Monday, August 26, 2019

Received Some Fresh Eggs

Hi there everyone. Hope you are enjoying the last days of summer....where did it go??? I never did get all the things done that I wanted to do. I give myself so many things to do and when I comes time to do those things....I sabotage myself and don't do any of wonder I am always tired!!!!

I finally sat down and made some cards. Hospice meeting is in a couple of weeks so I need to get my 40 - 50 cards made. Well, I am sitting at 35 made. When I hit 50, I will take some pictures of the newer ones.

So the card below is one I made last night. I got the idea from Pinterest. The pastor's wife gave me some farm fresh brown eggs. So I thought I better make her a Thank you card. She likes my cards and always enjoys receiving them. She calls my cards "candy to her" she saves them all. That is always nice to hear, that someone enjoys the cards I make.
So this card is made from the Stampin'up set "Hey Chick" probably had these stamps for a couple of years and have never used them. BUT, have thought about using them many times. Finally found a reason to use them. So the card above is stamped with the funny chicken in the corner and colored in, "hey chick" is stamped in the upper corner. The lines and dots are hand drawn. I then splattered the card with silver ink.
The inside of the card, again I drew the lines and dots and added "for the" and the "S". Stamped the "Thank you, eggs and You're a good egg!" Turned out really cute.

Well, I am going to close here for now. Have to go get some dishes done and JP's dinner cooked. Tomorrow is our 46th wedding about time flying. Never thought we would make it to this number. Well, Happy Anniversary to US!!! I bought a little cheese cake, will defrost some strawberries and whip cream. Also going to make a beef roast, potatoes and asparigus…...Yum!!!

Keep looking up, better days are coming. Cheers ~ Louise

Sunday, August 18, 2019

My Favorite Sport 2 Watch

Hi there everyone. Hope you are having a good August. Well, it's been 2 weeks since I last posted. Thought it was about time to do something. No new pictures of cards or the gardens...been a little laxed in taking pictures. Guess I will have to get on the wagon again pretty soon.

I know this may not be an interesting post for you....but it is for me. I love hockey....maybe if more people would watch hockey there would be less problems in this world, it's an exciting game to watch and easy to follow. Just follow that puck and you get the idea of what the game is about. Baseball is so slow moving, football is pretty slow too....but hockey, man, down the ice and back, score a goal and hit a player so much action going on!!! Yeah, I like hockey best of all. 

I have been a fan 57 years. My first taste of Hockey was through my stepfather, he had season tickets to the Chicago Blackhawks in 1962.....back then there was Bobby Hull, Stan Mikita, Chico Maki, Moose Vasko, Reggie Fleming to name a few favorites. We went to every game for almost 6 years. Loved, loved loved the game.
My life changed a bit after I started Beauty School and then left home, getting my first job and an apartment. No more hockey games. Not even sure the games were on TV at that time....I kept track of the Hawks via the newspapers and such. I met JP in '71 and he was into stock car racing. I guess my interests changed and was into stock car racing till 1973 when JP and I got married and he retired from racing. Did I do that???
1976 we moved up to Ladysmith on our 20 acres and raised cows, chickens, ducks, rabbits, cats and dogs. I lost track of the Hawks. We had NO TV for 10 in the world I did that, I do not know. 1987 we moved to Appleton, but still no TV for awhile. Finally in '92 I got a TV with rabbit ears......nope, no Hockey yet. I missed being able to watch the Stanley Cup Finals 2010, 2013, 2015. FINALLY 2016 brought Hockey into my house!!!! FINALLY I could watch the Blackhawks again!!!!
      The above picture was taken off the TV, March 25, 2019. 
Yep....Fear the Feathers....I think this year will be the year that brings another Stanley Cup....I am hoping, that would be great. 4 Stanley Cups in 10 years. Would that make history for the Chicago Blackhawks!!!!???
This is a shot from the TV. It's an old picture. 2 of the players in this shot are on different teams. Panarin, a winger is with the NY Rangers now. and Hjalarson is with the Coyote's...he was a good Defense player. Hopefully with all the trades this season we will have a good defense again.
This is the Blackhawks hat I want to buy before the season starts....hopefully. Or if another hat catches my eye, I will buy that one.

So now I have had Directv and now Spectrum and I can now get Hockey on TV and if I can't get it on TV, I can get the games on the computer. There is a site that shows all the home and away games of the Blackhawks and those of the other teams. I have no excuses now. Of course I can spend $40+ to get hockey on TV and that would include home and away....not affordable at this time.
So there you have it....if you do not see many posts from me starting in September you will know I am somewhere out there in Hockey land. You all take care and keep looking up.....better days are coming. Cheers ~ Louise

Friday, August 2, 2019


Hi there everyone....where did July go????? Now it is August, time sure does fly by quickly!!! I have not been doing many cards, but I bought a few things from Spellbinders which should be coming this next maybe I will get some inspiration. This will be a treat, as I have not splurged on card making supplies for at least 5 months.) Hospice meets September 6th, so I better get cracking soon, and get some cards made.

A friend gave me a bunch of rhubarb last week (he has 23 plants), so you know I got a lot. I turned most of it into sauce. In this picture below, those are "Rhubarb Bread Pudding Cups." 
First I made the sauce: 
5-6 cups of chopped up rhubarb
1 to 1-1/2 cups sugar (recipe called for 3 cups sugar)
1 package strawberry jello
Now here is the trick...mix the rhubarb and sugar in a bowl and put in the microwave for maybe 7 minutes. (more or less depending on your microwave) It should be cooked through. Add the jello and mix. Can't resist...a few teaspoons went into my mouth...have to make sure it tastes right. So yum-ee
Next step, spray the bowl, place croutons in bottom of little bowls, pour a couple of tablespoons rhubarb sauce on top of the croutons. Mix 3 eggs and milk or cream together (you could add a few shakes of cinnamon) and pour on top of bread and rhubarb. Poke with fork to make sure egg mixture is spread evenly. Bake at 350 degrees for about 25 minutes. When egg mixture does not wiggle on top, it's done. Cool a bit. Top with ice cream or whip cream.....YES!!!
So in these pictures are some of my flowers. Here are my brown eyed susans….last years flowers did not do well.....this year there was an abundance. I love these flowers.
In the back yard are my Bee Balm and purple Clematis. So pretty when I look out the back kitchen window. When the storm came through, they got knocked down....oh well, next year they will be back. We call the Bee Balm our "choir" there are so many of them.
My little rose bush....adds some nice color in the front yard.
My Italian Beans....gosh I love these beans....they are more flat, rather then round, I like the taste of them. I have been microwaving then, adding butter and some garlic seasoning.....very good.
The picture above, you see my zucchini plant, (finally got 3 zucchini's so far) and 2 tomato plants. the one on the left is a "Big Girl" and the one on the right is a called a "Mortgage Lifter" Lots of tomatoes on the Big Girl, not many on the Mortgage Lifter yet. Looking forward to BLT's!!!
So here is the pretty pink rose the vet gave me for Kylie.....when we buried Kylie, I gave here the rose and her teddy bear.
I am still missing this little girl.....I cry almost every day. She was with us for 13 years....very hard to forget her. I don't know what hit me yesterday, but I had a break down....and cried and cried. It's only been 3 weeks today, since she left us. I hope she is happy and running around, chasing her rabbits and squirrels and butterflies.

Time to close here, gosh, it sure feels like Saturday, but it's only Friday night. We might be going to an annual scholarship fund raiser tomorrow....not sure yet. I guess we can go for as long as we want, cause there is no puppy dog to get home to and let out.

Have a great weekend, talk to you later. Cheers ~ Louise


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