Saturday, July 17, 2010

♥My First "little" Harvest♥

Well, here you have it my first little harvest of the season.....oh my, how delicious the beans, tomatoes, pepper and celentro were steamed altogether!!!! The pepper plant and bean plant were from Walmart. Tomatoes came from the hardware store and the calentro was from seeds I planted in my upside down planter. Got a little cucumber the other day. Looking forward to some zucchinni in the next couple of weeks...oh my we will have alot of zucchinni if all the plants produce. I planted 12 seeds and there are 8 plants growing....may be sharing alot of zuc's this year. Last year I had maybe 3 plants and only got 5-6 zucchinnis.....was a bad year for vegies from the garden.
We had a big storm the other day.....3 storms passed by, the last storm brought flooding in the back yard and 1 inch of water in the our roof leaks very we had a flood in the kitchen also cause the bucket wasen't place in the right spot to catch the drip, drip, drip of the drops leaking through the roof into the ceiling. May be a long time before we can get that fixed....we need a ship to come through for us.
Well time to close this blog for now. You have a great day and keep smiling!!!


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