Monday, July 27, 2020

Flowers, Bunny, Curbs, and Hockey

Hi there everyone ~ how you all doing??? Well I thought I would try to get one more blog done in July....have been very negligent in my blogging this year...guess there's not a lot to write about during a quarantine. But, little by little things are getting back to normal, what ever that is?!?!? 
So, here are a few flowers growing in my garden...above is my new Walmart Hibiscus pretty!! It is in a pot, so hopefully I will be able to keep it for the winter in the front room window.
These are my purple clematis's, always so pretty to watch them grow. They are also growing by my front porch.
This is my choir of Bee Balm....aren't they pretty? It's either the flowers or leaves that tea can be made from....I will have to check that out on the internet. can make tea with both the flowers and leaves. I will have to go out tomorrow and collect some flowers and make tea. Some of the benefits of Bee Balm, the tea has the capability to cure cold and flu, coughing, nasal problems, nausea, digestive problems, headache, vomiting and other common sicknesses. 

I wonder, do you think Bee Balm could cure Corona Virus???
A bunny in the back yard....he seemed pretty tamed, cause he didn't move to fast when I came up on him. Too interested in what he was eating I guess.
So on the 21st of this month the new curbs went in. We still cannot get out of our driveway though. We never got the memo that the curbs were being done, "park your car on the side street." So we sit, hopefully this week, things will change and I can get out to do some shopping. We are running low on a few things.
Oh YAYYYYY! Hockey is starting August 1st. This covid 19 sure did ruin a lot of lives. I can't imagine how it was for all these hockey players being quarantined and not be able to play the game they love and enjoy!!! I really missed hockey. But now it is coming back and hopefully the Blackhawks will win the Stanley Cup. There will be 24 teams vying for the cup, I am praying for a good outcome. Least they made it to the playoffs...even if it was by default.

Well, I guess it is time to close this blog for a few days or weeks. It seems July was not to busy....which is fine with me. The weather has been really hot, running in the 90's and all I want to do is just keep cool. I found the basement is cooler, so I have spent some time down there. Although I should be spending time doing cards....rather watch TV. I better get cutting though, cause our first Hospice meeting since March will be meeting September 4th. 

Take care and keep looking up.....better days are coming. 
Cheers~ Louise 

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Here We Go Again!!!!

Hi there everyone. Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of went way too fast. It's been pretty hot the 90's (I don't do 90's very well.) Our window air conditioner konked out after the 3rd day and started I guess it is time to get a new one. That's if I can manage to scrape up some money. So in the mean time I have 5 fans going constantly and a little Artic Air conditioner by my puts out some cold air but needs to be filled with water every couple of hours. 

Hopefully there will be just a few more days of this hot stuff. The weather will cool down a bit and I can then do some work's too hot for me to work outside in 90 degrees....but the  weeds and grass like this and grow great in this weather. 

I really do need an air conditioner in the kitchen though, as I do spend a lot of time there. If need be, I can put a lawn chair in the kitchen and camp out in the kitchen during the night. I've done that a few times, when the conditioner worked. Now I just have the fans going full blast.

Dinner tonight was hamburgers and mashed potatoes and gravy and sliced tomatoes with Italian dressing. By the time I finished cooking, I was sweating like a stuffed they sweat???? Time to sit in front of the fans and enjoy the hamburger.
Well, here we go again. The city is tearing up our street again......Uge!!! They say this mess will be done by August 22nd.
We have special permits to put on our car window as we won't be able to park in our own driveway. So where ever we can find a place to park on the side streets....that's where we can park for the night.
We watched the streets being torn apart this morning....those machines are beasts. The weather was much cooler this morning also, by about noon the weather started warming up a bit.
This is the street down the right of us, they went on to tear up the street in the next block. I thought that street was already finished, as it was already black-topped.....but I guess not.
So here is our front yard....daisies are growing nicely. The blacktop on the side walk will be ripped up also....what a mess this will be.

Well, I guess it is time to close here, you all enjoy your summer...have a feeling it will go pretty fast!!! Take care and keep looking up. I am pretty sure things will get better eventually. Cheers ~ Louise

Friday, July 3, 2020

July 4th 2020

Hi there everyone.....Happy 4th of July 2020!!! Following are just a few Meme's celebrating Independence Day from Great Britain in 1776 and their tyranny on the 13 colonies!!! Hard to believe, we in this modern day of 2020, are still fighting against the tyranny of different things that control us.....will we really ever be free from people and things that desire to control our lives???? 
Corona Virus and all it's rules and regulations.
Most Politian's, Libral Democrat's and Conservative Republicans.
Hate to say this, but Money is a controller.
Entertainment of all sorts, TV, sports, video games, music, crafts, maybe even work and whatever else takes up all your time.
Could food be a controller?....maybe so.
Yes....the Evil one is a controller that uses people to control our lives!!!
Did I miss anything, there probably are a lot of other things that control our lives. Maybe for you it is something completely different. Just seems 2020 so far has been very tuff on so many of us. Spiritually, physically, financially, domestically and mentally.

BUT...Thank God we have HIM to help us through all these trials and tribulations of life that attack us daily on various levels of our lives.

I am not sure how I got on this subject, just seems looking at the way things are developing in this world....our independence is diminishing under a new rule of Socialism, Communism and a large touch of a Marxist rule.....Look out and look up...only God can deliver us from this tyranny of control.

Take care and be safe, keep looking up. I always end my blogs with "better days are coming" I am sure hoping so at this point, for all of our sakes. Cheers ~ Louise


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