Thursday, June 21, 2018

Secret Stamper Images Pt. 2

Hi there's life by you? Well, here we are the first day of Summer!!! Hip-hip-hoo-ray!!! The weather is lovely today, I like it when the weather is in the 70' comfortable.

So in my last post I said, I would continue my secret stamper images in 3-4 is day 4 so I thought I better get my rear in gear and do what I said I would do.....(gosh there sure are a lot of "I's" in that last sentence.....6 I's!!! 

November....Tis Thanksgiving of course. I sent the turkey, my card is on the right, secret stamper card is on the left. My background is a of my favorite ways of making a card. Glue card stock with a glue stick then layer the card stock with a single layer of the napkin and smooth it out like you would with wallpaper. Makes for a nice effect. I have quite a collection of napkins for every season just about.
December......I sent the green card is on the right and secret stamper is on the left. I am always amazed at how the secret stamper comes up with a completely different idea....always fun to see.
In January, I sent the spider holding a heart, thinking in advance for Valentine's Day of course. I liked her little verse. "Your friendship lifts my heart!"
February, I was thinking ahead to Easter with my card on the right and secret stamper on the left. I sent the background. She came up with a great idea for sure.
For March, I sent the green frog. I love this card..."I am hiding, can you find me?" The frog was a digital off the Internet. I cut him out then layered him, cutting his leg and eyes out, then layered him on some succulent patterned paper. My card is on the right, her card is on the left. 
April was the Dragonflies. I had a bunch of these dragonflies colored in, so I thought it would be fun to see what the secret stamper would come up with. My card is on the right, hers on the left.
So there you have it....we have started a new session already....May and June with July coming up. I better start thinking about what I will send to my secret stamper for July. Something summery, I am sure!!!

If you have noticed on my blog....I have not added any more cards to my Etsy store. The items that are still in the store all expire in September. After that, I will be closing my store. I will have been on Etsy 10 1/2 years and only had 67 items sold. I have decided, it's not worth it for me anymore. Everything is for a season, and I guess my season on Etsy has passed. Etsy is also making a few changes and I guess I just don't feel like jumping through the hoops with more learning curves....nope, not no more. That's okay, I was never much of a good entrepreneur. I have tried many times to sell things. I have made cards, crafts, etc. grown vegies and sold eggs, or sold for someone else (ie. Mason Shoes, Herbalife). Guess I am just not a good salesperson. So, I guess for now on...I will just donate or give away.....that's what people like much better, everything for free. Maybe I have been dealing with a bunch of liberals and didn't realize it. Now a days….you just don't know.

On that note, I will close this post for today. Stay tuned, next post will be either about my little garden or the cards we made at Betty's. Talk later, have a great evening and keep looking up, better days are coming. Cheers ~ Louise

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Secret Stamper Images Pt. 1

Hi there everyone. How has your week been? I am a little bit slow at getting these cards posted on my blog. These cards were from the Secret Stamper Image Reveal Party from April 22nd....oh well, guess spring has been a bit busy or, not so busy. No excuses. 

Have really been enjoying May and June. Not so much April though, when we had that bad snow storm....gosh that was a mess. It took my husband 3 days to get the snow shoveled and the car going down the driveway. He missed one day of work and then his supervisor picked him up the 2nd day. Third day he got out. I think by the end of the week you would never have known we had a snow storm of about 22-23 inches.
I had a really neat Secret Stamper. With each image, she sent a letter and where she got  the different stamps and dies. So the above cards were for December. She sent the deer, her card is on the left, my version of her deer image is on the right.
February being Valentine Day, she sent a Valentine kit, the white back ground with a cut out heart, the silver heart, pattern paper for the heart and the little strip of hearts. Her card on the left, my card on the right. I embossed the white back ground with hearts, running it through the cuttlebug. Adding the Love die also.
March, being St. Patrick's Day. She sent the leprechaun, again, her card is on the left and my colored in leprechaun is on the right.
Well, I guess I did not get October in the right order. She sent the small leaves. Her card is on the left, and my card is on the right.
January....She sent the "hello" her card is on the left and mine is on the right......I love that giraffe. I saw the idea at Hobby Lobby and made quite a few of these cards. When my secret stamper sent the "hello" I thought that would fit perfectly for the giraffe.
April's card was the flower. I have this stamp, but she also had the die cut to go along with the flower. Her card is on the left and my card is on the right.

