Saturday, May 29, 2010

♥Etsy Tap Dance♥

Okay....I am doing the Etsy Tap Dance!!! Sold 2 cards tonight.....gosh that makes me day!!! Another Father's Day Card and Garfield's Scale........yay for Garfield!!!! So, tomorrow and Monday I will put up another Deer for Father's Day and another Garfield card. Was having fun making Garfield, so I made quite a few cards of him.

Thought I would add a few pictures of my two dogs. To your left, the white dog looking out the car window is Hyko, he is a Bolignese from Italy (a real lover), we got him at the animal shelter April of 2003, he was already 4 years old at the time, well, he is getting kinda old now, but he still acts like a puppy. He's got alot of things wrong with him but he just keeps going. I think Kylie keeps him going. Kylie is the grey dog to the right. We got her in 2005? Is that possible? My how time flies. She is a rescue dog also, she was found running homeless in Osh Kosh and taken to the shelter. She sure has turned out to be a good dog, and she likes her picture taken alot. Kylie is a Schnoodle and doesn't shed. Hyko and Kylie have been very good friends to JP and I, when people fail ya.....our dogs are right there beside us, sort of like God, he'll never forsake or leave us alone. Dogs are like that too. I think dogs are God's special angles to watch over us humans.....don't you think so?

Hope you all are enjoying your Memorial Day Week-end. I plan to do some gardening and planting of tomato plants and cucumber plants.......also throw some seeds down for flowers and plant my marigolds. Busy, busy, but fun. Oh and there are those darned weeds that have to be pulled too....a never ending battle, if Adam and Eve had not sinned, would we have been weedless?????

I had the flu this past week and it shut down every inch of my body, all I wanted to do was sleep and then sleep some more. But what ever the name of the flu was. it worked its way out. But now JP has it....we like to share things so I thought sharing the flu would be a nice thing to do. Made a big pot of chicken soup with garlic. Have some rhubarb cut up to make rhubarb custard tomorrow. If JP eats the rhubarb dessert I will know he is feeling better.

Well, I am going to close here for now, it is getting late and I need to let my dogs out.....see pictures above. Aren't they sweet, Hyko and Kylie


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Father's Day Card

Just added another Father's Day Card to my Etsy store last night. Thought I would add it to my blog. Sold a card like this on the 20th, mailing it out on the 22nd. Gosh, that just makes my day when a card is sold. Well, I thought I should get another card up on Etsy just like it, or close to like it.

Very fun to make using Dreamweaver paste, smear it over a gold stencil, then let it dry. The next day I used my mark-it pens to color in. Trying to come as close to looking like deer colors as possible. Well, it turned out pretty good. The inside of the card is stamped "Happy Father's Day" The price of this card is $4.oo plus postage ($5.50) but you will receive one bonus card and bookmark or thank you card for your use. If you are interested in this card or any of my other cards go to:

I am in the midst of making butterflies using this same far they are turning out pretty neat using the Dreamweaver paste, glitter and chalks.

Well, so much for todays blog, time to hit the bed for some down time. See ya next time around.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

♥6 Birthday's and 1 Anniversary♥

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday God Bless you......Happy Birthday to you!!!!
14th - Susie
16th - Linda
17th - JP, Tom, Dawn
18th - Mary
Happy Anniversary to Howard and Linda on the 18th. Here is your card, a "purple heart" card.
Hope you all had, and are having a great day. JP (my husband) was treated to dinner today (Sunday) by a friend and tomorrow (Monday) I will be taking JP out for a dinner......hope I can find one of those places that gives a free dinner for Birthdays.......JP has the day off, so I shall check around to see who is giving a free dinner for the Birthday Boy. We just might get a really good hamberger at Windy City's....who knows. Dessert will be strawberry cheese cake, which is a complete surprise at this point. An $8.99 cheese cake on sale for $3.99....I got a deal!!!! Hopefully it taste good.
The above cards are my new ones which I made this week-end. I bought a new Nestabilities die- cut to use with my cuttlebug.....been wanting this die for over a year and finally invested. I really think this is a card that can be used for most anything, birthday's, anniversary's, thank you's and you guessed it..........Valentines!!!!
Not much news today, we'll see what this week brings. Have a great day~~~~Louise

