Friday, July 5, 2024

It's JULY and More Rain

Yep, it's true, 7 months into 2024 and it is raining again today. Where is all this rain coming from???? I know the farmers need the rain, but now even they are complaining. They can't get into the fields to plant and do the haying. My, my, the weather sure is weird all over the world. 

Update: we had so much rain today my basement and backyard flooded badly (no pictures). We were warned via the cell phone to please stay home, if at all possible, the streets are flooded, and emergency boats were out to help people evacuate if necessary. One family who lived in their house 52 years had never seen the water this high before in all the years they lived there.

Just a few cards here, I might have used these already, but not sure. Made these a couple of months ago. This top card is a tri-fold, was fun to make, but not sure I would make it again. I think I already put it in the box to give to Hospice.
The giraffes are an old stamp from years ago, they were stamped and colored, but I never made cards out of them. So here they are, made into Father's Day cards. Gave them to Hospice already.
Cute little pandas from Stampin up, finally turned them into a card and gave to Hospice. Will probably make some more of these guys, I found the stamps at Thompson Center, so all I need is a good juicy ink pad and stamp off some more cute pandas.

Well, it finally stopped raining outside. The last couple of bad rains I found water on my kitchen counter....uge hope my roof is not leaking again.

Nothing much has been happening of late, just living life the best I can, pay the bills, shopping, car upkeep and Louise upkeep at the Doctor the last couple of weeks. They are keeping tabs on my blood pressure and now medication monitoring. Signs of old age when the Doctor wants to see you every week, I guess.

This month, July 25th, JP will have been gone 3 years already. Where did that time go, it feels like just yesterday. It's funny, I wake up every morning and have to remind myself, "oh that's right, I am alone in this house", there is always that feeling that JP is still here for some reason, creepy huh???? But when I remember all the pain he was in, I am glad he is not here and does not have to bear all that pain anymore.

I guess I will cut this blog short for now, have to go take my pills for the day, but first I have to put them in the pill boxes, I may have to call in some prescriptions today.

You all take care and keep looking up, better days are coming!!!

Cheers ~ Louise

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