Friday, September 13, 2019

Computer Problems

Hi there everyone. Hope you are all having a wonderful September. Summer went by way too fast. Well, this post will be VERY short. It seems I am having a problem with my computer. I wanted to give you a few pictures and a short paragraph or two. BUT, for some reason Blogger keeps on telling me "Blogger is not responding" and won't bring up my file of pictures. So, no card pictures this time around. So boring.

Facebook is doing the same thing to me..."Facebook is not responding" and it takes a couple of minutes for Facebook to start working before I get all my newsfeeds. 

Just not sure what is wrong....wonder if somehow I got a virus, but then I thought Norton was taking care of things for me. I may have to take this computer back to the store and get it cleaned. ONLY, if I can get it done for free. Maybe there are a few programs that are bogging down this old computer. Tomorrow I will pull the plug and see if the computer resets it's self. Getting very frustrating how this computer is working soooooo slooooooow and not responding properly!!!

So if you do not see me for awhile....let it be known, I am having problems with this computer. I will try to comment on your blogs if Blogger allows me to. You all have a good Fall and keep looking up ~ hopefully better days are coming. Cheers ~ Louise

Monday, August 26, 2019

Received Some Fresh Eggs

Hi there everyone. Hope you are enjoying the last days of summer....where did it go??? I never did get all the things done that I wanted to do. I give myself so many things to do and when I comes time to do those things....I sabotage myself and don't do any of wonder I am always tired!!!!

I finally sat down and made some cards. Hospice meeting is in a couple of weeks so I need to get my 40 - 50 cards made. Well, I am sitting at 35 made. When I hit 50, I will take some pictures of the newer ones.

So the card below is one I made last night. I got the idea from Pinterest. The pastor's wife gave me some farm fresh brown eggs. So I thought I better make her a Thank you card. She likes my cards and always enjoys receiving them. She calls my cards "candy to her" she saves them all. That is always nice to hear, that someone enjoys the cards I make.
So this card is made from the Stampin'up set "Hey Chick" probably had these stamps for a couple of years and have never used them. BUT, have thought about using them many times. Finally found a reason to use them. So the card above is stamped with the funny chicken in the corner and colored in, "hey chick" is stamped in the upper corner. The lines and dots are hand drawn. I then splattered the card with silver ink.
The inside of the card, again I drew the lines and dots and added "for the" and the "S". Stamped the "Thank you, eggs and You're a good egg!" Turned out really cute.

Well, I am going to close here for now. Have to go get some dishes done and JP's dinner cooked. Tomorrow is our 46th wedding about time flying. Never thought we would make it to this number. Well, Happy Anniversary to US!!! I bought a little cheese cake, will defrost some strawberries and whip cream. Also going to make a beef roast, potatoes and asparigus…...Yum!!!

Keep looking up, better days are coming. Cheers ~ Louise

Sunday, August 18, 2019

My Favorite Sport 2 Watch

Hi there everyone. Hope you are having a good August. Well, it's been 2 weeks since I last posted. Thought it was about time to do something. No new pictures of cards or the gardens...been a little laxed in taking pictures. Guess I will have to get on the wagon again pretty soon.

I know this may not be an interesting post for you....but it is for me. I love hockey....maybe if more people would watch hockey there would be less problems in this world, it's an exciting game to watch and easy to follow. Just follow that puck and you get the idea of what the game is about. Baseball is so slow moving, football is pretty slow too....but hockey, man, down the ice and back, score a goal and hit a player so much action going on!!! Yeah, I like hockey best of all. 

I have been a fan 57 years. My first taste of Hockey was through my stepfather, he had season tickets to the Chicago Blackhawks in 1962.....back then there was Bobby Hull, Stan Mikita, Chico Maki, Moose Vasko, Reggie Fleming to name a few favorites. We went to every game for almost 6 years. Loved, loved loved the game.
My life changed a bit after I started Beauty School and then left home, getting my first job and an apartment. No more hockey games. Not even sure the games were on TV at that time....I kept track of the Hawks via the newspapers and such. I met JP in '71 and he was into stock car racing. I guess my interests changed and was into stock car racing till 1973 when JP and I got married and he retired from racing. Did I do that???
1976 we moved up to Ladysmith on our 20 acres and raised cows, chickens, ducks, rabbits, cats and dogs. I lost track of the Hawks. We had NO TV for 10 in the world I did that, I do not know. 1987 we moved to Appleton, but still no TV for awhile. Finally in '92 I got a TV with rabbit ears......nope, no Hockey yet. I missed being able to watch the Stanley Cup Finals 2010, 2013, 2015. FINALLY 2016 brought Hockey into my house!!!! FINALLY I could watch the Blackhawks again!!!!
      The above picture was taken off the TV, March 25, 2019. 
Yep....Fear the Feathers....I think this year will be the year that brings another Stanley Cup....I am hoping, that would be great. 4 Stanley Cups in 10 years. Would that make history for the Chicago Blackhawks!!!!???
This is a shot from the TV. It's an old picture. 2 of the players in this shot are on different teams. Panarin, a winger is with the NY Rangers now. and Hjalarson is with the Coyote's...he was a good Defense player. Hopefully with all the trades this season we will have a good defense again.
This is the Blackhawks hat I want to buy before the season starts....hopefully. Or if another hat catches my eye, I will buy that one.

