Monday, April 26, 2010

♥Jesus Loves You♥

I ran across this picture last week cleaning my husbands room. We ran a bus ministry for about 4 years and these were some of the kids we would pick up for Sunday School and Church.

1983 was the year we goodness 27 years ago....these kids must be in their early 30's to 40's now. My how time flies, we truely are just a puff of smoke aren't we. I will have to send this picture to the pastors at that time.....wonder where all these kids are now and if they are following after God. I remember a few names, there's Billi jo, Brock, Johnny, Stevie.......once knew all their how time fades the mind.

Today I figured out how to scan a picture and put it in a folder. A major step for me and I also sent a fax goodness this old dog can still learn new tricks. (give me a doggie bone)My next major experiment will be to put all my pictures on a flash drive. Hopefully removing all the pictures will give me more memory on the hard drive.
Well, time to close this blog. Want to go take some pictures and download into the computer. I have a few more Mother's Day cards and some birthday cards to get into my Etsy store, be sure to check it out at: Talk to you later have a great day in the Lord.

Monday, April 19, 2010

~~No Exercise Today Please~~ exercise today please.........just don't feel like

This is my new little series of exercise cards...."Garfield's Scale" included. Been having fun coloring my exercise lady with Mark-It and Copic pens. Have a few cards made and just put this card up on my Etsy store also, go to: She is $3 + postage and you will receive a bonus card plus and bookmark and thank you card along with this card for your use. Here is a full view of the card.

Made this Seagull card, it is called "Seagull on Watch" which turned out really nice. Using Mark-it and Copic pens and my new large scalloped punch which gives the effect of a curtain, mmmm wonder what other uses it could have. This card is also up in my Etsy store as well.....$3+postage....and you will receive one free card plus a bookmark and thank you card.

I am going to try to upload a picture of my husband (if I can find it)....mmmmmm....year unknown, standing along side his 1924 model T Ford dump truck...........that sure was a fun truck to have, I think we gave it away though, if we'd have kept it and had it restored it would have been worth thousands, who knows, we would be just guessing at it's worth.

We had quite a few tractors also, that we actually used on our 20 acres.....not like this one ....>

which my friend Kandie took on her trip to MN. Here is her blogsite if you would like to see more of her lovely pictures. I think this would make a wonderful painting, it has such character........aaaahhhhh yes, to have the time I would like to have, to do all things swirling around in that grey matter upstairs in my head...hahahaa.

Have a great day in the Lord.....are you getting enough vitimin D....just a day in the Sun can lift your spirits, a good vitimin pill and it is FREE!!!!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

♥1971 Barn Painting♥

Here is a painting I did in 1971. It is actually unfinished though.....never finished the forefront, meant to, but in my young years (25yrs old) I must have gotten side-tracted or something. Oh I know.....met my husband and got into racing in more ways then one. Painting was one of those things I never got back to. Still have my acrylic paints down stairs and check them every now and then. Really should try my hand at painting again. I have 3 other paintings in the house, another farm, a sea scape and a little girl. (She was my first try at painting.) Will have to take pictures of those paintings also.

Farms were always intriqueing to me for some reason. Wasen't till 1976 we actually moved to the country on 20 acres with cows, chickens, ducks, rabbits, dogs and cats, a big garden and lots of hay and corn and oats for the animals.................we really enjoyed that living, alot of work and alot of tears, but also alot of good times and memories. Oh that we could have back "the way we were" maybe change a few things so as not to end up where we are. Would it have made a difference, I wonder. Well time to shut down for the night.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Well, as you can see I am on Facebook. It has been really amazing to me to find so many people that I know and have known. I shall have to look for a few more people, never know who I may run across. Still learning the ropes on facebook. Tonight I just figured out how to make the badge/button. NOW if I could figure out how to make badge/buttons from other blogs and bring them to my blog and visa versa. Got Etsy onto my Facebook page, now if I could just figure out how to get Etsy on my blog. As you can see I have much to occupy my time.

Don't you just love this barn???? My friend Kandie in Indiana took the picture of this barn, I love old barns and I believe this barn was found in Wisconsin someplace. You can go to and find her other lovely pictures and many ideas for cards and other treasures.

Some day I will have to take a picture of the barn I painted back in 1971..........a real painting in acrylics.............I wanted to be an artist........well, I wanted to be alot of things, but somethings just did not pan gold I guess, am still panning away. Anyways shall have to figure out what I shall do with this barn, once I print it out. Any suggestions?

Well, you have a great day.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Sunday Card Making

Well, we had a great time making cards for Mom and Dad, Grandma and Grandpa and the Pastor.

I had much to much to choose from, but the kids had a great time using everything I presented before them. You would have thought it was Christmas the way their eyes lit up with all the stickers, pens, paper, stamps and ink. They followed directions very well and made the front of the card the way I showed them. Then I said do the inside anyway you would like..........WOW did they have a ball decorating the inside with stickers and butterflies, stamps and christian sayings and scriptures and crosses.
Following is another picture of the fun. We decided that we will do this again for Mother's Day. So will be fun to come up with something for that special day also. Lord Willing.
I read a little poem to them about the jelly beans and what each color meant. And we talked about what the cross of Jesus Christ meant to them. We talked about the New Jerusalem and what it might be like. It was a fun morning for us, hopefully it will be remembered. I still remember things I did in Sunday School and that was years ago. Well you all have a great day.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Cards of Kids.

Here is a picture of the two cards I will be teaching the Sunday School kids at church to make. Hopefully they are simple enough for them to do. I am sure the kids will have their own ideas on what they want to do........that's okay, we are all individuals with different ideas on how to do things. I will have to take my camera along and take a few pictures. Will be fun to see what they come up with.

I have most of the cards folded, the clouds are made and I just bought some construction paper tonight, cheaper then cardstock, will be using the construction paper for the ground, (green, gold and brown). They will be able to put the cross, sun, flowers and stamp the words Hope, Faith, Rejoice and Happy Easter where ever they want.

Well, I think I will close this blog for tonight, it's getting late. Almost 2:15 am. Bye Bye~~Louise

Thursday, April 1, 2010

WOW~~MOM Cards

These three Mother's Day cards were designed last year, I sold the green card but still have the blue and yellow card in my Etsy store. This was my first attempt to make a stamp, can you tell which stamp I not the flowered stamp.........yup that's right the MOM stamp! It was fun, but took me all night to thing that's good, it can be a WOW stamp too.
Anyways, I used versa mark on the card with the flower stamp, then layered and punched the white and black cardstock to give it the laced effect. Then stamped the flower and colored in with Mark It Sharpies.
Made some Children's Easter cards for this Sunday. Pastor's wife asked me to have a class teaching the kids how to make an Easter Card for their parents. There will be about 10 kids if they all show up. So I made two different cards. I will take a picture of them tonight and add to my blog tomorrow.
Have to go now and get ready for work and exercise at Inches A Weigh. Still at 10 lbs and holding and 26 inches. I found that I consume too much salt. 2000 mgs should be
what I take a day.............I must have exceeded that. Now I am shocked to see how much salt can be consumed a day if we are not watching it. Maybe this has been my hold-up in losing weight. I will see after this week. Reading labels has been a real eye opener for me.
Well, have a great day~~~~~Louise


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