Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas Cards

Well, today was one of those days where I just did not want to do "NUTTEN". Watched a dvd on my computer called, "The Second Chance" it's about a Christian pop artist Michael W. Smith stars in this inspirational story of two preachers who have nothing in common ...except for their faith in God's awesome power. When Ethan Jenkins (Smith), a pastor at a colossal suburban church called "The Rock", is called to work alongside a street-smart African-American minister Jake Sanders (Jeff ObafemiCarr), both men are forced to reexamine their assumptions about spirituality and saving souls. Good story line and it had me in tears at times. Made some lunch for JP, did the dishes which have been piling up this past week. It would be nice to have a dish washer, but I guess that will never happen.

Finally put up some Christmas Decorations. I have a little tree which is already decorated, take it out of the box, put it up, when Christmas is over, back it goes, in the box. It looks nice and Christmassy in the dining room, if that is as far as I get.....that will be fine. Bought a wreath from the boy scouts this year.....that is up and looks great on the front door and maybe this week I will put up the ceramic tree on the front porch along with some more lights on the banister.......see how my time goes this week.

I was not able to make any Christmas cards this past week, (busy working at merchandising) wouldn't you know a call today that someone wanted some cards "asap"..........I just did not have them ready, the best I could do is 10 cards and get them out by Monday..........I will find out tomorrow. I should have had more cards made up but I have not had any sales on Etsy and no one asked me to make any up until today............I hate last minute orders. Oh well this too will pass. Hopefully they will be happy with 10 and I will be sure to make up a bunch for next year.

Just heard from my NEW District Manager...........I have been carrying around a new Hamilton Beach can opener from a job I did about 2-3 months ago...I was suppose to bring it into the store and leave it there......the store closed about 10-15 years I asked her what I was to do with it as the previous district manager did not let me know. BLESSINGS......she said I should just bring it into my home as the company was not asking for them back. HEY I got a new can opener. I shall take a picture of it, maybe I will take the sticker off and scan it and place it on this blog. Yes, that is what I will do.

Well I guess I will close this blog for a bit...............I really need to tell you about a niffty little appliance I bought for my birthday....a "GT Express 101" awesome little machine makes great omletts and pies and sandwiches, baked potatoes.....JP likes it, guess it has been worth every penny. Check out the late night commercials on channel 26 to you later. Louise

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Where is the time going??????????

  1. Well, where is the time going????

  2. Time sure does fly by.

  3. Christmas is just around the corner as I turned 62 on November 21st.

  4. BLOGGING has not been on my mind since October 29, sad to say.

  5. Not sure why I am typing sentences one at a time.

  6. Am I looking to writting a poem or something?

  7. Not really sure, just looks fun and takes up some space and it's the way I am thinking right now.

  8. Have to get ready to go out to work, but the snow is coming down. UGE

  9. Wisconsin, lovely Wisconsin, snow, snow, snow.

  10. have not sold a card in months..........sad.

  11. Should I put my shop up for sale and retire my stamps?

  12. Ask me again next month, things will have changed, and life will be different.

  13. Time to shut this blog down, it is not going anywhere.

  14. You all have a good day and "HANG IN THERE"

Love and peace - Louise


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