Saturday, January 30, 2016

Some Hospice Cards

Hi there everyone, how is your day going? Needless to say, this is kind of a lazy day for me. Just not feeling like doing anything special. Oh, I had a work on taxes today, but nope, not in the mood, actually not in the mood to do anything. So, here I am showing off some of the cards I made for my Hospice meeting yesterday. I put together 63 cards of various kinds. These were the highlights of my card collection to Hospice.
Here are a few Thinking of You cards....don't they just remind you of a bit of Spring. I picked up these two stamps at Micheal's for $1 a piece last week and this is the end result. Love those pink FLAMINGO'S Pelicans and the Pineapple is fun too. Makes for a nice colorful card. I think I shall work on some more cards with Pineapples and Pelicans Flamingo's for our next meeting, just cause, I like the way they look.
So in this next picture is my Tim Holtz stamp, a cupcake and candle......I think this shall be my go-to card when an unexpected birthday comes up and I need a card....quick!!!
             Here are my pelicans Flamingo's again, saying Thank You.....
In this picture is a winter card.....someone else made it and I just put the background on purple card stock and added the "Thank You so Much." I took the picture because I want to remember to make this for my next batch of cards.....very simple, snow flake embossing folder and a die-cut snowflake....I like the white on white effect, very eye catching.
In my next blog post I will show you the cards I made at Betty's house last week....yeah, I am a bit behind the 8 ball in posting on my blog, guess I am just taking a few blog breaks here and there.

Well, this will be a short one today, need to get dressed and take Kylie out for her walk today. It's our daily exercise together. It's not too cold out and the sidewalks are clear, until the next storm that is coming on Tuesday. At least the storms will be less and less cause SPRING is just about around the corner!!! Feels a little bet springy out there today.

Tonight's dinner will be roast beef in the 500 degree oven and baked potatoes, salad and beans. That will be it for me today. I need to shake off a few lbs. in the next few week......just cause.

You all have a great evening and keep looking up....better days are coming. Cheers ~ Louse

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Garlic ~ Garlic ~ Garlic

Hi there everyone.....guess I have been "missing in action" again. I have noticed that a lot of blog friends have also taken time off from their blogs....guess we are all busy with life.

I have been doing pretty much the same thing every day. Cooking, dishes, making cards, computer stuff, working on income tax, staying warm, walking Kylie, shopping, Doctor appointments, etc. Oh, then there is sleeping and day dreaming about spring....yeah, I will be glad when this snow is gone. I have been feeling much better compared to last year this time....not suffering from hernia problems, looking back, I can see that all my sickness was related to the hernia.

In the following pictures are some "cooking techniques" I learned. How I have always struggled with garlic....peeling, breaking a part and peeling again. Well, my world has changed. Take a whole garlic clove and place it in a container or jar and SHAKE, SHAKE, SHAKE!!!!! I forget where I learned this, might have been on Facebook.
And wa-la......your cloves have broken up and broken apart from each other, so much so, that the paper thin skins actually come off. This a picture of the cloves at the bottom of the container.
In this picture below, you can see how the clove broke ingenious, don't know why I never thought of this. Blue Apron always sends a whole clove of garlic in their boxes, even if the recipe calls for 3-6 cloves, you get one whole clove. So needless to say, I have lots of garlic in the refrigerator. AND I use lots of garlic in my meals. Also, added to my cooking utensils, is a new garlic press that minces and slices....paid $20 for it, but it sure works beautifully and will probably last the rest of my life..
In this picture is one of my Blue Apron recipes this past week. This was so yummy. "White Pizza with Baked Eggs and Arugula-Brussels Sprout Salad." The white sauce is 1/2 cup ricotta cheese, lemon zest, and the juice of 2 lemon wedges, a drizzle of olive oil, salt and pepper mixed together and spread on the pizza. The pizza was then topped with onions, sliced garlic and mozzarella. Bake the pizza for 10 minutes then add the eggs, bake till the eggs are done the pull out the pizza and add your salad and Brussel sprouts that were drizzled with lemon wedges, oil and salt and pepper. Yep, this was a 5 star pizza.
In this picture was our Sunday Dinner. "Roast Pork with Sauteed Spinach and Olive Smashed Potatoes." The pork was salt and peppered and browned on all sides then put in the oven for 20 minutes. The temp inside must be 145 degrees to be done. Potatoes were cooked then mashed, olives, sour cream and half the garlic chives and juice of 2 lemon wedges were added. The spinach was cooked in the pan that the pork was cooked in till wilted and the lemon zest added. Yep, another 5 star meal.
The third meal was "Chicken Meatballs and Creamy Polenta with Tomato Sugo & Lacinato Kale." Love the polenta which is just "corn meal" added to boiling water, add some butter, salt and pepper to taste. I have at times added minced garlic and Parmesan cheese for an extra touch. The meat balls were made with breadcrumbs, spice, half the Parmesan cheese and garlic. Mix together then fried till brown. The kale and rest of the garlic was added and cooked down. Tomatoes added and salt and pepper added. (I do watch the salt and pepper and do not add as much as the recipe calls for), So the meatballs, kale and tomatoes are added on top of the polenta and topped with Parmesan cheese. Yep, another 5 star recipe.
I have been busy making my next post, I will put some cards up that I have been working on. My Hospice meeting is this Friday, so I have been busy making Valentine and St. Patrick cards along with Birthday, Thank You and Thinking of you cards.

