Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sweet Baby......and a "Star" Clementis

Sweet little baby from the past...............not really sure where I got this picture, must have been on the Internet someplace. I tried saving her along with some other old pictures to a CD, but it would not work. So, just moved the sweet baby to my pictures and then I thought the baby needed to go on my here she is.

My computer is still not working the best, but it is workable. Deleted a few things, removed a program and defraged. Moved some files and cleaned some files. Well, hopefully the memory sticks will show up on Monday so I can take this computer in for a thorough cleaning and the memory added.

JP and I cut down my Star Clementis today......gosh was that ever a mess. Never cut down the old growth last Fall, so the new growth grew over the old and the vine was humongous this year. As you can see in the above picture. "Star" in all it's glory. During my garage sales, people would ask me what kind of flower the vine was and I didn't know. Then one lady showed up and said, "Oh your star clementis is beautiful, I have one just like it, what are you doing to care for it?" Wasn't really doing anything except watering and a little bit of fertilizer was all.

So today, we chopped it all down. Hopefully it will grow back in all it's glory. Next spring I want to dig up a few roots and bury them in the backyard and get these beauties growing on a fence that needs some flowers. I have a purple clementis growing in the back yard, maybe I can get a few cuttings and start them along side my star clementis...........we'll see. Really need to think about rearranging my backyard. I might be getting a fountain with alot of flagstones, so I need to decide where to put the fountain.

Well, it's time to close for the night so you all keep looking up for your redemption drawth nigh.
Cheers ~ Louise

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