Monday, June 30, 2014

Some Flowers From My Garden

Hi everyone....well today I blogged about "some flowers from my garden." You can find my new post at this link: 

Thanks for stopping by and do please leave a comment, it is always nice to hear from you.

Cheers ~ Louise

NOTE: Due to unresolved issues with BlogSpot. I cannot download pictures. So I have taken my blogging to Wordpress where picture downloading is more assessable. Please continue visiting me here and @ wordpress.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Frying Bacon in the Oven....Yum!

Hi everyone, how are you all doing's sort of warm and humid today. I need to bring up the air-conditioner and fan from down-stairs. Oh and work up a sweat doing that!!!

Well, today I blogged about frying bacon, you can find it at:

No, BlogSpot is still NOT letting me download my pictures, so I will continue to play along with them till they fix the problem. Eventually BlogSpot will see their error and fix this un-happy blogger's blog so she can come back. Keep looking up!  Cheers ~ Louise

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Happy and Not Happy

Hi is your day going? I suppose you are wondering why I am "happy and not happy" all in the same sentence??? Well, I am happy that I am blogging in Wordpress and can at least download my pictures with more ease. But I am "not happy" cause I had to make the switch. I was comfortable with this blog site, but....I will continue to blog here, you just won't see pictures downloaded anymore.

Pictures make a post I think, cause people like to see pictures and, I like to take pictures!!! So Wordpress it is, until I can finally download pictures onto So, I shall have two blogs to play with...I am still on much of a learning curve in much to learn and look at. But I will eventually learn the ropes. Wordpress has a few extra things that BlogSpot doesn't have and visa versa.

Well, today was kind of a quiet day...did some shopping and picked up meds for JP and I. Bought some more dirt and a few lights for my pond area. I am going to try my hand at propagating my Hibiscus plant. Watched a few Youtube videos, so I think I might be able to handle it. I will let you know how things go.

Well time to close here for now and OH here is the link to my other blog WITH pictures.  This link will take you directly to my newest blog post. So you all have a great day and keep looking up. Cheers ~ Louise

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Moved to Wordpress Temporarily Until.......

Hi there everyone. Well as  you can see by the title I have moved temporarily to Wordpress.  this link will take you to my new blog. I have not left completely, probably will use this one to direct you to the new one where I can actually download my pictures. Or until the problem is resolved.

I have not figured out the problem as yet, but I do not want Google Chrome downloaded into my computer...only because it carries along with it other stuff that I do not want on this computer. I learned my lesson a couple weeks ago when it cost me $200 to get this new computer cleaned and the viruses killed off!!! Apparently I got hacked....I am very leery now to say the least.

Can't believe how complicated things are order to do one thing, 2 other things have to be done before the first problem can be taken care of....honestly....what happened to simplicity????

Nothing special happened, shopping. Lunch was ham sandwiches, beans and potatoes and fruit. And, pizza for tonight. Kylie and I took our nightly walk....she loves her walks, when she sees me putting on my shoes, she starts barking at me to move faster. Open the door and she makes a bee-line for the sidewalk....geez....slow down Kylie, I think she is taking ME for a walk!!!!

Not much planned for this next week....maybe I need to get my porch floor stained THIS WEEK for sure. The weather is supposed to be in the 70's so that is good painting weather. AND I have lots of weeds to take down in the front I do have enough to keep me occupied.

See....isn't this a boring blog with no pictures???? Please see my picture blog at have a great day and keep looking up. Cheers ~ Louise

Friday, June 20, 2014

A Shorty Blog 2 Day!

Hi everyone. Hope your day is going well. It's sort of dreary today, not sure if there is more rain in the forecasts or not....but I think we have had enough. Had to transplant 2 tomato plants cause there were no holes in the bottom of the planter for the rain water to drain. So I bought 3 new colorful planters, 2 orange planters and 1 fuchsia planter. Along with 4 new tomato cages, a red, green, yellow and orange cage, new color added to a garden always makes for happy tomatoes. Don't you think???

I was going to post my strawberry picking from last night. But for some odd and unknown reason is not letting me download my pictures onto this post. I have hunted all over this site to see what the problem is and can't seem to find it. I've even shut down the computer hoping there was a small kink and that it would clear it up once coming on again. What in the world changes from one day to the hard to explain and beyond my computer savey. Must be some kind of curse!!! I Internet curse and some hacker is playing games with me again!!!! Honestly, I keep to myself and hopefully don't bother anyone, but there still seems to be a problem with this computer. Please Viruses and Hackers leave me alone!!!

Maybe it is just the weather and things will be better tomorrow.....I hope.

Well, nothing much going on. I need to take Kylie for a walk and get back before the Schwans Man shows up.....mmmm...getting some golden nugget ice cream bars guilty pleasure!!! Along with some sweet potato and regular fries. Yep...simple meals this weekend. Hamburgers, fries and salad, eggs and bacon, cheese omelets and pizza and maybe a soup of some kind.

Still need to plant a few things, two more tomato plants and some white sunflowers....and start weeding the front's a mess that I have just not wanted to tackle, but it must be tackled sooner or later.

