Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas Cards

Well, today was one of those days where I just did not want to do "NUTTEN". Watched a dvd on my computer called, "The Second Chance" it's about a Christian pop artist Michael W. Smith stars in this inspirational story of two preachers who have nothing in common ...except for their faith in God's awesome power. When Ethan Jenkins (Smith), a pastor at a colossal suburban church called "The Rock", is called to work alongside a street-smart African-American minister Jake Sanders (Jeff ObafemiCarr), both men are forced to reexamine their assumptions about spirituality and saving souls. Good story line and it had me in tears at times. Made some lunch for JP, did the dishes which have been piling up this past week. It would be nice to have a dish washer, but I guess that will never happen.

Finally put up some Christmas Decorations. I have a little tree which is already decorated, take it out of the box, put it up, when Christmas is over, back it goes, in the box. It looks nice and Christmassy in the dining room, if that is as far as I get.....that will be fine. Bought a wreath from the boy scouts this year.....that is up and looks great on the front door and maybe this week I will put up the ceramic tree on the front porch along with some more lights on the banister.......see how my time goes this week.

I was not able to make any Christmas cards this past week, (busy working at merchandising) wouldn't you know a call today that someone wanted some cards "asap"..........I just did not have them ready, the best I could do is 10 cards and get them out by Monday..........I will find out tomorrow. I should have had more cards made up but I have not had any sales on Etsy and no one asked me to make any up until today............I hate last minute orders. Oh well this too will pass. Hopefully they will be happy with 10 and I will be sure to make up a bunch for next year.

Just heard from my NEW District Manager...........I have been carrying around a new Hamilton Beach can opener from a job I did about 2-3 months ago...I was suppose to bring it into the store and leave it there......the store closed about 10-15 years I asked her what I was to do with it as the previous district manager did not let me know. BLESSINGS......she said I should just bring it into my home as the company was not asking for them back. HEY I got a new can opener. I shall take a picture of it, maybe I will take the sticker off and scan it and place it on this blog. Yes, that is what I will do.

Well I guess I will close this blog for a bit...............I really need to tell you about a niffty little appliance I bought for my birthday....a "GT Express 101" awesome little machine makes great omletts and pies and sandwiches, baked potatoes.....JP likes it, guess it has been worth every penny. Check out the late night commercials on channel 26 to you later. Louise

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Where is the time going??????????

  1. Well, where is the time going????

  2. Time sure does fly by.

  3. Christmas is just around the corner as I turned 62 on November 21st.

  4. BLOGGING has not been on my mind since October 29, sad to say.

  5. Not sure why I am typing sentences one at a time.

  6. Am I looking to writting a poem or something?

  7. Not really sure, just looks fun and takes up some space and it's the way I am thinking right now.

  8. Have to get ready to go out to work, but the snow is coming down. UGE

  9. Wisconsin, lovely Wisconsin, snow, snow, snow.

  10. have not sold a card in months..........sad.

  11. Should I put my shop up for sale and retire my stamps?

  12. Ask me again next month, things will have changed, and life will be different.

  13. Time to shut this blog down, it is not going anywhere.

  14. You all have a good day and "HANG IN THERE"

Love and peace - Louise

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sea Side Sea Gulls - Treasury #6

Here is my newest treasury...........Makes me homesick for the sea and I have never lived there. Maybe that has been one of my dreams......I love being by water and listening to the sound of soothing to the spirit.