So now I have had Directv and now Spectrum and I can now get Hockey on TV and if I can't get it on TV, I can get the games on the computer. There is a site that shows all the home and away games of the Blackhawks and those of the other teams. I have no excuses now. Of course I can spend $40+ to get hockey on TV and that would include home and away....not affordable at this time.
So there you have it....if you do not see many posts from me starting in September you will know I am somewhere out there in Hockey land. You all take care and keep looking up.....better days are coming. Cheers ~ Louise

Friday, August 2, 2019


Hi there everyone....where did July go????? Now it is August, time sure does fly by quickly!!! I have not been doing many cards, but I bought a few things from Spellbinders which should be coming this next maybe I will get some inspiration. This will be a treat, as I have not splurged on card making supplies for at least 5 months.) Hospice meets September 6th, so I better get cracking soon, and get some cards made.

A friend gave me a bunch of rhubarb last week (he has 23 plants), so you know I got a lot. I turned most of it into sauce. In this picture below, those are "Rhubarb Bread Pudding Cups." 
First I made the sauce: 
5-6 cups of chopped up rhubarb
1 to 1-1/2 cups sugar (recipe called for 3 cups sugar)
1 package strawberry jello
Now here is the trick...mix the rhubarb and sugar in a bowl and put in the microwave for maybe 7 minutes. (more or less depending on your microwave) It should be cooked through. Add the jello and mix. Can't resist...a few teaspoons went into my mouth...have to make sure it tastes right. So yum-ee
Next step, spray the bowl, place croutons in bottom of little bowls, pour a couple of tablespoons rhubarb sauce on top of the croutons. Mix 3 eggs and milk or cream together (you could add a few shakes of cinnamon) and pour on top of bread and rhubarb. Poke with fork to make sure egg mixture is spread evenly. Bake at 350 degrees for about 25 minutes. When egg mixture does not wiggle on top, it's done. Cool a bit. Top with ice cream or whip cream.....YES!!!
So in these pictures are some of my flowers. Here are my brown eyed susans….last years flowers did not do well.....this year there was an abundance. I love these flowers.
In the back yard are my Bee Balm and purple Clematis. So pretty when I look out the back kitchen window. When the storm came through, they got knocked down....oh well, next year they will be back. We call the Bee Balm our "choir" there are so many of them.
My little rose bush....adds some nice color in the front yard.
My Italian Beans....gosh I love these beans....they are more flat, rather then round, I like the taste of them. I have been microwaving then, adding butter and some garlic seasoning.....very good.
The picture above, you see my zucchini plant, (finally got 3 zucchini's so far) and 2 tomato plants. the one on the left is a "Big Girl" and the one on the right is a called a "Mortgage Lifter" Lots of tomatoes on the Big Girl, not many on the Mortgage Lifter yet. Looking forward to BLT's!!!
So here is the pretty pink rose the vet gave me for Kylie.....when we buried Kylie, I gave here the rose and her teddy bear.
I am still missing this little girl.....I cry almost every day. She was with us for 13 years....very hard to forget her. I don't know what hit me yesterday, but I had a break down....and cried and cried. It's only been 3 weeks today, since she left us. I hope she is happy and running around, chasing her rabbits and squirrels and butterflies.

Time to close here, gosh, it sure feels like Saturday, but it's only Friday night. We might be going to an annual scholarship fund raiser tomorrow....not sure yet. I guess we can go for as long as we want, cause there is no puppy dog to get home to and let out.

Have a great weekend, talk to you later. Cheers ~ Louise

Monday, July 15, 2019

RIP Sweet Kylie

Hi there everyone. Gosh I hate typing those words. We had to put Kylie down on Friday the 12th. I hated to do it but it was time. I knew she was not going to get better. Hope was gone. She had a really bad seizure about 6am. She had had a few before, but this one lasted much too long. When she finally came out of it, she was so disoriented and it was hard for her to walk. Being blind and hard of hearing...she bumped into everything.

