Friday, July 3, 2009

What's New in Louyville?

Louyville?????????? Guess I'm jus haven fun Thought you would like to see some bogonias from my garden, I love bringing them in and let them float in some water............soooo pretty.

So how are you all or should I say the one or two of you that might read my blog today or tomorrow? I'm doin' okay considering...........can you believe it? We are into JULY already, where oh where did June go to?????????? Time is a flyin by fast. Still have not gotten all my seeds planted in the garden yet, really have to get my pea pods planted.

Guess my busyness must be part of going to exersize class 4 times aweek........well that is about 8 hours a week, but I figure as long as I am in that area doing my merchandising jobs, it is not out of the way. Feeling much better and I think as of today lost 10 lbs have been shed, am losing VERY slowly, but I guess that is better then not losing at all.

Things I am noticing:

  1. my clothes are fitting differently

  2. I can bend over and the stomach is not so much in the way

  3. sleep more

  4. more energy

  5. eating much better

  6. it is fun getting on the scale to see what # I am today

  7. which reminds me

  8. still sitting at 10 lbs and maybe 20+ inches

  9. July 6th is weigh-in and measureing of inches

Well, I am sure there is more that could be listed but can't think of any. Lets see what else is happening in Louyville???????? Been making a few cards but have not taken pictures of them and put them into my Etsy store. Got a few new stamps and a wonderful idea to make a card with my Cuttlebug. Picked up an embossing folder for $3 at a stamping sale.....that was a deal, brand new. And to think I was just looking at the same embossing folder earlier that day for $5 and did not buy it but thought, maybe that will be my next investment in a few weeks.

4th of July weekend...........fireworks tonight, I hope to watch them someplace. If not I will just listen to the boom, boom, booms!!! We are just planning to stay around the house and work in the garden and pull weeds, I bought a bunch of wood chips to cover the fire pit with so the weeds don't pop through. It's suppose to be a nice week end and hopefully the mosquitos won't be obtrusive.

Just going to make hotdogs and hambergers this weekend, nothing too special to eat. Well, I suppose I will close this boring blog and get ready for exersize today. Talk later. BFN - Louise


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