Saturday, July 30, 2011

My 2010 Hibiscus Plant

Pretty Hibiscus flower!!! I think this plant might be one of my favorite flowers. Bought this plant last summer and managed to nurse it along through the winter months down in my basement. Along with this plant I had bought a chartruse pink hibiscus, that one did not make it. But this plant weathered the storm and made it through.

There are 5 more blooms on it, maybe this week it shall show it's beautiful colors again. God sure can create some beautiful things, there is no way this pretty flower comes from the "big bang theory" nope, sorry!!!!! I think God takes great joy in creation. Just as He created you and I, He creates beautiful things for us to enjoy AND He gives us the creative ablility to also create beautiful things to enjoy. Such a blessing!!!!

Oh, guess what, on that same line.....creating flowers. I am going to become a part of a group, we make cards and teach the others how to make that card, bringing along all the supplies needed to do first teaching project with be the folded orgami paper flower. Although it is not a card, the lady organizing the group wanted me to show how to make the flower. As that has been all that I have been doing lately....I said okay. So I guess I am looking forward to doing this and then learning other different ideas in making cards and such!!!!

Cutting this blog short for tonight, talk to you soon on some other subject.

Cheers ~ Louise

Friday, July 29, 2011

♥Happy Birthday Tilda was in a Treasury Today♥Plus an Interview with the Wisconsin Crew Team Blog♥

Go take a peek at: then follow her link to which will take you to her treasury on etsy.

Watch tomorrow, for I will be featured on the Wisconsin Crew Team blog. Address to follow. is the address for my interview probably will be there for a couple of days at least, some thoughts were changed and some words too, but the idea is still there. Thought I had all my punctuation fine-tuned, but alas, when your interview goes through a second person, things said get changed alittle, kinda like the "telephone game". Oh Well, that's life!!!

See ya...Louise

Thursday, July 21, 2011

A New Addition to My Cards on Etsy

A new addition to my Etsy store. Learned how to make this lovely little flower from a magezine from the UK which I bought from JoAnn Fabrics. Have made quite a few and gave 3 away. If I could tell you how to make it or do a teaching video, I would. But, alas have no video camera to do it.

Well, so much for today, getting kinda tired right now and want to add this cute little gem to my Etsy store tonight. Have a good day. Louise

Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Friend Died Today

June 24, 1947 ~ July 17, 2011

She died after a 2 1/2 year battle with cancer.

She will be missed dearly, but I know she is with Jesus today. That is by far a better place to be. Sad for us, but happy for her, you were a blessing to know.

We did alot of fun and wild things together. Trips to Kansas and Door County, Church, praying together, waving flags, letters to Jesus, visions, music and singing, long talks on the phone and in the car and after church, eating out, celebrating birthdays, Christmas, and whatever else came up.

Friends come and go in our lives, and then there are friends that will be remembered forever!

That is you Chrissy dear, rest in peace!!!

Enjoy eternity with your best friend, Jesus!!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

♥Happy 11th Day of the Month♥

Hi everyone........well, it's the 11th day of July....where is this month going to???? Winter starts December 21st.......are you ready? Hahahaha.....laugh now pay later!!!!

Was looking for some winter pictures from the last couple of years.........mmmm can't seem to find them, once I do, I will put them up in this blog.....just a little reminder of the way things were and what is to come. So I say, enjoy the summer and sun and warmth, it may end all too soon!!!!!!

May be going out on the boat with Sandi this week. We went out last Friday and I got a bit of sunburn, forgot the sun lotion, which reminds me, when I go to Wal-mart must get some. Sandi took some pictures of me on the boat (I forgot my camera) here is one.

Look at that beautiful water, so calm and serene. My face is getting a little baked.....yikes!!!! Notice you only have my head.....we decided to leave out the bottom half...hahahhaha! I have started another diet, maybe in a few months the bottom half will be toned down a bit. You know, turning 65 can be a piece of HELL!!!!! It is said that the years of retirement are the GOLDEN YEARS........Ha!!! I heard it is called the TARNISHED YEARS!!! Guess it is all in how you look at it....I am not sure at this point......I will let you know in a few years.

I mentioned starting another diet....this one will be about fruit smoothies in the morning and juicing vegetables in the afternoon or there abouts. Maybe I will do this for about a week or so. I saw of documentary about this guy in Australia that juiced for 60 days and lost 90 lbs, don't think I will be that radical, but he found that a lot of meds he was on, he did not need after a couple of months cause he was getting all the nutrients and vitamins needed, course he exercised also, I shall just walk and bike.....and go boating with Sandi!!! Here is the website: check it out, saw it on

Here is a recipe for a delicious fruit smoothie:
Handful of blueberries, 3-4 strawberries, 3-4 pieces of cantaloupe, 3-4 Tbls water, blend then add blueberry yogurt and blend again.....mmmmmmmm good!!!

Have a great day and will be back with some juicing recipes....cheerio ~ Louise

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July and More Flowers from the Garden Walk

God's Fireworks in the natural

White Columbine
A closer look at the White Columbine

A mature Smoke Bush.....I would like one of these in the front of my house someday. A Beautiful burgandy, purple and red bush shimmering in the sun.
White PioniesPaprika Yarrow ~ cute huh?
So there you have it a tour of the Garden Walk and also God's Fireworks in the natural. Have a great day and remember those that went before you and died so that you may be FREE!!!!
Cheers ~ Louise


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