Monday, September 27, 2010

My Newest Card~Mr. Scarecrow

Here is my newest card which I just put in my Etsy store last night. Mr. Scarecrow was colored in with Mark-alot pens and glazed pens then I covered the scarecrow with a clear coat of glaze. The corners were punched and lines drawn from each corner with a glazed pen. Layered on orange paper that went through a cuttlebug, the background are pumkins which I inked with green. A little ribbon embellishes the corner of the card. The inside of the card says "Have a bountiful Harvest" This card will sell on Etsy for $3.50 plus postage. You will also receive a free card, a bookmark and little thank you card for ordering this card. Go to my etsy store at: You can use paypal or a Visa or Master Charge to pay.
So you all have a happy fall, enjoy, because it will go really fast and soon we will see the snow fly.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What's New?

I have a few moments and thought I would put a few thoughts down in my blog and show you some pretty flowers growing in my garden. To your left is a white flower clementis. This is the second year of growing and it over took all three trelis's.....amazing. This is the inside of the porch. I took pictures on the outside, but have to find them. These pretty little white flowers have given much privacy for us on our porch, sad to say, we have not ate on the porch alot this summer, too many bees and mosquitos. We've done alot of cook outs this summer with charcoal, which has been alot of fun with our little $20 grill.

I should look for a picture of food on the grill.....just a moment. Be right back. Okay, I found a lovely meal cooked on our little grill. MMMMMMM looked so good, I could almost smell the aroma. Veggie shishkababs and chicken. that was sooooo delicious. These pictures were taken back in July how time flies.
Been working on a few new cards, but have not put any up on my Etsy store lately. I will be renewing some Christmas and Autumn cards, but nothing halloween.....I actually hate halloween, it's worship of the Devil and I am not into worshipping the Devil. So there you have it, people have been so blinded by the evil one, they cannot see.....if someone held a spoon before their eyes and they were told it was a spoon....guess what, they still would not see that spoon. Satan not only has people blinded but also brainwashed. I prefer to have my brain washed in the Blood of Jesus Christ and Him Crucified. There is no other way to live.
So what else is new???? We are looking to have a tree cut down in our backyard......we got the first estimate today......I could not believe how much the estimate was.......guess......just a quick guess.......give up? $2,284.oo yep.....hard to believe huh? No we are not going with him, that is for sure.
I will be taking some pictures of our front yard. JP and I landscaped the front with lots of wood chips and today I bought some stepping stones so we can walk through our little front yard garden. I am looking forward to opening up the whole front with lots of flowers and a Zuchinni plant or two.....I can't get over the fact that I planted 12 zuchinni seeds. 6 plants made it and out of those 6 plants I have yet to get 1 zuchinni.....ground too wet I guess. The back yard got flooded twice. Been a frustrating year to grow things, I am beginning to think I am losing my green thumb!
Well, I think I shall close this blog for tonight, talk to you later~Louise

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Made a New Card Tonight

Here is one of my little girls smelling a rose which made it on a card tonight. A tri-fold card made with my mini score board. Then I outlined the lines scored. Placing the little girl on top after cutting her out on the right side. I needed something to fill in and thought a lovely flower would do the trick and a little greeting at the bottom "Just a Note". The inside of the card is blank to write a small note. Which is what will happen to this card as it is going in the mail box tomorrow to a friend. We exchange cards, it is always fun to receive a card from her.
I do plan on making a few more cards like this one in different colors and will probably add one of them to my etsy store. The price of the card will be $4.00 as there is alot of work involved in making this card. I am sure you would agree once you see it. This card will come with an envelope and a clear plastic envelope for protection. As a bonus you will receive on free card and a bookmark. Well, you have a safe Labor day and enjoy your day off.~ Louise

Friday, September 3, 2010

Hyko and Kylie

Here is Hyko, he is about 12 years old. We've had him for about 8 years, now that is hard to believe. Seems like he has been with us forever. He is a Bolegnese, kind of like in the Bishon family. We got Hyko from the Appleton Animal Shelter, he had been given up by his 1st owner who abused him pretty bad. Hyko was afraid of men and stayed away from JP for JP and Hyko are best friends. Hyko has alot of ailments but he just keeps going like the energized bunny. Bad heart, teeth, a tumor on the bladder, he is getting hard of hearing and his sight is getting bad. Oh well, just like we humans, everything starts to wear down.

Then there is Kylie, she is about 5 years old or so. She was maybe about a year old when we got her from the OshKosh Animal Shelter. Kylie was found running homeless, she might have been dropped off and left to fend for herself. She was very fearful of us when we first met her. But she sure did take a liking to Hyko, it was love at first sight for Hyko and Kylie.
Kylie is a Schnoodle, (part poodle and part schnawzer). She is pretty healthy and likes to eat and run and sleep, go for rides and walks.


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