Friday, September 30, 2016

Last Day Of September???????

Hi there everyone.....OH NO it's the last day of September!!!!! Where did the summer go????? Now I definitely know what my mother meant when I would say as a child, "I can hardly wait for Christmas, my birthday, summer, vacation, watermelon, etc." My mother would say, "Don't wish your life will come fast enough!"

So yeah....don't blink, or hold your breath, time flies by so-so fast!

I have been diligently working on my cards.....the last couple of days has been Christmas cards.....yeah, it is that time again to get some cards made for Christmas. They are turning out pretty nice, but I still have not switched gears yet. Maybe when the snow flies, will I get in the mood. I will get some pictures taken in the next few days so you can see what I have been up to.

Sunday I am going to a Stampin'up camp to make 4 cards and see the new Christmas catalog. I might order some die cuts....not sure yet, we shall see. So my next post I will show you the cards I made AND if by chance I won a door prize, a picture of what I won.
So today I went to Sam's club to pay my bill and I got stopped by an At&t sales person. They asked if I was happy with my service and would I like to pay less then what I am paying.....why YES I WOULD!!!! She asked me what programs I liked to watch...I mentioned the Chicago Black Hawks and the other guy said......Go Hawks, turns out he is from Chicago and has been in this area for 4 months....naturally he asked how long we have been in WI....."since 1976" I said. Yep.....40 years we have been in WI. We have been here longer then in Illinois...there is nothing I miss about Illinois, but I do miss watching my Blackhawks.
So anyways....I think I got a good deal. My bill will be lowered $60.00, I get a $300.00 gift card from Sam's Club, At&t will come out to my house to set me up with a NEW recording box and remote. They give you refurbished equipment which means they break down and need to be replaced. All because I am a Sam's Club member. Yay....I did something right. At first I was not going to give them the time of day....but when they said my bill could be lowered, who does not want that to sure would help in these days....that is for sure.

So now my gas and electric bill has been lowered $27.00 and my At&t bill has been lowered $66.00. That's $93.00 more in my pocket....not bad huh?? I need a good deal now and then....this will be a money saving deal.
October 12th the Blackhawks start their season.....can hardly wait to watch them. I might have a few more channels in this maybe I will be able to catch a few more games. After watching the Hockey World Cup games....I do think I might be able to watch the other teams too....this will be a fun winter of hockey!!!! BUT you must fear the Feathers.....cause the Blackhawks shall win the season and get the Stanley Cup.....yep you heard it 1st from!!!!!

Well, time to close here till OCTOBER. Hopefully I will be a bit more diligent in posting on my blog....guess I am leading a boring life. Have a great day and keep looking up ~ better days are coming. Cheers ~ Louise

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Gosh....I am really slacking!?!

Hi there you all doing?? Guess it's been awhile since my last post.....I have been slacking a bit. Either there is not much going on or it is just the same humdrum life going on. Guess I don't lead a very exciting life, I don't blame you for not visiting my blog. Oh well, such is life.

Wednesday I was at my friends house making is a sampling of what we made. I like this stamp of the man picking tomatoes...was fun coloring him in with copic markers.
Ah yes....there must be a Halloween card in the mix. I probably will send this card to my daughter, as she is a great Halloween fanatic who likes lots of parties and haunted house stuff. Me, I am not much into Halloween, as a matter of fact I dislike it very much.....just don't like being scared to death by creepy things.

The tree was embossed and ran through the cuttlebug. Then we colored the tree in with a brown pencil then dabbed with a liquid that covers the pencil lines and blends everything in. The moon, ghost and pumpkins were punches and we sponged color on the pumpkin and moon.
This next card, we stamped the verse then ran it through a cuttlebug to get the little circles, then sponged color on the verse. The pumpkins were stamped on orange card stock, then colored in with copic markers and then we "fussy cut" the pumpkins. The twigs were from a die cut that Betty has...she then sprayed the back of the twigs with a spray glue and we placed the twigs where ever we wanted them to be placed. The leaves are punches with glue dots on the back and we placed them where ever we wanted.
This pretty little card was a simple one to put together. The flowers are die cuts, but before we placed the flowers on the panel, the flowers on the panel were colored in with copic markers. We also added colored gems on the panel. The flowers were glued on with pop ups and glue dots. Pretty little birthday card.
So what are your plans this last week of September???? Amazing....I have NOTHING planned on the calendar. Gosh, no Doctors, Dentists, there is one birthday coming up though. Other than that....probably pay bills and do some shopping....what else is new????

Tomorrow is the "great debate" between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton....should be a very interesting debate to say the least. I personally will be glad when all this is over, getting very tired of politics and all the lying and slandering that goes on. I already know who I am voting for and it is not the "dear lady"......ha, have you guessed???

Well, I guess it is about time to bring the tomatoes in and cut the bushes down, rake leaves and put my ceramic animals to sleep for the winter. Winter is peeking it's head around the corner.

You want to hear something really strange???? In 8 weeks I will be 70 years old!!!! EEKKKKK, I cannot believe that number, I think it may be like what turning 40 was like!!!! My body has slowed down, but my mind still feels young.....but my body is having a hard time keeping up.....oh well, someday it will all even itself out again.

Well, time to close, don't want to drag this on for too long. So you all have a great day and keep looking up~~~better days are coming.
Cheers ~ Louise

Friday, September 16, 2016

My Etsy Order and Christmas???

Hi there you all doing? Well, it's SATURDAY!!!! Yay!!! JP will be home in 35 I have a little bit of time to blog yet.

