am done, I will put them up in my blog in a couple of days. Talk to you later and keep looking up, better days are coming. Cheers ~ Louise

Monday, April 9, 2018

Black Ice Technique - My First Attempts

Hi there everyone. First of all....let me introduce you to a new follower. Her name is Mary and her blog is here. Thanks, Mary for stopping by.

So my following cards are a new technique I learned. First heard of it on Brenda's blog. I watched quite a few YouTube tutorials, each one different from the other. This is what I came up with.
In this card, I used an embossing folder. Lightly rubbed the black ink on the silver card stock. When I got the effect I wanted then dried it with the heat gun. The second layer was the embossing ink, covering the whole card, then heated with heat gun. 
Here I just used a flower stamp....I think I pressed too hard and got those streaks , but it looks okay. Forgot to add some gems to these two cards like I did with the 4th card below.
Same thing with the card above and below. Big streaks down the middle. Hey, but it still looks good. Each card has it's own personality.
The card above, I added a little color to the peddles and center of the flower.
These two cards were some of first samples of Black Ice. (I seemed to have a heavy hand which left streaks down the middle). The card on the right came out okay.

I think I will try red and green card stock (just thinking ahead for Christmas.)

So this week looks kind of quiet, not much planned. I need to work on some Aflac reimbursements. Maybe this will be a good time to do that. Still waiting for Spring to come....but I have a feeling it is not far away.

My dryer is working great. JP knows how to run it. The new car radio/CD player works great, I showed JP how to work that too. Hospice got their cards, now I am working on the next batch for May 4th. I think some of the cards above will make it to the Hospice box.

Time to close here, JP will be home soon, have to figure out what to make for him for dinner and do a few dishes. So it looks like I did some!! Have a great evening and keep looking up ~ better days are coming.
Cheers ~ Louise

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Cards I Would Like To Make

Hi there everyone....Hope April is treating you well. Well, as I said in my previous post, the first week would be busy. It was.
1) Monday, JP had an appointment with Doctor. His prostrate cancer is stable, no growth, Praise the Lord for that.
2) Tuesday was a free day. Snow was predicted, 3-12 inches. Glad I didn't have to venture out. We might have gotten about 5 inches.
3) Wednesday, we had our dryer delivered.....they even came with all the snow predicted....I was surprised. We are loving the new dryer. Now I have to show JP how to run it.
4) Thursday, I took the car to Muntz to have a new CD/Radio installed....finally music to drive with.
5) Friday, Hospice meeting and all my cards are made, not unless I add a few more tonight.....we'll see. (60 cards made)

Whew...that was a busy week for me, glad it is coming to an end. Next week should be more quieter, hope, hope, hope.

The following pictures of cards are what I am planning to make. I have made a few cards using this Rose Wonder image....I like this technique, looks like water color pencil and the rose stamped on it.

Here we have the Rose Wonder die cut on 5 different colors....pretty neat. I get most of my ideas from Pinterest, love going there for card and recipe ideas, etc.
Isn't this a pretty card, it caught my attention only because it is in purple and, like, like. Pretty classy!
Below is the peony stamp that I ordered from Altnew, I still have to use it yet....just a little slow. But I think this would be a nice technique. Looks like water color paints, maybe the peony has been embossed to resist the paint. Something to try.
Tonight I want to try a new technique, it is called "Black Ice" If you look it up on YouTube, you will find some tutorials. I had never heard of this technique till I read about it on Brenda's Blog hope this leads you to her address. You should see her sample of a black ice card at this post.

I am going to make one tonight....maybe I will get it on my blog in the next couple of days. (if it turns out) Well, I think I will close here for now. Need to go make dinner. We are having a Blue Apron meal "Chicken Paillard & Olive-Raisin Sauce with Warm Fennel & Potato Salad" Should be fun, I have never worked with Fennel before, then mixed with potatoes should be delicious.

Note: the meal from Blue Apron above...was VERY GOOD!!

Have a great evening and keep looking up....better days ARE coming!!! Cheers ~ Louise


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