So you all have a great weekend and keep looking's to sunny blue skies and puffy white clouds are in our near future!!! Cheers ~ Louise

Monday, June 16, 2014

Well.....If I Can't Take a Vacation.....

Hi there everyone. How is your day going??? As my title says....."if I can't take a vacation" real soon, I guess I will just change my "Blog Look." I heard a long time ago that when a woman starts moving the furniture around in the house....she is in need of a vacation. Could that be the same for changing colors and pictures on my blog??? Well, I feel a bit better, this background looks very summery, doesn't it?? The other background was nice, but seemed to depress me for some reason...maybe cause it was so dark. This should help for awhile.
 Here's a few more pictures of some beaches.....not sure I used this one in the previous blog...but that is still looks fun down there and I would like to float around in that blue, blue water, sinking my toes in the sand.
Another shot of a far away beach....wouldn't it be nice to put your toes in that sandy beach??? Or just sit in the water and take a nap....dream, dream, dream!!!!

Well, time to close, I need to finish planting my tomato plants and get going on staining my front porch....see how far I get on that today. Staining the porch may just be an "all summer job" for me, a little bit at a time, geez, don't want to over do it!!!

Have a great day and keep looking up!!!! Cheers ~ Louise

Saturday, June 14, 2014

OK....Needing Some Get Away Time!!!!!

Hi there everyone. It seems I have been "missing in action" for awhile. Not sure what the problem is, maybe I have been taking a "Blog Break" of sorts. Guess one needs a break now and then. Don't we?

Today I visited Pinterest and found a few places I would like to go visit (if only in my dreams). When in need, I like to be by the water, where there is much relaxation the sound of water falls, fountains and ponds, and boating down a river or lake. Most likely I would love to live near a beach and hear the crashing sound of the waves....yeah, that would be right up my alley.  (except when the storms come.)

So today I will take you on a little mini vacation to some lovely beaches. Not sure where they are, but you will get the hang of it. Where ever there is water.....there is beauty to behold!!!
There it is a little island all to my own. Put me up a shack, with plenty to eat and I could be happy for "a little while." Just get me out of there when a storm is starting to brew, cause I might blow away!!!!
I think this beach is in Greece....pretty beach, that brown thingy down there almost looks like an old ship wreck, doesn't it?
NOW THIS....I could do all day and all night....that looks soooooo relaxing. I wonder what hotel that is in????
YES....beautiful sunsets and beautiful sunrises.....that is what would be beautiful about this trip!!!
NICE.....looks like another relaxing day along the beach. Yes, I could do this all day long. At the end of the day a Bonfire would be the ticket to the end of this day!!!
Ummmm, YES!!! and a swing on the relaxing is that!!!

Oh Yes...I think I need a vacation....hopefully this summer we can take a few days and drive to Algoma. Not sure why I like that place...maybe cause it is on a lake side, not sure if it is Green Bay or Lake Michigan....but, it's on water. They have an antique store and a cute restaurant and lots of boats to watch and a rocky beach....but hey, it's a beach!!!!

Well time to go, need to go plant the rest of my tomatoes, zinnias, rose moss and petunias....that will be it for planting this year. Not unless I pick up a few flowers for almost nothing and nurse them back to health because they dried out.

JP just called, he is stuck and can't find his way home....parade going by and all the streets are blocked. So he will take a nape in the car till the parade passes. I am sure there is a way, but he doesn't know how.

Have a great day and keep looking up........ha, I need to take my own advise!!! Cheers ~ Louise

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Missing In Action and a Few Vintage Things

Hi there everyone. How was your weekend. Mine?? Not so hot. Weather wise it was great. But I was having computer problems again!!! That's why I was HOT!!! It seems I was hacked and got a couple of viruses into my machine. Oh geez....I get so upset when stuff like this happens. Had to take my machine in to get it fixed and cleaned. I've had this computer only 4 months. I was getting messages that my Adobe Flash player needed to be updated. Well, I did not know that flash player is embedded in the machine, so it did not NEED to be updated. Well, I did not know that. So I went ahead and updated and that is how the hackers got into my computer. I have learned a very hard lesson. Here I thought Norton was taking care of everything. Little did I know a "hacker" came along and attacked me and gave me problems. The technician said that is the first place a hacker goes is through the "media" attacking your video and audio....I guess the one place where your entertainment comes from......well, let me just say this, I was NOT entertained!!!! To say the least.

I found after 24 hours I was going through withdrawals and needed to see what was happening on facebook, and my blog. I needed to get something listed in my Etsy store and Pinterest needed my input!!! Oh and I needed to get a few scrabble games in and try to beat Mr. Computer. Thank God, the tech called yesterday,(Saturday) and I didn't have to wait till Monday, like I first thought. So, yesterday I went and picked up the "baby" to the tune of $157, then did some shopping and came home. Hooked up my computer and off I went. Whew, what a RELIEF, and I didn't even need a TUMS!!!!