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The City Plants a Tree and I planted basil and onions

Well, we got a gift today. The City of Appleton Parks and Recreation Department planted a little Linden Tree in our front yard. So sweet...only thing we have to do is water it every couple of days. They mulch, prune, stake, fertilize and replace if it doesn't take. OUR cost........water the baby, 2-3 gallons of water every other day.....pray for rain. See that blue line on the sidewalk, far left......that is our water line....oh my, wonder how big the roots will get? I looked up to see what a Linden tree is......from the basswood family, will get to be 50'-60' tall and 40' wide. Will have little flowers in the spring and heart shaped leaves.............good for lots of raking. Oh, and it is fast growing too. Cheers, have a great day.

Well, I did some planting of my own today, basil and onions........that is a start. Will take a picture when the seedlings begin to grow. I have them in the old barbeque and covered with chicken wire to keep the squrrel out of it. He is a pest sometimes. JP bought me 4 tomato plants Mother's Day. Two Romas and 2 cherry tomato plants. So begins the planting, hopefully the weather will cooperate, been kind of cold lately and we have taken in the plants. Here you see my Geranium plant that JP got me for Secretary's Day....that was a pleasent surprise. I have decided to do Geranium plants for the front and back of the house.........they are hardy and bloom all summer long. I saw some Martha Washington geraniums, dark maroon. I shall have to pick one of those up Wednesday on my way home from Kaukuana. Never saw such a pretty plant before. Well, little by little I shall get things much to do, so little time. I shall close for now, it is almost 3:00am.........really time for bed.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Went to the Annual African Violet Society Sale in Osh Kosh Saturday

Saturday JP and I went on a date to the Annual African Violet Society Sale in Osh Kosh........oh my, such beautiful flowers. And where, might you ask are African Violets from.....Africa of course. Violets were found in eastern Africa near the equator in what is now Tanzania. A number of additional species have been found in Tanzania and Kenya, but all were within this fairly small region in Africa that includes several mountain ranges.

In the late 1800's specimens of African violets were found growing in the wild by several individuals. The first person to recognize the value of them was Baron Walter von Saint Paul-Illaire who brought flowers and seeds to Germany for further study. By 1926 a commercial operation in the West Los Angeles area, obtained seed. Armacost and Rouston chose ten of the best new hybrids and introduced them to the American public in the 1930's. Interest soared, and by 1946 (just 54 years after the first violet (Saintpaulia) was discovered) there were enough avid growers and colletors that the African Violet Society of America was founded.

We bought two little plants, Kohleria "Ampallang' Violet toned - red-pink flower with dark green, mottled leaves. Dick, who sold us this one, said it was not a violet but will get many blooms and they will look like little horns. Our second little plant is a miniture "Ballet Blueberry Swirl" double blue and white flowers. We got a cute little pot to keep it in. Maybe in a couple of blogs from now, I will take a picture of it.
The blue violet is called "Ness's Blueberry Puff"
The pink flowered violet is "Pink Rose Coral - Optimara Calif. II
The violet with large verigated leaves and maroon flowers is called "Powwow"
The pink with fuscia edges is called "Kev's Heavenly Star"

On our way home we stopped at a truck stop....JP's passion in life, giving tracts, tapes, CD's and bibles out to truckers. We then stopped off at Sandi and Doug's home for a short visit. They live on an island with lots of water around them........gosh, everytime I go there it feels like vacation to me.....I may become addicted to going there alot. Should be a wonderful summer if that is the

All in all we had a wonderful day, something we should do at least once a month.......JP and I have been workaholics most of our lives always doing something, running here and running there....maybe it is time to slow down a bit, at least for the summer.

Have a great day.


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