The Seagulls always remind me that they should be near the sea, but they seem to thrive in Wisconsin............maybe they think the big parking lots at the Mall are the "sea".......who knows. And when it snows??????????? More water!!! Seagulls are a very curious bird, I love to watch them.........they seem so free, flying around, surveying the area for food and swooping down on their to watch. I wonder if they long to be by the sea?????? Did they get lost traveling in the skies? Probably not, they just must love Wisconsin.
My husband and I have lived in WI since that is a long time. Did we get lost? No, don't think, so we wanted to get away from the "ratrace" of Chicago. We had 20 acres, built a poleshed and lived there for 9 years, raising cows, chickens, ducks, rabbits, dogs and cats. Had a big garden, did lots of canning and freezing of vegetables..............what a good life, would never trade that time...........sometimes I long for it again and wonder if we made the right move.........back into the "ratrace"........I wonder, if I am like the Seagull in a way........longing to go back to the sea, but I stay, someday I will go back, living in the country was a good life. But for now, I am, where I am, in this life and must make the best of where I am. Because it is where God has planted me for this time in my the Seagull. "Bloom where you are Planted" I hope I have done that.
Well, I better go, I am rambling and I have to go get ready for my job......I do merchandising and go into stores doing audits, put cards up, take things down, move things around.......its fun at times, sometimes hard work........but is something I can do in my retirement and still make a little money to pay the bills.
Talk later, have a good day,
PS be sure to click on the will zoom to 100% so you can see it better.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Christmas Card and Kolacky's

This will be a short blog tonight, as it is almost 12:30am and "AH Needs" to get some sleep soon. But I wanted to show you my christmas cards I am making (gosh, and this computer is acting stupid tonight also). Anyways, this was stamped at a friends house, (her stamp) if I ever see one like it I will buy it. I used water color pencils and magic markers and white glitter for the snow. Then the picture is layered on red sparkly paper, white and beige cardstock. So, I was working on some cards tonight, think I will do about 24 cards like this the above card, then switch to another pattern and different technique......whatever that may be.

Got 4 cabbages today at church. Have some saurkraut fermenting on the counter from my previous cabbage. Think I will try some more cabbage and put it in a crock pot.........not to cook, but to ferment. I have a big crock, but it is old and there is a crack, so I had the thought to use a crock pot, see how that works tomorrow........I like boiled cabbage, might give that a whirl. Also, PoPs, my stepfather used to make a cabbage dish with bacon, tomatoes and peppers and cooked cabbage........mmmmmm.....that was always good!!!

I am going to give you an old polish receipe........I am not polish......but I just love Kolacky's, I am going to try this reciepe for Christmas, maybe use them as gifts, if I can keep them in the house long enough and JP does not eat them all.


1 cup butter or margarine, softened
1 package (8oz) cream cheese, softened
1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 1/4 cups flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
thick jam or canned fruit filling, such as aprocot or prune (I like strawberry or cherry)

Cream butter and cream chesse until fluffy. Beat in vanilla extract. combine flour and salt; add in forths to butter mixture, blending well after each addition. Chill dough until easy to handle. Roll dough to 3/8" thick on a floured surface. Cut out 2 inch circles or other shapes. Place on an ungreased cookie sheet. Make a "thumbprint" about 1/4 inch deep in each. Fill with jam. Bake at 350 degrees for 10 to15 minutes, or until delicately browned on the edges. Makes about 3 1/2 dozen.

MMMMMMMMM sounds so good, nothing like a good Kolacky!!!!! My stepgrandmother used to make them and fold the corners over and cover them with powdered sugar. MMMMMMMM

Well, I will let you go for now, you have a good day.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Treasury Number 5

< on the treasury to make it larger to see.
Here is my newest treasury that I got last Sunday, late, very late (1am) in the evening (morning). I love sunsets and sunrises. There is such a sence of peacefulness in the colors brushed across the sky. Then to think how big and how hot that sun is, that we are not scorched and burned alive. The One who created this universe sure did a GOOD's hard to believe in the big bang theory!
I love fall also, the crispness of the mornings, the trees turning their beautiful colors.......every color you can possibly think of is used. How could one not believe there is a God who created this World? I would rather believe there is a God, then not believe there is a God........there is safty in believing and knowing that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior and of this world and the world to come. And it was all done at the Cross and through the blood of Jesus, once and for all.......whosoever will, will never die.
Well, it was nice chatting with you, do please leave a comment. Have a great day!


