Sunday, June 27, 2010

"Showers of Blessings" in this case "Flowers of Blessings"

To your left are "Miranda's or Bee Balm". When you rub the leaves together they have a spicy smell to them. I have seen them all over town and wondered what they were............finally a neighbor lady on Onida Street was out in her beautiful garden digging up some flowers. I decided to stop, not knowing who she was, but always admired her garden and ask her what the name was of these beautiful flowers. "Miranda's" she said. Would you like some? Yes, I said. So she dug up some for me along with some pretty little white flowers and also some plants that look like geraniums and will have purple flowers. All these plants are perennials and will spread. Hopefully, they will spread and suffocate the WEEDS!!!!! Here is a close up of this lovely Miranda flower.
Well, we got all the plants planted in their new homes. The one thing Chris said was that all the plants be planted, because she has given plants to other people and they never got planted.......I said, oh yessssss these plants will have a home at my place.
Today, Sunday, we went to True Value for some more plants and got 3 more perennial plants, a "small lily, shasta daisies and little purple flowers" I also splurged on herbs, greek oregano, caraway and German Chamomile. I also got some mosquito spray, because I am finding I am very allergic to bug bites. Saturday the mosquitos just about ate me up alive. Today, I sprayed with Cutters Skinsation mosquito spray and got only one bite............miracles upon miracles!!!!!!

JP and I had a great day, doing the backyard. Pulled weeds and dug up an area for more flowers and laid some mulch down. I still want to finish off the middle section with a different colored mulch, this will be our camp fire section where our "smoky joe" is standing. It should be a nice area after it is finished.....I have so many ideas whirring around in my head, but not alot of money to accomplish those ideas. Oh well, so what else is new. Try to use what we have and hopefully the money will be there when everything is on sale!
Here is another picture of all those flowers I received on Friday from Chris. In my next blog I will take pictures of their new homes along with what we did in the back yard. Time to close for now, you have a happy day and a happy week and enjoy these last few days of JUNE!!!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"Garfield's Scale" makes it to a Treasury on Etsy

See Garfield's Scale in the upper right hand corner? How exciting to see one of my cards make it to a treasury! The lady who put the treasury together said when she saw Garfield, it cracked her up....yep, Garfield can do that. I have not yet looked to see how the treasury looks on the blog, hopefully it will be easy to see.........well, I am sure you will get the idea.

From this treasury, I got the idea for my "Flower Power" cards in the previous post....putting together a set of cards to write a little note on. Through looking at some of the artists cards, I saw a card with one big flower and a little sign saying "just a note", now that was a good idea I thought, and I went about making a set of cards. The green card to your right is one of those cards.
Going to close this blog for tonight, have to get dinner ready for the husband. He will be home in about 2 hours and I still need to watch "Hell's Kitchen" which I recorded before I left tonight to go make cards. So talk later and have a good day.

Monday, June 14, 2010

My Newest Set of "Flower Power" Cards

Here's my newest set of cards............aren't they cute? They are blank inside so you can write a note of greeting to you're friend or lover.

Got the flowers at Archivers and was actually going to use them for another project, but they landed on these cards. The flowers colorfully coordinate with the different colors of cardstock. I had the circular salutations in my backstock of embellishments, so thought they would look neat on the cards. Mr. Cuttlebug came to my rescue again with a lovely background and Wa La a lovely card! As you can see, each card says something different, Hi, Smile, Love and Happy Birthday.
I have these cards in my Etsy store. So if you are interested in buying them, go to: They are $10 for the set + postage. You will also receive one free bonus card and bookmark for shopping in my store.
Well, so much for today, I am off to go plant some flowers in my gardens, have a great day!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Some Plantings Today

No pictures today, as I just got some new plants to plant today. A lovely purple impatient for the front porch. Two more tomatoe plants, a strawberry plant, shasta daisies, Zenias and a lemon Verdana herb that makes tea. Got them all planted just before it started to rain a gentle rain, so they won't get drowned. Only bad thing about the rain is that our roof leaks.

Can you believe we had the roof reroofed in 2002 which at that time, had never leaked. But now it does...........thanks to a man that called himself a "Christian" who was trying to cut, he was not a Christian. Bible says "to trust NO MAN" and that is so true. Anyways now we deal with a leaky ceiling which gets worse with each rain. Why don't you fix it, you say? Costs money which we do not have at this the roof continues to leak into the kitchen...........sue him? He is no longer in business, sold all his stuff and who has the money to sue now adays? So we deal with it with pots and pans.......until our ship comes in.

Well, so much for my tales of woes............You have a good day...:)

PS.......if I can find the pictures of our roof, I will add them to this blog.


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