Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Last Post for October and Challenge

Isn't this just the sweetest picture???? I love the look on the little monkey's face......"So in love are we two that we don't know what to in love, so much in love."

As this is my last post for October, really didn't want to post anything about Halloween. Just not really much into Halloween and don't like what it stands for. It's a pagan holiday and a lot of pagan worship to the evil one. Something I just can't get excited about like other people do. It's a wonder to me how people, even Christians still play around with it and dress their kids up in innocent characters.....but yet....they are still playing along with Satan and eating right out of his hand of deception. Oh well, to each his own.

Two more days and the 170 mile challenge is over with. I still have 29 miles to put in between tonight, Thursday and Friday. I am not sure if I will make it or not, but at least I tried.

So sad for the people on the east coast and in NY and New Jersey, Staton Island and other cities along the way........gosh, now they are looking at the fear of gas leaks and possible explosions. The pictures are so horrendous. So many people lost EVERYTHING. The thought of having to start over is so traumatic, I just don't know what I would do. But then if one is a believer in Jesus Christ and Him Crucified, He will give you the grace to go through times of trouble. Tribulation in ones life causes patience. I think we as a country have become VERY impatient....maybe this was a blessing in disguise for many people on the east coast.....I don't know, just thinking out loud while typing this blog.

Well, time to go and put in a few miles on my bike. I will let you all know, to whoever reads this blog. How I did on Saturday morning. You all take care and please keep looking up for you never know when your redemption will draw nigh, and you lose everything, but your life!!! 
Cheers ~ Louise

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