Tuesday, February 23, 2021

The Last Week of February

 Hi there everyone....hope you are having a great February. I am still living in 2020 I guess. No new changes and we are just plodding along going from day to day.

Here is a "little funny" I found today on another blog. Made me laugh a little bit....yeah, that's me alright. Might be good enough to put on Facebook too.

Things have not progressed a fast as I would like, JP is still a very needy person and just about all my waking hours are about him. As I sit here looking at my desk calendar, we have been very busy with nurse visits, Doctor visits, Hospital procedures, and Catherization's. I cringe at the thought of what the Dr. and Hospital bills will look like when they start filing into my home. 

I think the nurse visits will end this Thursday and two Doctor appointments so far in March, after that I am not sure what will happen. I know we are going from short term care to long term care. We will have nurses coming again, BUT they will be helping me with taking care of JP. and giving me, the caregiver, time off to take care of things that need to be done for Louise. Not sure yet what that is but I will take it.

JP will now go on Medicade, not sure what that all entails, but I will pay $29 a month home care and if there is reason to put him in assisted living that will be taken care of (I think) I might have to also pay room and board, but at this point, not sure how much. I Do have a few people walking me through this, thank God for the ADRC. Time will tell how this all pans out. Will keep you updated.

In the mean time.....who are these people????? They all live in France. Stephanie (2nd from right) owns a beautiful Chateau de LaLande. She started a YouTube Channel just before this pandemic started. Stephanie has been a blessing to many, many people around the world. All these other people in this picture are people that help Stephanie and live with her at the Chateau. From Right to left, Selmar (jack of all trades), Stephanie, Phillip (another jack of all trades), Marie (in the back, married to a 2nd co-owner of the Chateau, in the forefront her son, Antone) Behind Antone, Mari (Florest and cook), Nati (assistant for Stephanie). Behind Nati is Michael (#1 co-owner of the Chateau) and then David who visits and helps with designing of the garden and lake.

They all have a place and do what needs to be done to renovate this beautiful Chateau. Just type in: "Stephanie at The Chateau Diaries" and this will take you to all her Vlog videos. Once you go to her channel, you may be hooked and go to all of her other videos. A very lovely, gracious woman who knows how to bring the best out of everyone she meets.

Here are some cute little squirrls.....they need a caption: this one...."Shoot da puck!!!" What is your caption????
This one is: Yeahhhhhhh the Hawks Winnnnnnnnnnn!!!!! What's your caption????
Yep....Hockey game tonight. Hawks are playing the Columbus Blue Jackets. (note: you know how the Columbus Blue Jackets got their name??? That's where the Civil war uniforms were made for the North...Columbus, Ohio.....interesting fact....eh???)

So anyways the Hawks play tonight, I shall have to watch hockey on the internet at Volokit.com, the game is streamed with lots of buffering at times, once the buffering stops then I can watch the game in enjoyment.

If you haven't noticed, my You Tube visits and Hockey are my "get-a-way" places where I can forget the problems of the day. Well you all have a great rest of the day and also a great rest of the month of February. Take care and keep looking up, better days are just around the corner!!!!! Cheers ~ Louise

Sunday, February 7, 2021

What's New February???

Hi there everyone. This is crazy....blogspot still does things I do not understand. Oh well, least I can still type an intro....

Well, Valentine's Day is not far off....what, one week away??? The Valentine cards you see on my blog are from 2016...have not gotten downstairs to make new ones for quite awhile. I did send some cards to Hospice that I had laying around...time to clear things out.
I am thinking the cards above and below are cards I found on the internet and wanted to make, kinda cute aren't they??? I did duplicate the cards above, but can't find the cards or pictures. Must have given them to Hospice.
The card above looks like an easy one, I do have LOTS of eyes, should be an easy card to duplicate.
Now the next 3 cards I did make....in 2016. Really need to take some time to make cards, lately I have been too busy being a "Caregiver" for JP. He requires a lot of work to keep him going. My life sort of disappeared on the back burner of late. February have so far been very busy. Lots of nurses coming daily, Visiting Nurse, Physical Therapist, Speech Therapist, Doctor appointments, Walker/tub seat pick-ups at Easter Seals, Shopping, that was last week. 

This week will be the nurses coming again. Then JP has an appointment, as he will need surgery for a hernia, (not sure when the hernia surgery will be) a Covid test on Saturday and the following week, Upper esophagus and lower colonoscopy. (I am not looking forward to that one, AT ALL!!!!) So that means having him drink all that stuff, running to the bathroom and still do the catheter. Needless to say, he is NOT a very good patient!!!

I have a lot of paper work to sort through, and get taxes done by March 1st. Hopefully I can hold it together for the rest of this month. Another thing I am having to do is, catheter JP 3 times a day, oh and make sure he gets his meds and his food is soft and if meat, it is cut up in small pieces. When did I become a Nurse???

Looking at my calendar right now, I am counting 5 trips to the Doctors and Hospital. That is no easy chore, getting JP out of the house and into the car. A belt is wrapped around his chest, so I can catch him if he falls and get him into the car....what a chore, for him and me!!!
I think, getting downstairs will be my "get-a-way" place, cause he can't come downstairs, he might loose his balance and fall down the stairs....that is all I need. My Chicago Blackhawk games are a get-a-way too. Hopefully they will win lots of games....it is looking good for them this season, lots of young kids that are out to win the Stanley Cup!!!!

 Well, time to close here, hockey will be starting at 2pm and I need to get some lunch for JP. Breakfast was pancakes and jello for JP...gosh those were good pancakes....yummy. Lunch is Air Fry potatoes and chicken, (Thank you Biz, that Air Fryer has come in real handy...a life saver for cooking stuff for JP)

So, this is what's new in February, SO FAR. I suspect more is coming, hopefully the weather will cooperate also....pray for no snow on the days I have to take JP to the Doctor and Hospital visits. Have a great month, and if I have time, I might add another blog this month, if not, see you in March. Take care and keep looking up, better days are coming round the corner. Cheers ~ Louise


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