I finally had to find the nerve to call the vet....and said I think we need to put Kylie down......I hated to say those words too. I had hoped she would die in her sleep...but she had a mind of her own, I guess Schnauzers are like that. They said, 12pm okay? Yes, I said. Oh how I dreaded that time. But watching Kylie suffer was hard to watch too. So we took her in, she really did not know where she was, and when I laid her on the table....she fell asleep. I guess the seizure really knocked her out.

They gave her the shot to relax her, then the needle to make her die. She stopped breathing and it was all over for Kylie. My heart broke and breaks even now writing this.

So following are a some pictures of Kylie from last year....this is my favorite, she always loved being on the porch and looking out between the posts. She always had a smile on her face. except for these last couple of months.
 I think in this picture she is barking at me for some food.
 Relaxing on the porch.
 She loved going for rides, but not so much going to the groomer and the vet.
 Always peeking over the table to see what we are eating, hoping to get some herself.
Yep, barking at me again.....give me some of your food human!!!!
I have some more pictures that I will add to my blog here.....Hope you don't mind. This house is so empty without her. She followed me all over, where ever I was....there she was too. 
So hard to loose a friend like her.
The hardest part about having a dog is the heart breaking.

Bye for now.....Louise

Sunday, June 30, 2019

O.M.G. Where Did June Go????

Hi there everyone....hope you had a great JUNE! But, but, but, this is the last day of JUNE ~ where oh where did JUNE go?????? 
I did manage to get a few plantings done though, have already had some lettuce and a few radishes. In this planter above and below, I planted Italian green beans (they are flat instead of round), radishes, lettuce, and a cucumber plant. I tried some chive seeds, but the seeds must have been old. They did not grow. I have another planter like this on the other side of the yard, that has some new seeds for chives planted, so we shall see.
Here is another view of the beans....hoping to have lots this year. Last years crop was a handful a day...never enough to can or freeze. Maybe this year will be different.
Got my little ponds working, there has been plenty of rain lately, enough to fill the pond up. I still have to get my ceramic animals out.....just a little slow in that area. Maybe this week. As you can see in this picture, there is a few weeds and the leaves still have to be raked up. Maybe I will just leave them and cover with some new mulch....I don't know, still have to decide.
This little fountain is over by my other planter, it's a solar fountain, so it needs LOTS of SUN. I can see it from my kitchen to watch. Still have lots of work to do here though. A little bit each day may get all the summer work done...I hope.

I do have another fountain on the front porch...that one runs constantly, although I do not have it on today....listening to the rain fall was fine by me. Wish I lived by a water fall....I do love the sound of water splashing or falling.
So in the next 3 pictures are some plantings from seeds. Below are of my favorite summer flowers.
Another batch of flower seeds.....marigolds. Guess I will have to start transplanting some of these seedlings soon.
Another favorite are these Morning Glories, they will get the morning sun. Will be nice to see early in the morning. Around the planter are purple violets, weeds and a few volunteers tomato plants. 3 of them, they were in this pot last summer, a few seeds must have planted themselves....that's okay.
So there you have it a little tour of my gardens....still much to do, with many, many weeds to pull, THEY never stop growing, do they?!?!

Time to close here, have to go make dinner for JP....I made chicken stew in the crock pot he shall have left overs. I am dieting again, hopefully to lose 10-15 lbs. this next month. I am doing the Keto diet which really works for me. Total loss of lbs. since July 2017, about 35 lbs. I have not been strict on the Keto so naturally the weight loss is very slow. This month, I will really work hard at it and see what comes from it.

You all have a great 4th of July weekend and enjoy the fireworks and family fun. Keep looking up, better days are coming. Cheers ~ Louise

Friday, June 14, 2019

It's About Time???

Hi there everyone...whom ever you may be. The title says, "It's about time???" What does that mean, you might say??? Well, I guess it's about time I did a new post, the last one was in May and my street was being torn up, things are more calmer now. The hole was covered up and the City laid black top down where the sidewalk was. It will be torn up again next Spring!!! 

I found out the cost for us this year.....are you sitting down??? We will have to come up with another $1,560.00 for this session...who knows how much it will be next year. I still have one more month to come up with $434.00 for taxes this year...geez, the City must think we have a money tree in our back yard.....I wish we did. Not exactly sure where we will come up with this extra $1,560.00 this year. We have been told we can either pay the whole amount in one lump sum, have the amount added to our taxes next year OR make 5 easy payments a month....that would be $315.00 a month along with all the other bills???  Paying this off will have to be a miracle from God!!!!

