Saturday, October 29, 2011

Mystery Saturday??????

What will happen today?????? As I sit at this computer, it is a beautiful day, the sun is shinning with blue skies. A nice day to get out and do some yard work. Still have 3 bulbs to plant and rake some leaves, cover the rose bushes with leaves, last minutes stuff, I think we will finally be winterized before the first snow hits us. Hummmm, thought I would add a picture of snow....just to get you used to it. Here you can see JP taking Hyko for a walk. The date of this pic is 2/13/11. Sounds like the New England States, NY and PA got hit with snow, in some places they are getting 13".... uge! Will have to check with my Blog friend in Maine and see if she talks about the snow. Tis the season, not ready for this, but living WI it is bound to happen.

Went out for lunch yesterday with a friend, we had "Windy City Hambergers" oh yum they were delicious with lots of french fries!!! Was enough to last all day, ate half, then the rest later on in the afternoon. Have a Doctors appointment on Tuesday, so I guess I better watch what I eat for the next few days.....have to get a blood pressure check, my yearly check in order to renew my pills. Guess the best things would be to lose some weight then maybe the blood pressure would be in check. BUT who wants to diet? Been riding my stationary bike (I try) every day for about 5-10 miles. Hoping that will help during the winter months, must get in the habit now so I don't have to pay later.

Well, I guess I better go get some things done, as this is "Mystery Saturday" not really sure what I will be doing, right now there is dishes in the sink that need to be done. So maybe I shall go wash the hair then do the dishes. So talk to you later. Hope you have a good day and keep looking up for your redemption drawth nigh.

Cheers ~ Louise

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New Pieces of Art

Hi there fellow bloggers, how are you all doing today? I am doing fine, been kind of busy of late as I have been working on these pieces of art which I want to also add to my Etsy store, they are as follows: Eiffel Tower Christmas Cards "Joyeux Noel". This stamp caught my eye last week, only because someone from France bought a Christmas card from me......I was so thrilled I had a sale and also that she was my 1st international this card is dedicated to "Marinette" Thank you Marinette for your order.

The card was stamped in black ink then I used my copic markers to color in along with my green and red "smooches" gel pen and gold spray mist. Distressed the edges and added "candi" dots on the corners.

This card is a new stamp and folder I bought at a Stamping Rummage Sale. Paid $13.00 for it, at Archivers it is going for $20. There were alot of techniques that went into this card. First it was stamped in black, then colored in with copic markers, then run through the cuttle bug to emboss it. Then I distressed the edges then sponged with white linen distress ink, then sprayed with gold mist, oh and used a gel pen to pop the words, and butterflies. Guess this card should go for about $4.00 cause I used so many different mediums. It is a lovely card though.

I got this idea from an ornament I saw at Shopko and thought, I could make that. Ended up buying the ornament for $6, hopefully I can sell a few to make up the difference. All there is to this is 2.5 circles or scalloped circles folded over, glued and then glued together to form a circle, used speckels to decorate and a strip of cardstock layed across. Calligraphed "Peace" across the strip. Sprayed the ornament with gold spray mist. The following ornament was done the same way only using the word "Love".


This card was made back in 2009. Thought I would add it to my Etsy Store and see how it does. The tree can be taken off the card and used as a Christmas tree ornament.

This card was made in 2009 also. Ran the green cardstock through the cuttlebug then colored the trees with sharpie pens, then layered on gold and white cardstock.....very simple.

Well, there you have it, some cards and ornaments I will be adding to my Etsy store, hope you like them, they were all fun to make. Now I have to start working on my cards to send out to friends......a Christmas tree using iris fold strips of ribbon and paper. I think if you go to my Archives you will find a sampling of my Christmas card for 2011 in my first blog for October.

Have a great day and keep looking up for your redemption draweth nigh.

Cheers ~ Louise

Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Funday and a Few Creations

Been awhile since I added a few things to this blog that I have made. Really, really, I've been busy creating but not showing off my creations. Was shopping last week and found an ornament at the Shopko store and thought, I could make this! So, home I went to make some circles and glue them together, (thank you Sandi for all the circles you made for me on your machine and for the punch you borrowed me) here is the end result, my rendition of what I saw at Shopko. Of course, their ornament did not have JESUS on it. Ended up giving this ornament to JP for his "spiritual Birthday"The card below is a Halloween card...........not much into making halloween cards as it is so against what I believe. If people really knew what goes on and the many living creatures including babies, children and adults that are sacrificed to SATAN there would be less celebrating and worshipping of the EVIL ONE. It's a pagan holiday that does not belong.........sorry, that is the way I feel.

