Monday, August 29, 2011

A Relaxing (Busy) Anniversary Week-end

Saturday's Morning Glory Flower♥

I thought this was a very pretty morning glory showing it's true colors.....lovely isn't it? We celebrated our 38th wedding anniversary. Not exstravagantly, but within our means. Friday was a trip to Neenah, buy a sub at Subway ($14) and sat by Kimberly Point and watched the water, and things around us, was a beautiful day. Even got on a swing for a little while.

Saturday off to the Share program and Festival foods for a $7 box (included lots of goodies, toilet paper, styrofoam plates, juices, candy bars, noodles, sauce, cake mix to name a few) and food at share and order for next month. For our afternoon excursion we went to Krieger Jewelers and pawned JP's school ring, my siam silver and a bronze medalion from 1934. Pay back was $160. I think I will look through my jewelery box and see what else I can find. Found out the ring we bought last year at a pawn shop was worth $599-$799 new...............that was nice to know. Not sure what it is worth now....maybe not as much.

Went to Sam's club to pay a bill and buy some peanut butter and lettuce, tried some samples then off to StevieB's for a pizza buffet........that was good, had salad and about 5 different kinds of pizza. Onions/pepper, Philly/steak, Hamberger/beacon, Taco, BLT.........was very good but filling! Then we went home and I fell asleep for a couple of hours. ($14)

Sunday was Church. After Church we went home, let the dogs out then went out to eat at the Wisconsin Ave diner. JP had pearch and I had a Senior Hamberger, fries and salad. Then we both had ice-cream cones. ($18) We then went to an Estate sale.....nice stuff, got a new bretta water pitcher for $1.50 and some ceramic easter eggs that should have been 1.75, but I think I got everything for $1.75. Went home, got the dogs and went to the Golden Goat and turned in aluminum cans at 60 cents a lb. that was the highest we had ever we got $3.12 for 3 boxes of cans....not bad. Then off to KK to the antique shop to try and sell some stuff............maybe awhile before we ear anything. I am selling two hand blown candle holders with candles for $30, JP took two things priced at $14. Every little bit helps......we are trying to get some money together to get our roof patched up so it does not leak.....before the winter, hopefully.

Well, after this busy weekend, we went home and we both zonked out and slept till 8pm....whew that was a busy afternoon and the end of a busy weekend!!!!!!

Somethings we shall do again............1. Go to Kimberly point for a picnic and take the dogs with. 2. Go back to StevieBs. 3. Go to the Antique store to see if our stuff sold. 4. Go through my jewelery and see if I have any gold and silver to pawn. 5. We shall go back to Wisconsin Ave Diner, cause the food is good.....but only if we have a $3 off's the only way to go.

Well, time to close..........may not blog till have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!!! Cheers ~ Louise

Friday, August 26, 2011

Our Anniversary Weekend♥

Well.........38 years ago on the 27th we were married by the Justis of Peace at City Hall in Chicago. Not the the most beautiful place to get married but it was what JP wanted. He just could not take time out from racing to get married in a church. So, at 11:00 am on a Saturday we were married and at 3:00 pm we were signing the papers on the closing of our house. By the afternoon we were moving into our little house in Arlington Heights. I had put my foot down, and told JP I would not move into that house until we were married. We lived together for 2 1/2 years before getting married. If I had it to do over, I would not live with someone before being married, some how the beauty of marriage is destroyed, it just is not the same after marriage.
Lighthouse on the point...........our excursion to Neenah.
A visitor dropping in to see if we dropped some food or............would throw some to him/her.

JP took the day off today from work, so we did some errands, then went to Neenah, bought a subway and went and had lunch at Kimberly Point by the lighthouse. We have decided to do this again and maybe just pack a lunch and take the dogs for an afternoon "break away" we really need to learn how to kick back and enjoy..............................♥

Tomorrow the 27th, we'll go out for lunch at Stevie B's, and a steak in the evening some place....not sure as yet where we are going. That is another post I guess.

Well, I guess I will close this blog for tonight and continue on tomorrow. Pray God will keep those in the path of "Hurricane Irene" safe and not many lives will be lost.................Be safe people on the east coast.


Monday, August 22, 2011

A Vanishing Summer and a Pretty Flower

HELP!!!!!! The summer is vanishing before our very eyes!!!! BUT.........I love this time of the year though. I can feel the crisp fall in the air just around the corner. Noticed yesterday, flowers, shrubs and grass etc. have stopped growing, or maybe they are just drying up for lack of rain, but, sad for sure. Everything comes to an end. also comes to an end. Heard this weekend that the husbands aunt died at 93, now that was a long time to live.....I think she lived well though, she lived a good life. Didn't know much about her or what she did for a living. She and the uncle John lived in California and had two daughters, that's all I know. Oh well, will send a sympathy card in the next few days.

The above picture is an orgami flower I made........pretty huh? I just learned how to make them a month or so ago.....taught a class also, guess I am not a very good teacher though, only two ladies got a handle on making the flowers, the other 3 ladies were scratching their heads as they left...."how did she do that? I don't get it?" Oh well, I guess we all can't be teachers. I have to come up with another idea for a card....not sure at this point what I will do.

Well, I guess I better get this show on the road and start my week. May be going boating this week with Sandi and out to lunch with Shirley. ALSO out to dinner with JP cause it is our 38th anniversary on Saturday.......WOW where did that time go????? Seems like only yesterday we were young and wild and living our life the way WE sure does not slow down for anyone!!!!!!

Cheers ~ Louise

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Blooming Hibiscus and A Poem

What a lovely bloom.
The creativity of God is unlimitless in the biggest things down to the littlest things.

Here is a poem I wrote on July 23, 2011 ~ I was actually singing the first couple of sentences while doing dishes, then thought, maybe I better write the words down so I don't forget them. So here are the words, the song completely escapes me, maybe you can create your own song. Enjoy.

"Stand Strong"

Stand strong, stand strong
Until the very end,
Stand strong, stand strong
Till you see your reward.

Be brave, be brave
Though you see no end to your pain,
Be brave, be brave
For your joy will come in the morning.

Stand strong and be brave
When the dew is fresh and the birds sing,
Stand strong and be brave
And Bring Glory to God.

Louise Gatti

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Boat Ride on the Lake

This is one of my favorite pictures to take on our little excursions....a seagull sitting on a bouy.
Would like to get a pelican on a bouy someday, but they fly away to quickly!
We were anchored down and having lunch on the lake, what peacefulness.

The water was so smooth and quiet.
You could skip a pebble over the water.
In the Menasha Locks, we were being followed by "Anna".

Here we go.....taking off to who knows where!

Captain your service! Enjoying the view. Fun was had by all, these mini vacations are just what the Doctor ordered!!!! Next outing is next week, depending on the weather of course.

Have a great day and enjoy these summer days....not many left!!!!

Cheers ~~~~~ Louise


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