Monday, October 8, 2012

My 170 Mile Challenge and Garage Sale

So, I am on another Challenge for this month..........riding my stationary bike 170 miles. The challenge started September 24th and ends November 2nd. Not sure how well I will do with this challenge, so far I have traveled 41 miles. If I put on 30 miles this week and discipline myself to go 5 miles a day, the mileage will be 99 miles left to go till November 2nd, this might be doable. But I have been VERY lazy the last couple of weeks for some reason. Need to really snap out of this. Don't know if it has something to do with my blood sugars or blood pressure. Blood sugars were normal today (for me) 130 and my weight was down 1 lb. BUT my blood pressure was up pretty high. No, don't really want to say, as I may not have the hang of taking my BP properly, still practicing. 
Doctor had taken me off ALL medications this past May because my liver was stressing. So, Blood pressure and diuretics, vitamins, cholesterol and diabetic meds eliminated to get the liver back into it's normal state. Which must have happened because I haven't had any problems and have actually felt better. The body begins to heal it's self, which I think is the plan of God.............why oh why do we fool around with something God created perfectly????? I will never know.
Probably going to have my last garage sale this Friday. The weather will be cool, like 52 degrees and sunny, at least that is what the weather man predicted on Sunday. Soooooo, we shall see. It has actually been fun to do, as the garage is still set up, but really needs to come down as JP wants to get the snow blower out and get it fixed.

Still have alot of nice things out to sell, but did sell half the stuff and put alot of stuff out for FREE!!! People like free and would rather see ALL your stuff FREE..........geez, got to make some change for the pocket......still trying to get enough $$$$ for a new CPU as this computer is slowing down quite a bit!!!! So far I have made $222 (not bad) but I still have a LONG way to go to get a new computer.

Well, need to close here, as I need to work on balancing the check book and pay some bills this week. JP has another Doctors appointment for his arm and the dogs need to get groomed. We need to prepare the front and back yards for winter too. So you all have a great day and keep looking up for your redemption draws nigh. Cheers ~ Louise

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