Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Lots Of Blessings Today

Hi there everyone. Hope you are having a GOOD DAY. I am, we ALL need a good day every now and then. Breaks up the monotony of bad days!!!

So today in the mail I received my Chicago Blackhawk hat....seen below. It was $7.99 plus tax and shipping, making it $13+ (forgot the exact amount). I am excited, now I can watch the games with my hat on......Go Hawks!!! I was told the hat would not make it here till October 1st. But surprise...it came today. Blessings!!!

I think I might add some bling to my hat....red and silver gems, will make it flashy and sparkle!!! So am wearing it as I type this post....love my new hat. Now I have to get some $$$ in my Paypal to buy some Blackhawk slippers, which is next on the agenda.
Another blessing for today, I went to the eye doctor for a Diabetes Eye check. No diabetes present. That is a good sign. I asked for prayer at church Sunday...guess I was kind of concerned, but all clear!! Praise God!!

On the way out of the clinic, I saw a man sitting in a car with a little white doggie. I said Hi, can I pet your doggie? Sure he said. What's the name and what breed? I said. He said, a Teddy Bear (a cross between a Bishon and Shih-Tzu, a Shichon) and her name is Cassie. All the while we were talking Cassie came to me and I was petting her....I said I missed my dog, she died 2 months ago. Aww he said you'll get another dog....it sure felt good to pet a doggie, I tear up even now, just thinking about this little blessing from God today.
Finally finding some time to make cards. Maybe I will have some posted here in the next week or so. My creative juices have been dried up a bit. We'll see how things go. Have to have some cards made for Hospice meeting November 1st. I think I should have 50-60 cards.

October is the Secret Stamper revealing party. So I need to finish making 4 more cards. Then I will have two cards each of the 6 images my SS gave me. And I will have made 2 cards of 6 images I sent to my SS. Does that make sense. Kind of complicated. After the cards are made, then I must make 6 new images for my NEW Secret Stamper, Whew....hope I got that all right.
Trying to think of any other blessings. I guess every day is a blessing to wake up in the morning, I think we tend to forget who gave us breath?? God cares for us in so many ways, never forget to remember from whom all blessings come....keep looking up!!
Now this is my winter hat which I already have. I marvel at some Blackhawk fans in Chicago, they show pictures of their Blackhawk rooms, you name it, they have it, jerseys, blankets, pillows, pictures, pucks, sticks many of them signed by the players. I have some pictures too, but from the 60's, Bobby Hull, Stan Mikita, Chico Maki, Moose Vasko and so on. Maybe one day I will scan them and put them on this blog.

Time to close this post. I have to clean this house. J.P.'s Brother and sister in law are coming for a visit Saturday...need to straighten up the house. They usually take us out for lunch. Another blessing for this week!!!

Have a good day and keep looking up, better days are coming. Cheers ~ Louise

PS Did I forget to mention, my computer is working better, I had to uninstall 3 programs that were bogging down this computer and optimize and clean the disk a couple of times. Next thing is to get some of the pictures off this computer and onto a Gorilla Drive Stick. Or, maybe if I can find a "Photostick" maybe this computer will work really fast.

Friday, September 13, 2019

Computer Problems

Hi there everyone. Hope you are all having a wonderful September. Summer went by way too fast. Well, this post will be VERY short. It seems I am having a problem with my computer. I wanted to give you a few pictures and a short paragraph or two. BUT, for some reason Blogger keeps on telling me "Blogger is not responding" and won't bring up my file of pictures. So, no card pictures this time around. So boring.

Facebook is doing the same thing to me..."Facebook is not responding" and it takes a couple of minutes for Facebook to start working before I get all my newsfeeds. 

Just not sure what is wrong....wonder if somehow I got a virus, but then I thought Norton was taking care of things for me. I may have to take this computer back to the store and get it cleaned. ONLY, if I can get it done for free. Maybe there are a few programs that are bogging down this old computer. Tomorrow I will pull the plug and see if the computer resets it's self. Getting very frustrating how this computer is working soooooo slooooooow and not responding properly!!!

So if you do not see me for awhile....let it be known, I am having problems with this computer. I will try to comment on your blogs if Blogger allows me to. You all have a good Fall and keep looking up ~ hopefully better days are coming. Cheers ~ Louise


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