Anyways, went to Archivers the other day, it's "Tim Holtz"week, made this tag with the fun technique, stamping a tag, with stains, then running it through Tim Holtz's machine (only $199 if you buy it this week) the ribbon was stained and the skull and bat went through the machine also. I thought I would send the tag to my secret stamper so added it to a card and dressed it up alittle. She teaches making cards and is always looking for new ideas.....hope she likes this one. I shall have to make some more tags and do this again, maybe for Christmas cards would be nice. I do have to get on the stick and make my Christmas cards, one more month to get them done...........geez better start getting to work!!!! Need to get a few more Christmas cards in my Etsy store and a few Christmas ornaments too.

Well, time to close this blog for today, need to go pay the electric bill, get some dishes done and do some work outside, time to winterize before the first snow's not far away, just peeking around the corner. Have a great day and keep looking up for your redemption draweth nigh. Cheers ~ Louise

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Etsy Tap Dance and Mystery List

Doing the Etsy Tap Dance this weekend and today for that fact. SOLD a Christmas card to a lady in very exciting to me.........FRANCE!!! Estimated it would cost $3 for postage, but I have a feeling it will cost more, as this is my 1st international sale, guess I shall find out how much it actually costs to send a card to Europe. Oh well, if I don't make alot on this sale, at least I had the excitement of selling a card from my etsy store, making that 27 sales since I opened my Etsy store in 2009!!!!! Whew.............that calls for a celebration of sorts.....what shall I do???

Was looking for that Christmas card I sold in my many files, but could not find it. Shall have to take another picture of the card along with a few other things I made this weekend, been pretty busy with all my projects, guess that is good.

If you read my previous blog ~ Mystery Saturday ~ I listed 15 things I was going to do for the day............well, I did 8 1/2 things for that day plus one extra thing not listed. They are as follows:
1. finished the blog
2. made the coffee
3. gave myself a permanant (did not trim my hair)
4. cut JP's hair
5. made lunch and dinner (Popover Unside Down Pizza recipe to follow in next blog)
6. did some dishes (but still have many in the sink as I type this blog)
7. made some Christmas ornaments
8. rode my bike for 2 miles (that was the 1/2)
9. took a ride to Sandi's to pick up my circles that will be used for the Christmas ornament (she has a circuit cutter, so can get more circles made then a punch can...........have LOTS of 2"circles)

I guess the rest of those projects will all be done this week at some time or another, don't know when or where, BUT they will get done.

Well, you all have a great day and keep looking up for your redemption drawth nigh!
Cheers ~ Louise

Saturday, October 15, 2011


Mystery Saturday??????????? Well, I am not sure what that is all about either. Missed "Friday Funday" cause there was nothing fun going on and did not take any pictures that showed me having fun........oh well.

Now as my big "65th" birthday comes leering around the corner, I am not finding alot of comfort in the supposed "Golden Years" either. Seems there is alot more stress in getting old AND I really don't know how to retire!!! You would have thought after 5 years I would have figured it out......nope, nope, nope! Still as busy as ever, but with different things.