Monday, October 6, 2008


When things go wrong, as they sometimes will,
When the road you're trudging seems all uphill,
When the funds are low and the debts are high,
And you want to smile, but you have to sigh,
When care is pressing you down a bit
Rest if you must, but don't you quit.
Life is queer with its twists and its turns,
As everyone of us sometimes learns,
And many a failure turns about
When they might have won, had they stuck it out.
Don't give up though the pace seems slow,
You may succeed with another blow.
Often the struggler has given up
When he might have captured the victor's cup;
And he learned too late when the night came down,
How close he was to the golden crown.
Success is failure turned inside out
The silver tint of the clouds of doubt
And you never can tell how close you are,
It may be near when it seems so far;
So stick to the fight when you're hardest hit,
It's when things seem worst that you must not quit!
I read this in another blog and thought it rather, copy, paste and here it is in my blog, some good words of wisdom in this world that wants to give up.........that includes me at times. So these words were very profound for me to read today. God works in many different ways, even through blogs of unsaved people. You have a great day............Louise

Sunday, October 5, 2008

My first craft fair.................

Well, today was my very first craft sale. MMMM don't know if I will do another. Was almost like doing a garage sale. I went in with 2 other women. We needed to be there at 7am, uge, that was a feat for me to get someplace so early, was kind of neat though, getting up with the birds and before the sunrise. Wisconsin Ave was like a ghost cars.

Got to the park about 7:15am to set up, Maria was putting up the canopy when I got there, by the time we finished the people started coming. I was on my own for a couple of hours as Maria left to go to church and Chrissy still had not arrived as she was fighting some kind of virus and was going to be late.

People, people, people everywhere, so many people passed by, looked at my cards and walked on, many commented on how lovely they were, wellllllllllllllllll (well, buy one please) after all the passers by only 1 card was sold..........UNO, ONE, one, 1 card at $2.50 and ONE, one, 1 muffin for 50 cents!!!!!

I was selling my cards, jewelry, delicious chocolate chip cookies and banana bran muffins............took a picture of my little table.........hold on, gonna download into the computer.

There, there's my little table, really could have used a larger table, but for my first it was okay. Alot of these vendors go from craft sale to sale. I went walking and met two vendors from a previous farmers market in Appleton. The one is a card dealer also, she is trying to figure out how to sell her cards also, said she was going to set up a website, see how that goes.

My next adventure will be to go to the consignment stores and see what I can do there. I do know of two craft stores, one in New London and one in Seymour. So maybe I will try those stores. I might try a craft store on Morrison street also, now that I have lots of cards to display.

Going to close this segment of my blog, must go to the other blog and tell about the craft fair there, I am behind on that one also, ( ssssssoooooo much to do so little time to Oh and be sure to go to my etsy store at: I will be putting some of the cards and jewelry I made for the fair into my store in the next week or so.
Talk later,

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Oh My Gosh!!!!!! I can't believe the time that has elapsed since the last time I wrote in this blog. So little time and so much to do!!!!

Well I have been busy, very seldom come up for! Let's see what have I been doing???? Been working on cards and getting ready for the craft fair in October. Oh I signed up for Social Security last week, now that was a mile stone in my life!!! Working at my job a new store added on to my list of won't believe this one..........Michel's Craft Store.........omg.........the craft store of craft stores in my estimation! I already spied out the bead section mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm delicious!!!!

What else.........keeping my husband fed, the restaurant is opened 24 hours......he has to eat every 2 hours for some I need to have food ready for his two hour feedings......that keeps me busy and to top that off, we don't own a dish washer, so I
am constantly doing dishes.

Here is a lovely picture of my front porch....JP and I have been eating out there, this little meal is my famous lasagna and french garlic bread....mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

I just got my hands on Adobe photoshop, so I have been playing with it.......trying to make some banners for my Etsy Shop.............I only have one month to play, then have to decide if I am going to keep it and buy the program...................yikes Adobe photoshop is hundreds of $$$$$, that I can't afford at this time. Used to use the program about 3 years ago at the job I had with "the church" I was getting pretty good at it...........but maybe not as good as I thought.............not like the pro's. Oh well, life goes on and we live and learn................what to do and what not to do. I only know now that I am glad I am not in that position, it was a blessing that God removed me from "the church" setting that I was in.

