Saturday, October 13, 2018

Almost Did Not Want To Come Back

Hi there everyone. Yes, it is true, I almost did not want to come back to blogging. Every time I think about mind goes blank....what shall I talk about???? I must be leading a very boring life, is this what happens when one is retired??? Card making has been at a minium….just not in the mood I guess. Still dealing with a sick dog, doctor appointments, JP's bad feet, paying bills with no money...oh, because JP is getting less hours now. Like half of what he was making. Yeah, it's been a rough 3 months and November & December don't look any better. 

I am even thinking about finding a part time job....but I don't know what I want to do or where I want to will have to be something that I REALLY enjoy...but what do I really enjoy doing??? My head is spinning!!

Today I think I will put a few posters up that I found on Pinterest....guess what it will got it....Trusting God!!!
 I worry about a lot of things....
 Trust, trust, trust, so easy to say, but to do it is another story!!
 Sometimes I cannot look beyond my circumstances...when we are in the midst of a storm it is so hard to see the sun shining above the clouds.

Ah yes, He is preparing me for something better??? What am I to do while waiting, my heart hurts while waiting for His timing.

A preacher said, "ASK God for what you need....he knows exactly what you need, when you need it. ASK, ASK, ASK GOD for everything you need." I thought I was asking...crying and asking for a financial miracle, God....HELP!!!

I don't know if this post is making sense, it's where I am today. Maybe tomorrow I will be in a better place. I kind of think I have been in my own personal hurricane. Everything is swirling around about me. I feel so week in so many different areas. I need to get back on track some how.

Well, time to close here....hopefully things will be better in my next blog when ever that might be. You all take care and keep looking up ~ better days are coming. Cheers ~ Louise

Monday, October 1, 2018

Wowser.....October 1st Already!!

Hi there everyone. How are you all doing?!?! October, how time flies. Sure glad August and September are gone, gone, gone!! Those were tuff months for me. JP was getting less hours at work, now we are reaping what has been sewn. 

Kylie was sick and we (or I) thought we would lose her. But she bounced back, she always bounces back. Vet did blood tests, and x-rays. ($400) They say, she may have cancer because they found a mass. She is not in pain the Vet says, so, we will just try and make her happy, with all her favorite things. She had a couple of seizures, but no more since the last one. I have been giving her hamburger and rice and she gobbles that up. Snubs her nose at Freshpet and Beniful….oh but hamburger and eggs..."two please" she says!! We will just go day to day with her. She gets around pretty good, is going blind and hard of hearing, but her sniffer still works good. So hard to watch a doggie go down-hill, but this little dog is a fighter and just happens to want to hang around a little bit longer. I have a picture of her at the end of this blog.

So following are some cards I made at Betty's. This seems to be my only outlet for now. The month of September I did not even touch making cards except for at Betty's.....not sure what is wrong. I need to get into the swing of things again. Hopefully, October will be a bit better for me. Card wise. Plus, I have a month to make cards for Hospice with the next meeting being November 2nd.

The end of this month I will be going to a Stamp Reveal party that I am involved with....someone sends me 6 images in 6 months and I do the same and we make cards from that image sent and cards from the image's fun, but I am behind on that also. One more image to send, which I will do tonight.
I love the saying of the first card, "Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a Butterfly" Betty had the saying and butterflies stamped and embossed already. We colored them in, sponged and stamped the dots. Cut out the butterflies so you could see the black background and added sequins and speckles.
Let's see....if I can remember  how this card was made above. We used copic markers to color in the can, flowers and pots. The background was those stamped dots and sponged ink, the beige was copic marker, then we layered the papers and added the bow.
This next card was pretty and very simple. A circle cut out then sponged in the blue, from dark to light. Stamped the flowers and saying and embossed. The dragon fly is a die-cut. Guess you could use a butterfly if there are no dragonflies in your stash.
This last card is a tree with the leaves and 'Thinking of you" around the border of the tree and truck. The truck colored with copic markers and cut out. Easy-Peasy if you have the car and tree. So many times we make cards and I would like to make more.....but alas, I don't have the stamps to make the card at home. Bummers!
So here is a picture of Kylie going to the vet for her x-rays...we were just leaving the driveway and I thought I better take a few pictures, before I forgot. She looks pretty perky here. I had to take her in at 8:30am and leave her there till we came to pick her up at 2:00pm for the consultation. So yeah, I was kind of nervous to hear what they would say. It was soooo quiet in the house, I do believe it's the dogs and cats that make a house a home. Don't you think?!?!?!?

Well time to close here, I hope I am more diligent in blogging this month....guess I experienced a few days of depression where I did nothing cause things around me seemed to be caving in. I got tired of seeing Kylie sick and JP dealing with his arm pains and sore feet. God knows I need a vacation, but there was no place to run to.

Hockey is starting, so if you don't see me around, I will be watching Hockey or football....Go Blackhawks and Go Packers!!! Hockey my number one passion then football. I understand Hockey better then I do football....and hockey is so much faster and when there is a can be crushing. One guy got hit so bad last night they are not sure the guy hitting the other will even be playing or will be suspended. Have not heard on the guy that got hurt yet.

Well time to close here, JP will be leaving for work at 3:45pm and work 4 hours, if he takes his full 4 hours....time will tell!

I have to keep looking up, as I always tell my readers, better days are coming and I am still waiting for that too!!! Cheers ~ Louise


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