Sunday, June 30, 2019

O.M.G. Where Did June Go????

Hi there everyone....hope you had a great JUNE! But, but, but, this is the last day of JUNE ~ where oh where did JUNE go?????? 
I did manage to get a few plantings done though, have already had some lettuce and a few radishes. In this planter above and below, I planted Italian green beans (they are flat instead of round), radishes, lettuce, and a cucumber plant. I tried some chive seeds, but the seeds must have been old. They did not grow. I have another planter like this on the other side of the yard, that has some new seeds for chives planted, so we shall see.
Here is another view of the beans....hoping to have lots this year. Last years crop was a handful a day...never enough to can or freeze. Maybe this year will be different.
Got my little ponds working, there has been plenty of rain lately, enough to fill the pond up. I still have to get my ceramic animals out.....just a little slow in that area. Maybe this week. As you can see in this picture, there is a few weeds and the leaves still have to be raked up. Maybe I will just leave them and cover with some new mulch....I don't know, still have to decide.
This little fountain is over by my other planter, it's a solar fountain, so it needs LOTS of SUN. I can see it from my kitchen to watch. Still have lots of work to do here though. A little bit each day may get all the summer work done...I hope.

I do have another fountain on the front porch...that one runs constantly, although I do not have it on today....listening to the rain fall was fine by me. Wish I lived by a water fall....I do love the sound of water splashing or falling.
So in the next 3 pictures are some plantings from seeds. Below are of my favorite summer flowers.
Another batch of flower seeds.....marigolds. Guess I will have to start transplanting some of these seedlings soon.
Another favorite are these Morning Glories, they will get the morning sun. Will be nice to see early in the morning. Around the planter are purple violets, weeds and a few volunteers tomato plants. 3 of them, they were in this pot last summer, a few seeds must have planted themselves....that's okay.
So there you have it a little tour of my gardens....still much to do, with many, many weeds to pull, THEY never stop growing, do they?!?!

Time to close here, have to go make dinner for JP....I made chicken stew in the crock pot he shall have left overs. I am dieting again, hopefully to lose 10-15 lbs. this next month. I am doing the Keto diet which really works for me. Total loss of lbs. since July 2017, about 35 lbs. I have not been strict on the Keto so naturally the weight loss is very slow. This month, I will really work hard at it and see what comes from it.

You all have a great 4th of July weekend and enjoy the fireworks and family fun. Keep looking up, better days are coming. Cheers ~ Louise

Friday, June 14, 2019

It's About Time???

Hi there everyone...whom ever you may be. The title says, "It's about time???" What does that mean, you might say??? Well, I guess it's about time I did a new post, the last one was in May and my street was being torn up, things are more calmer now. The hole was covered up and the City laid black top down where the sidewalk was. It will be torn up again next Spring!!! 

I found out the cost for us this year.....are you sitting down??? We will have to come up with another $1,560.00 for this session...who knows how much it will be next year. I still have one more month to come up with $434.00 for taxes this year...geez, the City must think we have a money tree in our back yard.....I wish we did. Not exactly sure where we will come up with this extra $1,560.00 this year. We have been told we can either pay the whole amount in one lump sum, have the amount added to our taxes next year OR make 5 easy payments a month....that would be $315.00 a month along with all the other bills???  Paying this off will have to be a miracle from God!!!!

Well, enough of my tale of woes.....some how, some way, it will be taken care of. 

In this post I am showing you some of the cards I made for Hospice. Here are my 4th of July cards...they were fun to make. I inked the embossing folder, put the card stock in the folder and ran it off in my cuttlebug. So the background is colored and the fireworks are still white. Added a few gems and penned in the stars in gold.
I really love this die pretty. I received the die cut from my "secret stamper" and turned it into this lovely card.....makes for a nice thank you card.
My secret stamper also sent me this 3D rose background. I loved it so much I had to have this folder for my own collection. I used the same technique as I did for the fireworks card....sure do like the effect it gives. So many different ways to use this folder.....stay tuned for more ideas.
Here new secret stamper sent me this background. I added the butterflies, gems and Thinking of you verse....another easy peasy card.
I picked up these gold tags at Hobby Lobby on their discount rack, I figured I could find some use for's what I did, ran it through the 3D rose folder....and made this very simple card.
So there you have it, a few cards for Hospice. Our next meeting won't be until September hopefully I will have a good 50-60 cards made by then. We get the summer off from Hospice. Will give me more time for playing in my gardens. 

If this rain would stop, I could plant a few more seeds. I do have my tomato plants and zucchini plants planted along with radishes, lettuce, beans and cucumber. Planted some flower seeds too, zinnias, marigolds, inpatients and wild flowers for the butterflies. So, we shall see what grows and doesn't grow. 

Time to close all have a great June. This next week, Kylie has a grooming appointment...she always feels good after her shower and shave. Tuesday I go for my 2nd vitamin B-12 shot and Thursday I have an appointment for a mammogram....ouch, don't like those tests. Summer begins on the fast this year is flying!!!

Have a great evening and keep looking up, better days are coming!!
Cheers - Louise


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