I think I shall close this blog for the night is 12:35 starts tomorrow, back into the business of life. Talk to you all later.

PS. please do go check out my etsy store and my new banner......I think so far I have made 6 banners. Go to

Saturday, August 23, 2008


I am a

What Flower
Are You?

"Mischief is your middle name, but your first is FRIEND. You are quite the prankster that loves to make other people laugh"

Yeppers........I guess that is teasing people for some reason, always loved teasing my mother when I was growing up.........must have been for attention or something cause she would get so mad at me. But I can be a good friend, loyal till death do us part. Hey, JP and I are going to be married 35 years on the 27th of this month.........where did the time go??????

I actually like snapdragons............whenever I pick one, always squeesed the flower together and make the snapdragon look like it's mouth was moving and

Been watching the Olympics for the last couple of weeks, so my blogging has gone by the wayside lately. Yeah for the USA, they did well, didn't they????? Right now the runners are running their sprints, I was happy for Michael Phelps and Shawn Johnson..........they worked hard for their medals. Well tomorrow is the closing ceremonies.........have to find a video to record it.

Well, I think I shall close this blog for today.........this next month I have to make lots of cards, for I am going to be in a craft sale in October, also, maybe putting my cards in a gift shop in I really need to get to work, and make some cards. You all have a great day.


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ok....I TaKe ThAt BaCk.....LoL

Here is my most recent Treasury...........I take it back, said I wasen't gonna do another for awhile, but I did...............sounding a little wishy, what can I say, I am from Wisconsin...Bret Farve country. Oh well, life goes on and we change our minds in mid-stream alot. Some more than others.

But here is my newest "Ask ANYTHING in HIS Name" well, looks like I am missing the 3 top pictures. Still learning the technique of taking a picture of the treasury and uploading to my pictures and saving as a jpeg..............oh well. It was a lovely treasury and I enjoyed doing it. Missing the Decal above the bed, green ceramic dish and the little girl on a bag (she was really cute too).
Well, You have a great day...........enjoy the weather where ever you are. Went into Hobby Lobby today and the FALL and CHRISTMAS stuff is up already...............UGE we are still in the middle of summer here in WISCONSIN!!!!!!!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Here is my newest treasury...............

Here is my newest treasury, got it about 12:30am (yawn) was getting kind of tired and JP was not home yet from work and still had to feed him. But I got it done and just had to add my comments. Now I am contacting the artist to let them know they are in my treasury.

This may be the last one for awhile.......the newness has worn off.......have not gotten any sales because of doing a treasury..................soooooo......this may be the last one at least for this month. Maybe I will try one a month or something...........I'll see.

Well I am going to cut this blog short, it seems my computer is doing alot of hipcupping, seems to want to type then not. (so what is new in computer land)

So you have a great day and..................

Friday, July 11, 2008

Getting Ready for a Craft Fair in October

Hi Everyone...................

Well I am gearing up for a craft sale in October. Going to be working with 3 other (possibly more) area artists. We'll have a canopy with tables set up with our crafts. That should be fun.
  • I will have sets of 4 cards, selling @ $10 a piece. I am looking at getting at least 10 -15 packs of 4 cards done. That would be about $150.00. I will have to see if I can put some other packs of cards together also.
  • I might add earrings to this, maybe single cards with a pair of earrings attached all color coordinated..........mmmmmmmm.......have to think on that one for awhile.
  • Chrissy is going to do watercolor paintings.
  • There may be a couple of other ladies with jewelery and such.

The total cost for this is $40 so if we chip in $10 a piece that should work. My Etsy store is not making any money...........I really need to go in another direction.........time is running out for me, we are slowly going broke what with the price of things now adays, I really need to find an avenue that will make me alittle bit of money. Plus do something that I enjoy. Goodness if I could make money sitting at this computer...........I would be rich!!!!!!

As soon as I get some cards done I will be adding them to this blog, the ones that I will be selling at the craft fair........I will also be adding to Etsy also..........hopefully they will be something people will like to have on had. Well I am going to close this blog for all have a great day in the Lord.