Now what could that entail...................I don't know. Maybe a list of things I would like to do today? Or a list of things I HAVE done, guess that would have to come at the end of the day. People talk about a bucket list......I've not made one up yet and probably won't. I just live each day as it comes, waking up each morning wondering....."what day is this one.....aaahhhhh yes, Saturday, what will I be doing today???? Well, let's is my list for today.
1. finsh this blog
2. make some coffee
3. do the dishes (I always have dishes in the sink to do)
4. maybe do a little crocheting sometime today (making a pink doily)
5. give myself a perm and trim hair
6. cut JP's hair
7. make some cards, actually I have 3 projects going
~~~~~a. making orgami bridal bouquet
~~~~~b. making my iris fold Christmas cards
~~~~~c. make some more Christmas ornaments
8. rake some leaves
9. plant 3 "allium gladiator" bulbs
10. wash some clothes
11. straighten the house and sweep the porch
12. ride 5-10 miles on my stationary bike
13. ah yes, cook lunch and dinner (which always puts dishes back in the sink)
14. maybe take a break with another cup of coffee on the porch (wishful thinking on my part)
15. take a nap or go to bed.........

Whew, after that list, I am TIRED!!!!! Retired??????? I don't think so!!!!! Well so much for Mystery Saturday........I will finish this off tonight, or tomorrow or whenever I get back to it, cause I am not sure how much will be accomplished, maybe nothing, maybe just partly.....who knows at this point, ONLY GOD KNOWS THE BEGINNING AND THE END of my list!!!!

Cheers ~ have a great day!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Tale of A Roof and a Washing Machine

SOOOOOOOOO here is my tale of a Roof and a Washing Machine. The washing machine came at 12:00 noon (3 hours past the due time........but it finally came). OOOOOOOH could hardly wait for it. Was getting to the point that all we could do was fill up the machine, let the clothes soak then spin the water out, no washy, washy, washy. NOW it is here, first have to clean up the area cause alot of things had to move in order to get the machine to it's new resting place. Following are some pictures. Our new-used machine is a white Maytag, hopefully this one should last awhile. Our Speedqueen came with the house and we have been here 20 years, so I guess that was a good machine too, to have lasted so long. We still have the Speedqueen dryer, so when that konks out, we will go to Hoarshs for a used dryer. They will deliver, hook-up and take away the old one.....hooray!! don't have to worry about getting rid of it ourselves.
The roof was done last Tuesday and Wednesday during that wonderful weather we have been having. We had to get a loan for the roof to the tune of $1200, I guess that is not bad, but there was alot of damage after leaking 8 years. Joe said if we had not gotten the roof done before winter, the snow and ice surely would have collapsed the roof. Hopefully this will fix the problem for awhile. Now we have to figure out where the money is coming for the kitchen ceiling, guess I can live with that for awhile cause now it won't be leaking like as if someone turned on the faucet. The money for the washing machine came from our selling some gold and silver jewelery that was laying around, stuff I had from my mother and grandmother. I won't miss it, may as well put it to use.........we needed a washing machine, now we have one.

Well I shall close here, and get some wash done......HOORAY!!! & Praise the Lord!!!

Friday, October 7, 2011

"Friday Funday" ~~~ Boating on the Fox & a Colorful Fall!

Friday Funday.......we all had fun yesterday (Thursday) on the boat, riding on the Fox River. Such beautiful trees and a beautiful day, I know now why I love Wisconsin, couldn't ask for a better day. These are my 4 hour ~ Mini~vacations at Sandi's Retreat on the Island. Fun was had by all, plus there were treats, cheese and crackers, natchos and salsa and zuchinni bread....yum!

The trees were absolutely beautiful, like this one along the river.

Here is a beautiful, fancy house secluded and hidden behind the trees.

Such beautiful scenery along the Fox River.

Here is a big fancy house, nice huh? is Miss Vicky taking pictures of her shipmates. There you have it a day out on the boat, going to try for another one weather permitting before the boat gets pulled out of the water for the winter and takes a rest till spring. The lox in Menasha open up May 2nd 2012, seems like a long time away.
Well, you all have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the weather. See you again on Monday with a few more cards. Cheers ~ Louise

Monday, October 3, 2011

New Cards For My Etsy Store

This is my Christmas card for this season. A simple background embossed in gold then the tree was cut out and strips of red, green and gold papers cut to make the iris fold. I will be adding this card to my etsy store this week sometime. This will come as a set of 3 for $10 + postage. You will also receive one free bonus card and thank you card. Each one of my cards comes with an envelope and clear plastic sleeve for protection.

Little Fisher Boy was listed on Saturday, no bites yet but still hoping for that "hook, line and sinker" to go under the water and catch that big one.

This pretty card is called "5 Roses for Your..." could be a Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding, Thinking of you what ever your hearts desire. It's not on Etsy yet, but sometime this week.

To see all my cards at Etsy go to: Have a great day and see you on Wordless Wednesday ~ cheers ~ Louise


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