Thursday, June 4, 2009

♥HEY......8lbs and 20inches♥

Welp!!! I am just reporting in, as of Monday, June 1st - I have lost 8lbs and 20inches!!!! Hip-hip-hooray!!!! Feeling good and "Inches A Weigh" has been a blessing for me. I thank God he directed me to this little place. So many of the women going there have lost hundreds and hundreds of inches and lbs.

You are given a diet to follow, writing everything down that goes into my mouth then figure out how many calories are involved. Exercise 3-4 times a week. It has been quite a challange to balance exercise and merchandising. Still trying to figure out how to enjoy all this and not get stressed out. Trying to make a few cards and sell them on plus keep a house and get my garden started.

Well, I am going to close this little blog for today. Not much going on............I have a few cards that I want to add to my little store made a BEAUTIFUL wedding card for my niece in Chicago. Really want to make another one and add that to my store in the near future.

Hey, have you been catching "So You Think You Can Dance" just love that show. The top 20 were picked today............gonna be a great show this season.

You all take care and take JESUS!!!!


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