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Follow-up on my Treasury

You might have tried to go to my "Piggy Bank" treasury and nothing was there..........well, I never got to take a picture of it (sigh) so needless to say it is lost in Etsyland forever..........(boohoo)

But I did do another treasury...."Blue Skies Nothing but Blue Skies" and I got a picture of it. My goodness my comfort zones have been stretched in my learning all this is my treasury.................................>

I was very happy with this one, got a picture and even printed it, and was able to let the artists know I used their art.

Maybe someday someone will use my cards or earrings for one of their treasuries....I can only hope on that one. I guess it is considered an honor to that person........yes I guess I would be honored too, to know that someone liked my art and used me in a treasury.

Well, I guess I am rambling so I believe I will close here for now. You all have a good day..............blessings.

Saturday, June 28, 2008



Do go check it out, I am wondering if I can bring it to my blog, but I have not figured that out yet. "Pink Piggy Banks" It was actually a trial run for me, never did a treasury before. Now if just a few people look at it I will be happy!!!! Well I am going to run. Have some work to do and have been playing at the computer for the last couple of hours........You have a good day and enjoy looking at my treasury at etsy:

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day is Father's Day. My father died in 1961, gosh that is 47 years ago. My mother remarried in 1962 to Pops. Pops is still alive and lives in LasVegas. He has been there since '87 - he likes it out there. He called today, said the weather is 106 degrees during the day and 80 degrees in the evening. HOT, to Hot for me. He was concerned that we were flooded here, no I said the floods are farther south of us. We do live near the Fox River which runs down into Il, but no, thank God no flooding here yet.

I sent Pops $5, he said I shouldn't do that, I told him to buy a crossword puzzle book, he said I shouldn't have sent the money, I said well, it is actually cheaper to send the money rather then buy the books and send it, postage is high too. He had to agree. I doubt very much I will ever be able to go out there for a visit.........not unless we came into some money in the near future. He is going to be 83 this year, so time might be running out for him and me to get together.

JP and I went out to eat at the "7 angels" we sat on the veranda next to the water fountain. My goodness that was neat. We ordered the "Seniors" pork/dressing dinner, onion soup, salad, corn, french fries and topioca pudding..........a lovely meal and we actually had money left over for the tip. I think I will save some money so we can do that again. Hopefully the bees won't be out by the time we get back there.

I made JP and Pops a card, have not taken a picture of it, so I could not add it to this blog.......a light house on brown card and turquois background. was really neat looking. We went to church this morning...................would have preferred to stay home and watch Jimmy Swaggart on the internet, but being it is Father's day, thought it best to go.

Pastor Ron saw his Dr yesterday, the Dr said he needs to lose 10 lbs. Mary said she was going to start a diet too, well we decided to do it together. We will weigh in tomorrow and then write down everything we eat. Then I will email her on Saturday and let her know what I lost. Pops said he needs to lose 10 lbs also. I could stand to lose 25 lbs..............shall try, no better time then now.

Jp and I got home, I went straight to the computer and turned on TBN and Jimmy Swaggart. Gosh my computer was running very slow today.........sometimes I think it has a problem. But it could be the Yahoo server is the problem. Anyways, we worked around the house, did a few things, he cleaned the gutters, and cut some branches off the tree. I swept up the tree seeds that are starting to grow around the house. There is so much to do around here, but it has been fun this year cause JP has taken an interest in the house also, so that's been a plus.

Well, I suppose I should go for now, need to go to the other blog and write something there also, check it out if you haven't done this, please go to my etsy store and that address is if you would like to contact me via email go to: be sure to let me know you found me at my blogs in the subject otherwise I may not open your email. I am a very cautious person. You all have a good day, talk to you again.


Sunday, June 8, 2008

Summer around the corner

Been awhile since I last wrote something in this blog..........I am sure you have missed me and wondered where I was. Not that anyone is reading this or my other blog at: Not much happening, we have been planting flowers, seeds, herbs, and pulling lots of weeds. Amazing how the weeds can grow with no help from us, but the things that we WANT around us has a hard time growing, germinating and surviving.