I found a few cute stamps at Michael's...a flamingo and a yeah, I will take pictures of those cards for sure, they turned out really cute.

Well, I guess I will close here for now, I need to get downstairs and make a few more cards to finish up the Hospice cards for Friday's meeting.

Have a great day and keep looking up...Cheers ~ Louise

Monday, January 18, 2016

Are You Wondering?.......Valentine Tree and Cards

Hi there everyone. Well, you are probably wondering why my post title says "are you wondering?" Yes, I would like to say I am sorry....for I am sure you are wondering why I am not commenting on your blog....I really want to, but blogspot is not allowing me to, and I am very upset about this. I love commenting, just as I love receiving a comment, even if it is just to say hello. I have tried going anonymous, that does not work, (my comment vanishes) then I try the URL and that does not work. (again, my comment vanishes.) I don't know how or what to do. One day I tried emailing one of my blogger friends and that did not work....I clicked and clicked to no avail. Finally I gave up.

I have searched through BlogSpot to see if I could find a setting that needs to be changed and I have not yet found the sure is frustrating to me. So I just wanted you to know, I do read your blogs....most everyone you see along side my post...I visit most every day. Please don't give up on me, just cause you don't see my comment....I am here, reading your blog....but sometimes I just can't comment.

I do have another blog, on Word Press....but no one knows I am there....Word Press is so complicated to me.....I don't know.........guess it is time for a change of some sort, or just go back to Word Press and scrabble my mind some more. In the mean time, here are some more pictures.

Below is my Valentine Tree....hard to tell the lights are a glowing. I think I will leave the tree up most of February and take it down March 1st. Sounds like a plan.
So here are a few cards I made for my Etsy store. The shoe pictures are actually napkins, using the first layer and gluing it on some card stock then letting it dry. These two cards will be $3 a piece, so $6.00 + shipping ($9.50). I am looking around for St. Patrick napkins, as soon as I find them....they will become cards also.

Blue Apron is their site. "Chicken & Udon Noodle Soup with Napa Cabbage & Dried Lime" This was a really good soup and easy to put together. The use of the dried lime was unique....but I did not see a difference. I would give this soup 4 stars.
So yesterday (Sunday), I was in a cooking mood. Pretty cold outside, so I think I was making comfort food inside. Baked potatoes, 500degree beef roast and carrots. I also made a baked sweet potato and mashed it with butter, milk, salt and pepper. YUM, I have not been much of a fan of the lowly sweet potato...but that is slowly changing for me. Sweet potatoes make a good pie too.

So, now....we get to have roast beef sandwiches for the week. I have put some sliced meat in the freezer for another meal or two or for Italian beef sandwiches for a later date.
In this picture is Banana Crazy/Wacky Cake and then there is Chocolate, Vanilla, Spice, Lemon and Coffee Wacky cake.....all very simple and on my agenda to make often. There is no butter, milk or eggs used in this cake. I guess in the old, depression days, when it was hard to get butter, milk or eggs, this cake was used and truly, it is very good. Would be wonderful with it warmed out of the oven with ice cream on top. I am sure you could make this gluten free by using rice flour. this next picture is Doggie treats for Kylie....see, I was in a cooking mood. These were very simple. 2 bananas mashed, 2/3 cups peanut butter and 1 1/2 cup oat meal (powdered) So I ran the oat meal in my blender to powder it as much as I could. Then mix the 3 ingredients together...if it is too sticky, put more oat meal in it, too dry, more peanut butter. Then, roll out the mixture and cut into squares or us a cooking cutter. Bake at 350 degrees on parchment paper for 15 minutes, cool and put in a container...Kylie, by the way...loved her new treats and wagged her tail faster then she does for her other treats. Maybe she knew I made them for her?????? They were pretty good too....I tried one or two of them. Maybe they should be "people treats" too.
In this last picture is my Valentine tree in the dark and the setting on the camera was for "fireworks" a setting I did not realize I had....geez, I have had this camera for over 3 years and just now found this setting?? Where have I been living?????
Well, bummers the Green Bay Packers lost their game Saturday. Now they are out for the season. At least I still have the Chicago Blackhawks to root for, and there is still 2 1/2 months yet to play and then the playoffs for the Stanley Cup.....yep, I have high hopes for them.