So today I thought I would add a few elephants and tea cups and saucers to my blog today. This one I call the "Spotted White Elephant with a Pewter Head. Selling him for $8.00+postage.
This elephant is carved out of some kind of stone, not sure what kind. There is no branding on him.
Two pretty little tea cups and saucers....I forget the make on this one and how much it will be. When I finally list it on Etsy I will have all that info ready.
This white elephant can carry a candle on his back, or maybe candy.
I sold a pretty tea cup and saucer this past week, so I thought I better add a few more tea cups.....I really like them, but I have run out of space in my cabinet, so it is time to find new homes for these lovelies.

Well, time to close for today. It's going to be a busy week. I have started staining my porch, I shall take some pictures this week and share my hard work with you. Oh yes, there is weeds to pull, would you like to come over and help me??? I will make a cup of "toasted caramel" tea for you in one of my tea cups and saucers......doesn't that sound like fun??? I found a recipe for some "garlic/Cheddar cheese" scones....think I will try those this week too.

Oh yes, Hospice was cancelled, we waited for Rebecca to show and she didn't, she forgot, so now we have another meeting THIS Friday and she is treating us to breakfast at Denny's....YES...I will be there, thank you!!!

Well you all have a great day and a great week and keep looking up. Cheers ~ Louise

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Some New Cards...for Hospice and Etsy

Hi there everyone. Hope you are all enjoying this beautiful day. Hopefully it is beautiful where you are. Some were dealing with rain, hail, wind and all sorts of bad weather. We need to count our blessings when the weather is beautiful. Never know what is around the corner for someone else.
Well today I thought I would post some cards I have been working on the last couple of days. Made quite a few of them as I will be adding them to my Etsy store and for the Hospice meeting this Friday. In the top picture, a very easy and fun card to make. Washi tape was used to make a candle, different colors and designs. Happy Birthday stamped on the bottom and speckles were used for the flame. The candles had to dry over night, then I taped them to card stock. I made a set of 4 cards for $10.00 + postage. I need to make more of these cards, they are always good to have on hand.
This lovely card was made with my new Rubber Necker Stamps. I have always admired this set of stamps and finally got the set a few weeks ago. There are 5 different stamps that make up this design. First the flowers, which can be stamped and sprayed with water, the leaves, the dots, then the stems. Finally the verse. These cards have a watercolor effect, I just love the way it turned out. I am sure this could be just about any card you would want it to be. Name it and claim it!!!
This cute card is just a lamp, stamped and then run through the cuttlebug. The lamp shade is stamped and embossed in gold and popped up. I found this lamp along with a few other lamps at a sale.
In these two pictures are the Rubber Necker stamps again. As you can see I am having a great time using these stamps. Fun to try the flowers in different colors to see what they look like. I like the verses that come with this set, 3 different sayings. They are as follows: (note: just 2 verses here, sorry)
The gentle Wind drifts to each flower at play
Bringing a sweetness of life to brighten your day.
As I wandered the forest, the green leaves among.
I heard a Wild Flower singing a song. 
Well, those are just two verses, guess I did not take a picture of the 3rd card with the 3rd verse.
Time to close and take Kylie for a walk....will be going downstairs tonight and put inserts into the cards for Hospice, so I am already for Friday. Have a great night and keep looking up. Cheers ~ Louise 

Monday, June 2, 2014

June is Busting Out!!!

Hi there everyone. How is your new month going so far??? I was hoping to get a post going on June 1st, but had some computer problems....seems my computer got attacked....Geez, did not realize it. Tried uploading some pictures, but to no avail. Finally had to give up.

Today I am back, files are cleaned and got my pictures uploaded, always have some kind of hoop to jump through....such is life!!! Today I thought I would show a few pictures of my house, and garden and flowers around the house.
Here is a picture of my house, we've lived here going on 23 years this July 27th. Where has all that time gone?? There definitely has been lots of changes since we moved here.
A picture of the back part of my yard.....things are just starting to grow and I have lots of work yet to do. Not sure I will put in much of a garden this year. I mostly just want to enjoy the work of my labors and just do fun things around the house. What that is, I do not know as yet.

Another view from the bird houses towards the pond. I am slowly getting some of my garden animals out...they always seem to make the back yard homey.
These are my little flowered crocuses that come up along side the soon as they die off I will be planting some Zinnias along side the house. Big tall Zinnias this year.

This is a cute little Begonia plant I got for JP for his birthday. It is planted in this pot and sitting on the porch.
Walking Kylie around the neighborhood, I passed by this house that had these beautiful purple flox growing outside. The lady was sitting on her front porch...I told her the next time I pass by I am bringing my camera for a picture. I passed by today.....they are almost finished blooming, glad I got the picture when I did. 

This is another picture of a garden I pass by while walking Kylie. I thought it was so intriguing  with the ladder over the garden. The plant growing under the ladder is a tomato plant. I shall be keeping an eye on it as Kylie and I pass by and watch it grow.

Well, time to close here...JP will be home soon and I did not get a chance to get downstairs to make some cards. I have some birthday cards in the process of being made. Take card and keep looking up.
Cheers ~ Louise


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