It sure has been raining alot these last couple of days, the ground is getting very soggy. Going to be a very good year for the mosquitos.........uge......hate mosquitos, they seem to attack me and never touch JP, must be 'cause he has all that salt in him. I am naturally sweet.....hahahaha.

Card and earring making has been minimal these last couple of weeks, very little inspiration I guess, go through these spurts. Made a really niffty card last night for a friend and mailed it off today............I will have to make another one like if I can find that stamp, at the store, that would be fun too.
I have made Kylie the store manager of "Cards4ubylouise and other treasures" for the month of June. Thought maybe that would drum up business in the store..........but no bites. Have a sale going postage and shipping for the month of June. Been on the forum alot lately, got a few hearts, up to 31 now..........yep, 31 people made me their favorite, maybe there is a buyer amongst one of them. We'll see.
Bought 2 pairs of earrings from another etsy artist, the earrings should be arriving anyday looking forward to receiving them, will take a picture of them and show you what they look like. The price for the earrings was pretty decent, gosh some jewelry can be VERY expensive on Etsy. Got the 2 pair for $14 and that is including postage.
Well, I think I will close this portion of the blog, did you want to see a picture of Kylie the store manager? Here she is: Miss Kylie. We got her from the Osh Kosh Animal Humane Society, she was found as a stray in OK...............she's been a fun dog to have with much personality. She likes me, and can dominate me very well. We got some DVD's called the Dog Whisperer, Ceasar Millan says we need to dominate, be the top dog................whew we have alot of untraining to do.
Well I think it is time to close this blog, getting late and I have to get up and get my jobs off the internet at a decent time tomorrow morning...........another day, another dollar. Have a good day, hope your week is special.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Memorial Day..........

We won't be doing too much on this day, probably stay around the house in the morning. Do a little shopping in the afternoon, need dirt and dog food, maybe some hamburger and buns for cooking on the grill...........what a conbination, to say the least.

We have a funeral to go to in the late afternoon, but we are still not sure if we will be going to it yet. Our pastor from 15 years ago died, He had many things wrong, guess they were expecting him to die for the last 5 months..............well, he certainly is in a better place. He finally got raptured and has met Jesus face to face.

Been getting lots of things done around the outside of the house, we just figured we have about 25 different flowers planted around the house, some have come up by themselves and some have been planted with seeds and bulbs. JP planted 90 gladiolis bulbs (pink and white....mmmm can hardly wait to have them displayed in and around the house). We have some square foot gardening going, what fun that will be, planted some cucumbers in the one box...........the other one will have radishes, beans,.....................not sure what else. JP painted one of the old grills red and we put some dirt in it and planted onions and spinich in that one. We have another grill to paint, maybe that one will be green.........or blue, not sure yet.

I made another set of cards, 12 little 3 x 3 1/2 thank you cards for whatever you would like to use them for, here is a picture, I had fun making them, each one is different in some way. Each card is blank on the inside so you can write whatever you would like. The cards will come well packed and I probably will put an extra card in along with these little cards as a special gift for buying my cards

These cards do not come with an envelope, but can be tied to the gift with the ribbon. I believe I am selling these cards at $.58 cents a piece that would be $7.00 plus postage, might run you about $8.50. I have thought about doing "Free" postage, but I am not in a good financial position to do that as of yet. Maybe if I had $200 under my belt I could do it. But for now it's not a good idea. Best way to buy the cards would be to go to my Etsy store at: you can use your credit card, Paypal will take care of the transaction for you, just be sure to follow through to the end of the transaction. The reason I say that is that I have read where many people do not follow through and the sales somehow gets lost, it shows up sold at the etsy shop but for some reason the sales did not go through......I have read many horror stories about this all.

Well I have rambled on long enough, hope you are enjoying my blogs and are not too bored. My husband started a blog, actually I started it for him, he has yet to enter anything into it. You can find him at: and you can go to my other blog at:

You have a great day and put your best foot forward, no reason to look back, nothing you can do about it anyway, it's already done.