Well, enough of my tale of woes.....some how, some way, it will be taken care of. 

In this post I am showing you some of the cards I made for Hospice. Here are my 4th of July cards...they were fun to make. I inked the embossing folder, put the card stock in the folder and ran it off in my cuttlebug. So the background is colored and the fireworks are still white. Added a few gems and penned in the stars in gold.
I really love this die pretty. I received the die cut from my "secret stamper" and turned it into this lovely card.....makes for a nice thank you card.
My secret stamper also sent me this 3D rose background. I loved it so much I had to have this folder for my own collection. I used the same technique as I did for the fireworks card....sure do like the effect it gives. So many different ways to use this folder.....stay tuned for more ideas.
Here new secret stamper sent me this background. I added the butterflies, gems and Thinking of you verse....another easy peasy card.
I picked up these gold tags at Hobby Lobby on their discount rack, I figured I could find some use for's what I did, ran it through the 3D rose folder....and made this very simple card.
So there you have it, a few cards for Hospice. Our next meeting won't be until September hopefully I will have a good 50-60 cards made by then. We get the summer off from Hospice. Will give me more time for playing in my gardens. 

If this rain would stop, I could plant a few more seeds. I do have my tomato plants and zucchini plants planted along with radishes, lettuce, beans and cucumber. Planted some flower seeds too, zinnias, marigolds, inpatients and wild flowers for the butterflies. So, we shall see what grows and doesn't grow. 

Time to close all have a great June. This next week, Kylie has a grooming appointment...she always feels good after her shower and shave. Tuesday I go for my 2nd vitamin B-12 shot and Thursday I have an appointment for a mammogram....ouch, don't like those tests. Summer begins on the fast this year is flying!!!

Have a great evening and keep looking up, better days are coming!!
Cheers - Louise

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

A Big Hole in the Front Yard

Hi there everyone, hope you are having a good Spring so far. As you can see, so far our Spring is a MESS right now. Actually this was happening a couple of weeks ago. The hole is filled in and covered up with black top.

The city had work done on sanitary sewers and water main is being replaced due to its age, condition, and under sizing....they should be done by June 10th. Every front yard was dug up....but it seems our hole was the they could not find the water main or what ever it was they were hunting for.  

It was interesting, watching these guys work, they sure knew what they were doing. The backhoe driver was amazing how he could move that bucket around and move the dirt. I was pooped just watching them.
They had to tear up 7 slabs of sidewalk. They stepped all over my peonies.....they are growing now, some of them got dug up.....oh well that's life.
Here they are....still looking for the drain, I was getting kind of worried, all I could see was $$$$ signs. One of the workers said, don't worry, you won't have to pay extra. Whew!!!!
It looked like the hole was about 15 feet deep. Then down in the corner of this bottom picture you can see this big metal box they put in the hole so the dirt did not cave in while the worker was working on connecting the green pipes.
They must have worked on our drain most of the afternoon. I was kind of nervous most of the afternoon, pacing the floor and watching. I felt like something was going to happen.....sure enough, they could not find the drain to this house and had to come in the basement a couple of times to find where the pipes were. 
The hole is covered up now....will be glad when this is over, it has raised a lot of dust which has caused my eyes to itch constantly along with the pollen in the air. Using lots of eye drops and rinsing with hot water, which was very soothing.

I will take pictures of our front yard after everything is all cleaned up. I did a little bit of planting, radishes, lettuce, beans, zucchini, cucumber and chives. Hopefully the weather will be nice over the Memorial weekend and I can plant some flowers and seeds.

Time to close, Salvage Dawgs is watching them and see what they make with all the recycled stuff they get from old houses and old businesses. You have a great weekend and keep looking up, better days are a coming. Cheers ~ Louise

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Mother's Day Cards and Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Hi there everyone. Hope you had a wonderful Mother's day. I am a little late at wishing you all a great day. Finally got my pictures into the computer. A little slow here. We had a nice day. Went to church and watched Jimmy Swaggart on the big screen. Always a good service even though we are not in Baton Rouge, I can still feel the Holy Spirit in Forest Junction when watching on TV!!!

Usually on Mother's Day the ladies are given a gift for Mother's Day. Being I am the only lady there plus the Pastor's wife, I got two bags of pop corn and two Giant Pansies, one purple, one pretty!! We went home and I made gyros and oven fries....yum so good. Wish we could have gone out to eat....would have been fun to not have to do the dishes afterwords.

