Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Short Update.....

Hi everyone. Hope you are all doing well on this beautiful sunny day. I am starting to feel a little bit better. Seems I am being treated for an ulcer. Yes....an ulcer. Tomorrow I have to go in for more blood tests. Last week I was dehydrated and my sodium was low....then the potassium was low....hopefully tomorrow everything will be normal. I think he will be checking my AC1 also because I have to fast for 12 hours. Oh I will be glad when I start feeling better.

This Saturday a contractor is coming in to tear down the kitchen ceiling.....so I have to get everything out of the kitchen cabinets because there will be lots of dust and junk.......uge, I think deep down this whole process has been bothering me. I will be glad when it is all over.

Next Saturday is the work day....there will be 25 people in and out of my house, doing painting, plumbing, electric work, landscaping.....I would like to run away for the day......Hope I make it through these next few weeks. Time will tell....if only I could just enjoy the ride. I never really liked rolly-coasters.

See you next month and hopefully things slow down a bit. I will try and remember to take some pictures so you can see the process.
Cheers ~ Louise

Thursday, April 23, 2015


Hi everyone. Sorry I have been "missing in action". Been really sick around here. Even sitting down at the computer was a chore. So I chose not to even do a post. Well....I will make this very short. Hope you are all feeling well. I will come back when I am feeling better, see what happen on Saturday. Gosh...even doing this post is a chore.
Cheers ~ Louise

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Cards, Crocuses and Kylie

Hi there everyone......Beautiful Spring Day here in Appleton, WI!!! Oh yesssss, weather is in the 50's and it's even suppose to be in the 60's tomorrow. Hope this is not one of those teasers.....where it really warms up then BOOM it gets cold again. It would be nice to be able to turn off the furnace for a while.

So today I shall share one of my cards I made for Mother's Day.....made 6 of these...and gave them to Hospice. I think I shall make some more.....I love the effect of the Butterfly. The background is a Darcie embossing folder and I chalked in the flowers then sprayed some pearl mist over them, you can see the shimmer.....cute card...wish I had a mother to give this too. 
In these next two pictures are my little crocuses that were blooming this morning....aren't they sweet. I am not exactly sure how these crocuses got here to this spot....cause I don't remember planting them here. Must be the squirrels do the planting, or the chipmunks and mice.....because Louise didn't do it.
Here is a close up of these crocuses. So pretty in the 10:00am morning sunshine and the Robins tweeting in the background. Made me want to go grab a coffee and enjoy the morning.
And here is Miss Kylie greeting me at the back door after taking a few pictures of the crocuses. She is always so happy to see me....like, was I gone that long....was only a few minutes Kylie.
Well, after the "meet and greet patrol" met me at the door. I got ready to go to the store.

Went to Festival Food for a few things, dinner for tonight will be a little beef roast salted with some pink Himalayan salt, (ohoh...just read the directions, NO SALT because it will dry the roast out, well, I am hoping because it is Himalayan salt.....that won't happen) and onions, cooked in a 500 degree oven for 10 minutes, then the oven shut off and kept in the oven for 40-60 minutes. It should be still pink in the inside. Yum...can hardly wait for some roast beef sandwiches and fresh green beans.

Then I went over to WG&R Furniture store. Picked up my FREE.....(and I love anything FREE) potholder mitt and a FREE Continental Breakfast.....fruit, sweet rolls, cheese cake, cookies, orange juice and coffee. Oh yess......got some fruit, sweet roll and an apple for JP.........good wife!! I did look at some furniture and did "Dream" about a new couch!!

JP wants some Hyssop tea. I do have a hyssop bush in the back yard....last fall I dried some leaves and flowers for him to make tea. It should have lasted the winter.....but not the way HE makes tea. Honestly....I have to do everything for him. He threw the leaves and flowers in COLD water thinking that would work....and actually went through the whole container of Hyssop. Honestly, I could really get mad at him. So now I have to get some more Hyssop.

Next stop after WG&R was The Appleton Nutrition Store....I will have to order the Hyssop by the case, which will contain 6 boxes of 24 tea bags or 144 bags at $34.00. This, I will have to think about.

My second stop was the Free Market....there I found the tea comes in bulk. 1 pound of Hyssop for $8.00. I shall have to put the tea in little tea bags and I already told him he has to HEAT the water so the tea can seep in order to get the full benefits of the tea!!!!! A sigh of frustration.......do I have to do everything for you?????? I do think I will order the case of Hyssop for him at the Nutrition Store, that will be the Hyssop already bagged....but I have to buy it by the case....well, it is suppose to be calming.....so maybe this will be good for me too.

So now I am home alone......YAY!!! JP went to the church to play his accordion and vacuum the floors and dust the pews and clean the bathroom. Maybe he and the pastor will have a bible study and order some lunch.....this is JP's favorite day....mine too, cause I am home alone and can listen to Rush Limbaugh or turn on the TV!!! So I turned on the TV.....Heaven is for Real was playing....I have seen that a couple of times......better then some of the movies that are playing right now.

Oh well....must finish this post and go walk Kylie....it's still a nice day outside. I can smell the roast in the oven.....yum...can hardly wait for a beef sandwich. Have a great day and keep looking up!!
Cheers ~ Louise

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Beautiful Pictures From Far Away Places~~at least to me

Hi there everyone. Hope you all had a wonderful Easter, gathering with family and friends for Resurrection Sunday. Husband and I spent a quiet day. Church in the morning and dinner at 2pm. Chicken, gravy, dressing, jojo fries (something new I made) toast, beans and vegies. Oh and don't forget dessert.....Key lime Pie from Schwan's.

I thought I would share some beautiful pictures some fellow bloggers took on their vacations. I just loved these pictures, as I enjoyed their vacations as if I was there too.
 Biz took this picture of this pelican, he is flying over the waters of Key West. Beautiful weather....I think it was 0 degrees here in WI when Biz took this picture. Looks so nice and warm.
Here's her blog http://www.mybizzykitchen.com
 Patricia took this picture from the Cruise ship in Alaska. Such beautiful scenery. And Patricia takes the most beautiful pictures. Her blog is at http://www.patricia-heythereitsme.blogspot.com
 Another picture taken by Biz from Key West with the sun setting.
Patricia took this picture.....I love that bottle sitting on the table....all it needs is a few flowers in it. She said the same thing about that little bottle. This picture was taken at Lone Ranch Beach in Brookings, CA.

So there you go...a few beautiful places to visit someday. Someday I would love to take a cruise to Alaska....Patricia took such lovely pictures on her cruise. Now I have to go let Biz and Patricia know I stole some of their vacation pictures for my blog....gosh I hope that is legal???

Have a great evening and keep looking up!! Cheers ~ Louise

Friday, April 3, 2015

Happy Easter

Hi there everyone. Hope you have a blessed Good Friday and a wonderful Resurrection Sunday!!!

I am taking a few days off from blogging!! Cheers to you all!!! Louise


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