Saturday, May 17, 2008

Ahhhhh Sweet Saturday

I LOVE SATURDAYS.........can sleep in late, not have to rush around getting ready for something, slow down and take time to smell the roses so to speak. ----------------------------------------->

As you can see I am spending part of my Saturday doing this blog, but this is a fun time for me, I like typing and thinking at the same time. Well, today is my husband's birthday, he is 61 years old. Ha, now we are the same age, I am the older woman in his life (by 6 months), excluding his mother who is 85 years young.

His birthday present or should I say presents are two violet pots, (for his violets), concentrate cherry juice for his gout, rhubarb cake, a turkey dinner for today and going out for chicken dinner tomorrow after church. He made out like a bandit! Birthday's should be like that though, don't you think? Sort of a celebration of life..........and celebrate all week long, why not? It's not everyday you are more year and he can retire if he wants. Nice goal to have, without a goal or vision the people perish!

Back to his presents, got the pots at Savers (a second hand shop, proceeds go to Easter Seals), the pots are handmade ceramics......very pretty!!!!! I actually got 4 pots, what a deal!!! Two for my violets. We are in competition as to who can keep their blooms blooming longer. So far his are doing fairly well, different light situations, my window does not get a lot of sun, north window, his are on the east window, which gets the morning sun, guess that makes the difference.

Did you know Cherry juice is good for gout? Yep, works like an antioxidant. I can get a quart at Copps for $16.99, or go to the health food store and get a quart for $17.99. Been going to the Free Market to get our water and they have cherry juice concentrate $3.99 for 8oz. that lasts a couple of weeks, making one quart at a time (with 2 tablespoons at a time). He drinks lots of tea also. We have a wonderful tea shop with over 200 different kinds of teas......oh it is a wonderful place to go. (Fava Tea Company will be another blog sometime) We have kept his gout in check by adjusting his diet. Sugar seems to stimulate his gout, so we try and stay away from things made with a lot of sugar. It's been a challenge but it is worth it, gout pain (which is a form of arthritis) is horrific. He can hardly walk around when the gout strikes in his toe or foot.

We have rhubarb growing in the backyard...........found a really fast and quick recipe last night for it, very good warm and with ice cream or whipped cream...mmmmmmmmm good!

4 cups rhubarb, 1" pieces
1 pkg strawberry jello mix
1/2 cup sugar (cut this down to 2 tablespoons, next recipe may even cut it out completely)
1 pkg yellow cake mix
1 cup water
Spread about 4 cups rhubarb pieces in 9x13 pan. Sprinkle with 1 pkg Strawberry Jello(dry powder as evenly as possible. Sprinkle 1/2 to 1 cup sugar over that.(uge, too, too sweet)
Next layer is 1 pkg yellow cake mix (straight out of the box) Last pour 1/2 to 1 cup water over everything. This should be done as evenly as possible, dampening as much of the cake mix powder as you can. Cover with foil and bake at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes.

Good warm, good cold, good plain and yummy with cool whip on top.

Well so much for today's blog, think I will go wash my hair and get that turkey in the oven for his special day.............mmmmm turkey sandwiches with cranberries sound yummy. Have a good day and don't forget to put your best foot forward, don't look back, nothing you do about it anyways :-)

Here's a picture of another new set of cards I put together, these are my Thank you card sets.

2 butterflies and 2 fishes, the inside of the cards are blank so you can write your own message. I have priced these 4 cards @ $11.00 (that would be 2.75 per card - still cheaper then the stores)Postage is $1.75 - Paypal will take care of the transaction or you can send a money order. Go to my shop at:

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My new Card Set

This is my new card set..........."Thinking of you" a set of 6 cards. I priced them at $15.oo (2.50 a piece) with $2.00 postage, as postage just went up on Monday, I suspect I will be eating some of my profits.........oh well, such is life, everything is going up. You can go to to buy my cards.

My next set will be "Thank you" cards. A set of 4 cards for $10.00. Have already taken the pictures and downloaded them to the computer, so in the next couple of days they will go into my store.

