Monday, May 30, 2011

♥Giving Thanks♥

Hope you are having a Great Memorial Day and giving thanks to God for all your blessings! We are a blessed Nation, blessed by God in every way. (As long as we bless Israel, we will be a blessed nation, but when we begin to curse Israel we will be cursed.) But yet, many have turned their backs on God and Israel and now wonder why their lives are being turned upside down. They question everything about God and doubt that God even exists. Sad commentary.

Man thinks he is all wise, all knowing and the healer of all. He can pass laws into being which he does not have to follow, but expects those under him to follow them to the Tee. To me, that is a little ego-centric and haughty. How can man think he is better then God who created everything? I have a very hard time understanding how man thinks at times.

"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways, saith the Lord." And "My ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts". (Isaiah 55: 8,9) So, where does man get off thinking he knows more than God? Why do some religions think their "gods" are better than God The Creator? How do all these other religions get off thinking they have all the answers, when all these religions are just men's agenda at playing God!?!? Life sure can be complicated and two-faced at times!!!! Could the answer be that they have "given heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devels"? I for thought!

On Memorial Day we are to think of all those who gave their lives so we can enjoy the freedoms we have today. Think of what Jesus did, he gave his life so that we might have life and have it more abundantly plus have relationship with God and live eternally with Him in heaven. There is a doctrine going around that there is no Hell, that it's all made up.........guess that is for those same men who have their own agendas. "As for for me and my house we will serve the Lord"!!!

Well, guess I will get off my little soap box for today..........every now and then I like to rant and this seems to be my place to do just that. You can agree or disagree that is your choice. For isn't that why this country was founded on? That we could have "Religious freedom" and think for ourselves, no one really has the right to tell another what to think, doesn't that become a socialistic country then? We are still in a free country......for now. Thank God For That!!!!

Have a great day and Cheers ~ Louise

Monday, May 23, 2011

Newest Friendship Card for Etsy

Here's my newest card that I shall put in my Etsy store today.....been awhile since I last posted on my blog so thought I would put this "Friendship card" up today. I got a lot of the paper, vellum and cardstock from the "CTI" paper company on Friday at their annual sale. This is what I came up with, just piecing it altogether. I am very happy with the outcome and am thinking of doing a set of cards like this.............but not with the inside, as seen below. Maybe a set of 6 cards "Friendship, Marriage, Celebration" Those are the three stamps I have that could be used for this card. Thinking, thinking, always thinking.

The inside of this card with done with folding the paper, first to each corner, then one fold across, then the 4 corners were folded, a little confusing at first, but when figured out, turns into a really neat card.

Well, I think I shall close this blog for tonight and go to Etsy and post this card there. If you would like to see it got to:

Have a good day and cheers~Louise

Saturday, May 14, 2011

♥A Deer Father's Day♥Our Lives a Vapour♥

Here is that "Deer" card I had told you about in a previous post. Made 12 cards and each one looks different, guess it was in the way I colored them with my copic markers. In making the card, laid a stencil down and taped it then spread white "Dreamweaver" paste over it. Pulled off the tape and stencil which left a raised layer of paste. Let it dry overnight. Then colored in with copic markers. The cards were then layered on black, white and brown cardstock. The white cardstock was run through the cuttlebug with an embossing folder.

Father's Day is just 5 weeks away.......June19th!!!!! My own father died in March of 1961 ~ 50 years ago, seems like only a "vapour" ago. He was a good man and I loved my father very much, I still miss him to this very day. Growing up, he gave me alot of wisdom that I still remember many things he told me. My only regret, I don't think he knew Jesus as his Lord and Savior.

Have you ever watched smoke come out of a chiminy? I have, often. This verse always comes to mind. "Whereas you know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is life? It is even a vapour, that appears for a little time, and then vanishes away." (James 4:14) Our lives are like a vapour, here today and gone tomorrow. But in this verse the Bible comentary says "that making plans without God proclaims the fact that we consider ourselves to be our own master and if the Lord does not guide our lives, then all is a waste".

Certainly is food for thought isn't it? I wonder how much of my life was lived without asking God to lead and guide my steps? How much of my life was lived according to the agendas of other people and what other people thought I should be doing? How much of my life has been lived without even thinking about God and doing my own thing? Would I be where I am now if I had asked God for his direction? Would my life not have been full of regrets if I had "asked God"? I don't know, guess those are questions that shall have to wait to be answered, maybe in eternity???? And, also if my earthly father made it to heaven?

Well, guess it is time to shut this blog down for the night and go over to Etsy to see if any cards sold. Check out my store at:

Cheers ~ Louise

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Etsy Tap Dance Tonight.....

Sold a card, sold a card, sold a card!!!! Doin' the Etsy Tap Dance today!!!! Been such a dry spell lately, wondered when the next sale would come. Well today, I renewed a Father's Day card from last year around 11am and by 1:30pm that card sold......YAY!!!!

Spent the evening making more deers for some more Father's day cards. Gosh, if I could find that card in my files, I would download it onto this blog, but it may take awhile. Sooooooo I think I will just make a new card and take a picture and load it up onto this blog at a later date.

Started some seeds today, cucumbers, summer squash, basil, parsley, two kinds of heirloom tomatoes and peppermint zenias. Tomorrow I shall plant some swiss chard and pole beans, have some purple onion bulbs to plant also. This year I am going to put most of my vegie plants in the front of the house as we had so much rain last year that alot of my vegies got drowned out.

Watching American Idol..........I know, I know that's a waste of time, but I just love listening to Scotty sing, he has such a wonderful voice, can hardly wait till he makes a CD.....I shall buy it for sure!!!! So I am hoping he wins!!!!!

Well, I think that is all for today, you all have a great day.........cheers ~ Louise


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