Not too much going this week except for card making at Betty's on Wednesday. JP has another appointment on Thursday and my Blue Apron meals are coming on Thursday also. OH....another thing going on, I am finally working on my income tax...uge, but I got a good start so that is good, maybe I will be finished before the due date this time.

As for card making I have been making a few new cards lately and also working to put some cards together for the Hospice meeting on the 29th. That always keeps me busy.

Time to close....gosh, it stayed lighter tonight, Daylight saving starts Sunday, March 13th....yay, then, we are back to normal, whatever that may be.

Have a good evening and keep looking up, better days are coming. Cheers ~ Louise

Monday, January 11, 2016

Etsy Sale, Juicy Lucy Burgers and Lots of Hearts

Hi there everyone. Hope you are having a good week. Our week is full of Doctor appointments...Uge. I had blood tests today. JP has his tomorrow and then on Friday he has two appointments at the Hospital. The Neurologist and the Urologist....hope things go well and the Doctors can figure out his problem.

So in the picture below is a Blue Apron meal from last week. "Juicy Lucy Burgers with Frizzled Onions and Romaine-Walnut Salad" Oh my, was this a delicious hamburger. Every bite was juicier then the next....I needed a few napkins for this one. It was well worth the wait to eat....we both are looking forward to the next time I make this, no other hamburger will ever be as good as this one.

What made this juicy, I think, was that the cheese was sealed within the burgers and then refrigerated for 10 minutes...actually I am not sure if that was the reason.....but it sure made a difference. The burger also had a sauce which was so good. Mayo and crushed garlic mixed good. Then topped with frizzled onions and romaine lettuce. The frizzled onions were drenched in flour and fried till brown and crunchy. Definitely a 5 star burger.
So this past week I got an Etsy sale....that always makes my day. I do the Etsy tap dance for about 10 minutes then start thinking about, "what will I put in my Etsy store next." So as you can see, in this next picture are a bunch of hearts I punched out and will sell in my Etsy store. 60 hearts for $3.50 + shipping. These little hearts are always handy to have, good for cards, scrapbooking or just tape to windows and doors.
OR, make a few book marks like the picture below. I made 3 of these little book marks and added them to my Etsy store. 3 book marks for $2.55 + shipping. I don't know about you....but sometimes I just need a book mark instead of a piece of paper to mark my place. GOSH.....that almost sounds antique-ish. What with the Kindles and I-pads and phones and all. I have neither, so I am still reading from books.
I made this card last year, but never got it into my Etsy store....there will be 3 of these cards for $5.50 + shipping.
Here's another 3 cards for $5.50 + shipping. I did make a few new cards, but have not taken pictures of them yet. I am in the process of making a few more cards, so maybe I will add them to my Etsy store then show them in my next post.

I may not get downstairs tonight to make some cards. In between making cards I have been reorganizing my work station.....things sure do get messy. I tend to not put things back where I find them, then when I look for that's not there. Geez.....
Well, I guess it is time to close this post and get some dishes done. Tonight's menu is some soup from Blue Apron. "Chicken & Udon Noodle Soup with Napa Cabbage & Dried Lime." This was very good....a keeper for a quick soup. I should give you the recipe.
Well, you have a good evening and great day tomorrow. Keep looking up....better days are coming. Cheers ~ Louise

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

A Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah Day

Hi there everyone.....was going to do a "Wordless Wednesday" today, but never got "around to it." Which reminds me of a person who actually gave me a "round tuit" (I guess he thought he was being funny) I did not laugh too much that day. Needless to say, he does not come around much anymore. Geez, can't understand why???? But every time I say I shall get 'around to it', he always pops into my mind. (smarty a--)

No, this is not a picture of him here. I saw this guy on Facebook the other day and needed to have him in my files.....yeah, sometimes I feel just like this guy and probably look like him too on certain days.
So today's agenda included cutting JP's hair. I made homemade sauerkraut last week and today put it in a crock pot along with some pork. Shall have to open up some applesauce or maybe make some with the apples in the fridge. MMMM pork and applesauce just seems to go together.