Well, I think I am going to cut this blog segment short, as I have a merchandising job to get done today.........going into two Dollar General stores to take down the Mother Day cards and put up the Father Day cards..........that should take me all day to's a fun job, but alot of steps to accomplish in the short time you are given to do it.

You have a good day and keep your best foot forward and don't look back........nothing you can do about it anyways♥


Saturday, May 3, 2008

A Lovely Day Today

Well, today was a lovely day..........we went to Oshkosh to the African Violet Society........lots of lovely little plants were on display. I bought 4......and spent $16.50 and my husband didn't even say BOO! He spent $10 without flinching......hahahaha. My new little babies will be so cute when they get older.

  • "Frozen in Time" is a verigated plant with pink leaves and the flowers are white and edged with lime green..........this I believe will be my favorite all time african violet.
  • "Ness's Midnight Fantasy" is a standard size plant and the flowers are light pink with purple spots.
  • "Optimara Little Moonstone" a double white ruffled with blue tinged center. Paid $1 for 2 leaves, well, will see if I can manage to keep them alive. Might have been better to put then right into soil. Will see..............they will take 9 months to a year to start growing.......that is a long time to get some blooms.
  • "Gold Stone" flower will be white/double gold with verigated leaf.
On our way home we stopped at a truck stop so JP could put some CDs and tracts in the trucker lounge then from there we stopped at a antique store, I was snopping around for some vintage beads to make earrings with. Too expensive, just like buying beads at the Glass Onion or at Hobby Lobby....................have to know what your are looking at, that is for sure.

From there we stopped at a rummage sale at a church...............Bingo, found a gate for the front porch to keep the dogs from running off the porch...............they like sitting on the front porch with us. Kylie loves to stick her head out the bars of the porch and snoop. Hyko just sits and watches everything that is going on around him. He is a very content puppy dog (of 10 years). Kylie keeps him young.

I did find some beads for 12 that was a buy, a little bracelet, I may turn these beads into earrings....................or make another bracelet.......who knows. We had a good day, was like a date, cept we did not go out to eat.........maybe after church tomorrow, I will say, lets go to the dinner and get some chicken. My treat, gosh, I better see if I have enough money in my little checking account.

Well, I think I will end this little commentary of what I did was a fun day, the ride was fun, maybe there won't be to many more rides like today, what with the price of gas going up daily, rides will be scarce. I'm going to add a picture of a pair of earrings to this blog. Love making earrings, can't imagine why I have not done this before, what have I been missing. Guess I was leaving earring making up to others?

These lovely earrings are called "Mango Delight" The brown crystals are glass, the orange beads, mmmmmmm I think I got with a bunch of other beads, really should wright this stuff down..........they are only $7.00 with shipping $1.00. ($8 total) You can find them on my etsy store: Paypal will take care of the transaction or you can use your credit card or a money order.
Going to close here for the have a great day, if you have any comments, now is your time to give kind please. As always, Louise

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Card Number 3 - Dragon Fly

Okay, there you have it, my three cards I made today. Check out and click on the description and you will see how I put the cards together. I already wrote a draft on these cards, but I can't get them to come up on my blog..................I guess that draft is lost forever, I can still read it, but you can't.......oh well!

You have a great day and continue coming back, cause I will put new card ideas in this blog. My other blog will carry my earring this point that is all I intend to make for now, cause earrings is all I wear, except for a watch and tennis bracelett. Well my dog is pawing me, she wants to go do I, so again, have a great day. \0/ Praise Him.

Number 2 card

Cards I did TODAY!!!!


I can't seem to get my blog going.........any hints before I give up????????????

Friday, April 25, 2008

My first attemp at blogging :)

Well, this is my first attempt at blogging, today being April 25, 2008. So hang on, this could be a very bumpy ride. I have no idea what I am going to say, where I am going with this or how it is going to turn out. I do know alot of Etsy-ians have blogs and it has helped in the sales of their products, so here I am, trying to boost the sales in my little store on Etsy. If you haven't already, please do go visit my store, the address is: Thank you for shopping.


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