I know I did not get the months straight, should have put them in order when I was taking these pictures. Well, next group of cards will be better....I hope!!

So there you have it. there is another Part 2 to these cards. The images that I sent to my secret stamper. That will be my next post....maybe in 3-4 days or so.

I am still working and planting my gardens....planting flowers, tomatoes, peppers, onions, beans, lettuce, zucchini and what ever else I can get in my planters. When I am finished, I will take pictures of the things I have been working on.

Time to close, church tomorrow and I need to get some sleep, that's if I can sleep, drank too much iced tea. Talk to you later, keep looking up, better days are coming. Cheers ~ Louise

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Some Donated Cards for Hospice

Hi there everyone. Hope you had a great Saturday.....I did, although Saturday's go much too fast! The weather was much cooler today and much more comfortable. As I get older, warm, warm weather bothers me more and more, as does cold weather. Wish there was a happy medium, don't you??? I do like the 4 seasons, but not so hot and not so freezing cold. Guess Spring and Fall is my kind of weather....wonder where that is???
So the following pictures are cards I made for Hospice this past Friday (June 1st). The cards above are my 4th of July cards. Which were fun to make. I used a technique I found just recently using Sakura Cray-pas.  Using a star, draw a line where you want color, then using your finger, spread the color over the card stock. Depending how much color or how little color depends how heavy you press the cray-pa. Then after I got the affect I wanted, then layed the star down and stamped with another star. Added silver stars and a Happy 4th of July stamp.
This is a neat card....these were the only 3 I made....really need to make more. The leaves are a die cut. The back grounds.....the top left was a Brusho painted background, using different colored crystals and water. The top right, is patterned paper. Now, the bottom card...which is the prettiest, honestly forgot how I made it. Sorry!!!
These cards are flowers that were pasted onto velum, very simple cards. The Happy Birthday is embossed on velum and glued on the card.
Here again, Sakura Cray-pas. Using the same technique of rubbing the cray-pas onto the card stock, this is the affect I got. For sure I will be making more of these cards.
These cards are from my stampin'up June card kit. Fun to make, and all the papers, ink and stamps are in the kit to make 8 cards. These were the two styles for this month. I am thinking of canceling my subscription....I have about 6 kits I have not touched, so I am sure I have enough card making along with a few other ideas for cards I want to try making......will keep me busy for the summer along with my gardening.
Watching Hockey right now....Washington Capitals and Vegas Golden Knights. I thought I was rooting for the Knights.....but I like the Capitals also....they are both good teams....BUT....the Capitals have yet to win a Stanley Cup. I have been known to be for the under-dog. I guess this is one of those times. I like Alex Ovechkin the captain for the Capitals...he would like to be the first Russian Captian to win a Stanley Cup....that would be fun to see.

The Capitals just scored, it's 2-0......GO CAPITALS!!!!! But you know, if Vegas won't be such a bad thing. Both teams have great stories behind them. The next game is Monday, June 4th. Stay tuned.

Don't have much planned for this next week, but that could get filled up in no time. It's time to get things done in my gardens and get my ceramic animals out of the shed in between the mosquito bites. Just as soon as I get bite, I hightail it into the house and spread Icyhot cream on the bites....that soothes the itch and pain away after 5 minutes, must buy another tube soon.

Well, I think I will close this post for tonight, there is one more period left and I want to give full attention to may be a rough and tumble game. You all have a great weekend and keep looking up....better days are coming, here, there, or in the air!!!
Cheers ~ Louise

PS....Washington Capitals won 3-1 GO CAPS!!!!


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