Thursday, October 21, 2010

Winter is a Coming

Yep, winter is a coming........I will miss our dinners on the front porch. It was like going on a mini vacation each time we sat out there.

This might be last years dinner on the porch but it was still delicious and enjoyable. I guess we ate on the front porch so much that taking a picture of the meal became old hat.

This years mini vacations were a little less because the mosquitos and bees were so bad. But we still had quite a few meals on the front porch.

We have most of the garden cleared and all the summer ornaments in........the first frost has not struck yet so the tomato plants are still growing.....but not many tomatos on them. The rose bushes are covered.....ah feels like winter is coming.

Now, I shall zero in on my cards, been laxed in this area. Well, need to get ready for work, so talk later, have a great day ~ Louise

Saturday, October 9, 2010

My $1.50 Hibiscus Plant

Here is my newest plant that I aquired from Walmart last week. A Bush Hibiscus (Hibiscus rosa-sinenis) and I paid $1.50 for it....amazing, guess when Walmart wants to unload something they REALLY slash the prices!!!!

Today the flower began to open up, there are a few more buds to open, hopefully we will be able to keep this plant over the winter and enjoy her in the spring and summer. The second picture shows the next bud that will begin to open....aaahhhh can hardly wait to see it opened all the way....maybe tomorrow.
Worked in the yard today and raked some leaves into my little gardens for mulch. JP sprayed for weeds. We have a terrible run on creeping jenni all over the yard, it's taking over every inch of grass. The neighbors got it too, but they killed it off, then rototilled and planted new grass. Coarse their yard is in better shape then ours and they are all fenced in so the varmits can't take over like they have here. We have two big trees, one needs to be cut down and the other trimmed....the one that needs to be cut down just may come down next month and hopefully next spring we can have the other tree trimmed, depending on how much it might cost.
Well, I am going to shut this blog down for tonight, talk later, hope you are enjoying the beautiful weather.


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