Tomorrow my Blue Apron is being delivered. Can hardly wait. I will have to check on what's on the menu for the next couple of days. I know one of the dishes is "Juicy Lucy Burgers and fries", yum, whatever they send, has always been a hit for me.

Tonight the Blackhawks are playing, I will be able to catch that on NBCSN otherwise I can't watch all the games. But, tonight I I am glad I have dinner already cooked for JP when he gets home.

The BIL called today to let us know they will be coming for a visit in February....that should be fun, hope the weather is good for travels. They usually come for a couple of days, come for lunch and then leave. Least I have a goal to start some cleaning around here....shhhhhhh....could really use it.

Didn't do much more today.....need to start working on taxes and getting things organized....uge, one of my most un-favorite things to do....thank goodness our accountant does not want to see me till March...he gives me some time to work on it.

Well, I think I will close here, want to get some cards made. Hospice meeting is coming up in three I need to get some Valentine cards this point, I have NO ideas for cards. Yep, I tell you, being retired I sure can find lots of things to do.

You all have a great day and keep looking up....better days are coming. Cheers ~ Louise

Monday, January 4, 2016

Italian Meat Ball Soup and a New Stamp Set

Hi there everyone....Happy New Year to you. It's been pretty fair to us so far. Friday, Saturday and Sunday I was kitty sitting, which is fun to me. Misty's mother went on a Greyhound to visit family. I like going to my friends is quiet there and very peaceful. Misty was happy to see me come, she watched me clean her litter and clean her food and water dish. Then we sat in the front room and talked a bit. It was a nice visit.

Friday I made this dish from Blue Apron. Here is their site. This recipe was really delicious!!! "Italian Meat Ball Soup with Farro and Lacinato Kale" This soup reminded me of my Lasagna Soup...but with lots of meat balls, kinda like the meat ball wedding soup....both very good soups. But this soup could be tops....I give it 5 stars for sure.
The meat balls were mixed with panko breadcrumbs, parmesan cheese and the spice blend and salt and pepper. Rolled into little balls then fried in olive oil. The soup was made with onion and spice blend, then the kale was added, a can of diced tomatoes, demi-glace and 3 cups of water. Heat to boiling then add the cooked farro and cooked meat balls. Simmer for 3-5 minutes then place in bowls and top with parmesan cheese. VERY good soup and most likely I will make it again and again.
So today, I took down half my Christmas stuff and packed it away. I still have my little tree up and the village.....maybe this weekend I will take the village down to make space for my little tree. As usual, I will take the blue lights and ornaments off and put red lights and red ornaments and hearts on the tree for Valentines Day. I find it so hard to say good by to my Christmas tree.

My Stampin'up lady dropped off my new stamp set today....can hardly wait to play with it. But as you can see, I am blogging right now. So maybe tomorrow I shall play with my new stamps. Been organizing all my stamping stuff downstairs, and getting ready to make cards for 2016. 
These two cards were made by Becky, here is her site, these are her designs, she says it is okay to "case" her yes, I will try making these cards with the stamp set I got today. She uses a lot of Stampin' Up products, so it is always fun to see what she comes up with. Almost always, I want to get the stamps she uses after I see her cards. That's what happened here.....I saw these cards and wanted to order the stamps.
So pretty........

Here is a picture of Kylie.....she is barking at me. Saying....."Hurry up, I want to go for a walk". For some reason she loves to bark at me, when I feed her and when I take her for a walk. Oh and she always seems to bark at me when I am cutting up meat, or anything she thinks might be for her. Where she got that idea, I just don't know.

Well....tomorrow I will be going shopping.....Walmart and Shopko, here I come. Have to get some plastic containers for my Christmas stuff. Still trying to re-organize my basement and put things back together after "Rebuilding Together" replaced my basement windows and did some electrical work in May. I know, I am really behind....that hernia took a lot out of me and I am still trying to get back to normal. Whatever normal is????

Well, time to close here, keep looking up....better days are coming.
Cheers ~ Louise


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