As you see below, the Flamingo cards are done. The lady did buy the cards from my Etsy store. So these cards are already packaged and ready to go into the mail on Monday. They turned out pretty good, I even made a book mark with a flamingo....see it laying on the cards??? I think I will make some more of these cards, as I gave one away today to a friend who is moving to Indiana....(sigh)....I shall miss her for sure.
Another picture of the cards from a different angle. Three Thank You cards and 3 Birthday cards.
As Christmas is only 100 days away......maybe, just maybe I should start thinking about making Christmas cards. I saw this one on Pinterest, it caught my eye and I thought this was a very pretty card. I can't believe....I do have the stamps to make this card from Stampin Up.
It is done on white card stock...the background trees are in blue and the tree in the foreground is embossed in gold....very easy peasy. I shall try it in the next few days.

So tomorrow I might go to a paper sale....not sure yet, depends on what time I get up and if JP is going to the church to clean....we shall see.

I had my mammogram on went well. The last time I had one was 11 years ago....gosh I hated being squeezed. In those 11 years the machines have become digital and the compression is not so bad...yeah, I guess when it comes up again next year I will be more willing to go. As it is a screening....Medicare pays for it.

Well, this is a short post....guess I will close for now. Enjoy your weekend as it goes way to fast!!! Keep looking up cause better days are coming. Cheers ~ Louise

Sunday, September 11, 2016

This Week........

Hi there everyone. Hope you are enjoying this wonder fall like weather....I am. I see a lot of yard work in my future these next few weeks. I think I shall have to cut back on some gardening for next year....not so much or so I say now.....lets see if I stick to my guns!!!
So this past week I received a couple of convo's via my Etsy Store. The lady wanted 6 of these flamingo cards, 3 thank you and 3 birthday. I have been diligently working on these cards the last few days....once they are finished I shall put them in my store for her to pick up...hopefully she will follow through. Sometimes I never quite trust someone that has no history of buying from Etsy stores and I seem to be the first one. Oh well, the cards are still mine if she does not pick them up. Oh and plus she wanted a price cut....can you believe that??? I am not sure what people expect, I told her it would take me a week or so, because each card has a lot of work in each card and hand colored too!! So, needless to say, I will not be making that much on these cards.
Today I attended the funeral of this young man....Joshua, the son of our Pastor and his wife Mary. Gosh this was a sad time. He died in a car accident last Sunday. I made this card for Joshua last year when he graduated from High School. Needless to say, there was a very long line of people and most of them friends of Joshua's from school and work. There were pictures surrounding us of Joshua....he lived a full life.....that he did. He will be missed very much.
Here is another big daisy blooming in front of our house. I started this guy from seed. I wonder if heaven is full of Sonflowers?!?!?!
A drawer full of "rose moss"....they are finally starting to bloom. The squirrel likes to dig around here and pull up the little plants......gosh I get so mad at those squirrels.
My swan.....usually she gets geraniums planted in her.....this year....inpatients and just left her in the shade. She is starting to look really pretty.
Last but not least.....a lonely little Black Eyed Susan in amongst star Clementius. Many, many stars and one lonely one daisy.

Here is what the side of my porch looks like right not this gorgeous or what???? When the flowers die and the leaves turn brown, we will cut it all down to it's bare stems, I might cover it with some leaves, but not a lot. She grows like crazy...I even cut her back some  this summer and she took off!!!! Don't do a whole lot of fertilization either, gosh if I did, who knows where she might go...up on the roof?

So this week, I have a mammogram...not looking forward to that. I just don't like my boobs squished....nope, not a whole lot.  The nurse told me it would not hurt as last mammogram was 11 years ago and things have changed a lot. I sure do hope she is not lying to me....don't like liars very much!!!!

Well, time to close, I have some ribs in the oven, slow cooking, it is time to put some BBQ sauce on them, so we can eat about 7:30, kind of late....but the funeral took some time to get through. Then when I got out of the funeral....JP had been waiting in the car, he left the lights on and wore the battery no juice to get home. Joshua's brother-in-law gave us a jump and we were able to get home....whew, answer to prayer.

You have a great week and keep looking up, better days are coming.
Cheers ~ Louise

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Yep...I have been missing again!

Hi there my title says, I have been missing again. Mostly because, for the past week my computer and TV has been acting up. OH I have tried EVERYTHING, pulling plugs, cleaning files and cookies, optimized, checking this plug and that plug. FINALLY I analyzed that it had to be AT&T and something in their system. MY COMPUTER WAS CLEAN!!!!! The TV is old but it kept freezing up and then would give me a message of what I had to do. So finally I called AT&T....a call I dread. BUT they fixed the problem and everything is working again. FOR NOW. I tell ya...the trouble one must go through to get things to work again!!!!

Well, on to nicer things. tomatoes growing....oh yum I can hardly wait for those BLT's!!!!!
This is a meal I made for JP last week.....I was getting silly and this looked so much like the jolly green giant....had to embellish him with some eyes and mouth.
For our 43rd wedding anniversary.......I bought a dozen red roses for $2.98......yep that is right, not a bad price huh????
This is the wonderful chocolate cream pie I bought from Schwans....swoonnnnnnnn. I shall order this again. We ate it while frozen, so it was like eating ice cream.
Saturday's special lunch for JP was Lox, bagels, cream cheese, onions and tomatoes oh and vegies and dip. Lox and bagels is one of his favorite meals.
Here is the card I made for JP.....a light house.......Jesus is the light of the world!!
Today we had our teeth cleaned....I had a clean bill of health and JP needs 3 teeth filled. We are still waiting to hear when JP's appointment for a biopsy of the prostrate is. I will be having a mammogram this month also....yeah I thought we could be done with Doctors for awhile...but no, not this month.

Well, time to close here....have to go ride my bike for a couple of miles. Have a great day and keep looking up....better days are coming. Cheers ~ Louise


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