Saturday, December 30, 2023

End of Another Year on to 2024

Hi there everyone! Hard to believe another year has passed us by....where did it go???? Seems like just yesterday it was JUNE!!!

I have not done a lot of blogging this year. Guess if you look at the side panel, this would be my 10th blog for this year 2023. Been a little bit lazy, oh, been making lots of cards, but just plain lazy putting them on this blog. I shall try better in 2024.
Not sure what the new year will bring, none of us do, but it sure is good to know we have Jesus to lean on as we travel through this life's journey following in His footsteps. I feel bad for those that don't have that faith, maybe some, through the storms of life will ask Jesus into their lives. I guess for some it takes longer to hear the message of Jesus Christ and Him Crucified and let it settle in their hearts.

I have been watching the "Chosen" Sunday nights and the "Bible" on the History Channel during the Christmas season. I've also been reading through Matthew, Mark, Luke and John these last couple of months and the miracles and healings that Jesus preformed all go hand in hand. I wonder where I would be, if I lived back then, would I be a believer or an unbeliever??? Jesus said, "Blessed are those who believe and have not seen" They saw and yet they believed not!!! I get so mad at those Pharisees and Sadducees, they were so blinded by the devel. They saw, and still hated Jesus and what he did....they were Sad.u.see!!!!

So today I took a little trip to "Kwik Trip" for some gas and "Pic n Sav" for some UNO pizza from Chicago. I got the cheeseburger flat bread (meh, not so great). Think I will freeze the leftovers and try the cheese pizza tomorrow, hopefully that is better. If not, I shall not waste $$$ (2/$12) on UNO again and just get a local pizza from here in Appleton. Maybe it is better to get UNO straight from UNO in Chicago.

Nothing much is going on in January. I do have a few Dr. appointments. A bone density test on the 4th and another blood pressure check on the 10th. Hopefully the pills are working, and my bones are at the right density. Hopefully no more appointments till April and then the A1C is due. 

Well, time to close here, I don't lead a very exciting life, maybe that is why I don't blog as much. I often wonder how people that Vlog on You Tube can possibly do vlogs every day and not run out of things to vlog about. But there are quite a few people I follow that have lots of content that makes their vlogs interesting. If you ever get a chance, go to "Chateau Diaries" or "Escape to Rural France" or "The Pethericks" or "Sadie from France" or "A Wonderful Life" or "Life of Ryan" to name a few. They are all enjoyable to watch.

Hope you have a great 2024 with lots of blessings!! Cheers to you all ~ Louise


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