Mother's Day has sometimes been hard to deal with as even though I had a baby....I was told, that baby had to be given up for adoption. A decision I still regret to this day. That baby is now 49 yrs time does fly!!! She has two sons and one son has had a son.....I guess that makes me a mother, grandmother and great- grandmother. Three labels, I have but don't have....oh well that is life, we make decisions, or they are made for us, then we have to live with those decisions for the rest of our lives. 
Okay....on to my card making. I recently purchased this embossing folder from Stampin'up which makes beautiful 3D flowers and roses….I fell in love with the image the moment I saw it. You had to buy $50 worth of product and got this floral embossing folder for free. I asked my Stampin'up lady if there was some way I could buy the folder without having to buy $50 worth of product. She checked into it and said I could buy her folder and she would order another one for herself.....nice lady.

So in the above card, I used gold card stock then rubbed black ink on the flowers and a little bit of green on the leaves. Placed the image on brown card stock.....such a pretty card. If you can see it, I stamped and embossed a Happy Birthday verse. This floral image can be used for just about any kind of card, Thanks, Birthday, Thinking of you, Sympathy, Mother's day etc. 
These next two Mother's Day cards, the card on the right, I used silver card stock, rubbed black ink on the flowers then versa mark and embossed with clear embossing powder. Made for a very smooth finish. The card on the left was black card stock and I rubbed silver paste on the parts I wanted to shine the most. 

I looked on Pinterest and found lots of ideas using this embossing folder.....the ideas are endless, can hardly wait to try them all. Chalks, copic markers, water color pencils, Twinkling H2O, lots of ideas on the horizon.
In these two pictures are the chocolate covered strawberries. They did not last long, I made them Friday night and ate the last of them 30 minutes ago. Yes, I shall make these again....maybe for JP's birthday this next Friday. He will be 72 years old.....when did we both get this old?????
I melted the chocolate in the mic and added butter to make it creamy then dunked the strawberries in the chocolate and sprinkled the strawberries with coconut flakes. So good!!!

Well, time to close this post before I get too wordy and start boring you. You all have a great rest of the day. Tomorrow JP has an appointment with the foot Doctor and Tuesday I have an appointment to find out what my A1C is. JP has to renew his drivers licence on Wednesday....gosh this will be a busy week and I have to decide if I am going to bake a cake or buy one....that is something I am not too good at.....baking cakes and decoration....I am no Cake Boss!!!

Take care and keep looking up, better days are coming.
Cheers ~ Louise

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

It's All About Jesus

Hi there everyone....hope you are having a good day. Hope your Resurrection Sunday was a blessing to you and your family. Our Sunday was quiet as usual. Dinner was pork roast, apple sauce, oven fries, asparagus and beans. Cheese cake for dessert....yumm!

So this post is going to be about Jesus, nothing more and nothing less. I think I have been silent too more!! Here are a few signs, pictures and yes, some cards.
I saw this poster on Pinterest and just had to have it. But, isn't it true? If the Bible, God's Word, was still allowed in schools, perhaps there would be less killings in schools too. In some places it is not even safe to go to school....sad how this world has kicked Jesus out of schools and EVEN some churches!!! What is this world coming to??? Even so, COME LORD JESUS!!!
The above picture is hanging in my front room. It was given to me 32 years ago, when JP and I lived in Ladysmith, WI. We were involved in a Crisis Pregnancy Center of which was also a part of a Salvation Army Service Unit. Also involved, a prison ministry, food and clothing ministry, a Church Ministry Outreach and many other things too numerous to mention. We even took in a 19 year old and mentored him, he got saved and now 32 years later, still serves the Lord along with his family.

Can you see in this picture how Jesus grieves over the aborted baby? How sad, his helpless creations being murdered..........sacrificed for convenience sake.
What is a post without a few cards. No I did not make these. But one of these days I will. I do have this embossing folder....perhaps this will be next year's Easter card.
William Booth was a very Godly man.....starting the Salvation Army with the help of God. His words are very true for even today. Can you see this happening now???
I love this picture, Jesus helping Joseph. Baby Jesus picks up 3 spikes and the cross is in the shadow of his body. A single picture, worth a million words.
Here is something else to think about....Jesus died for our soul, the soldier died for our freedom. How dare ANYONE take our Freedoms away. As for our souls, we belong to Jesus and NO ONE has a right to take that from us!!! God said it, I believe it and that is all there is to it!!!!!

So Jesus has been a part of my life for many, many years. I gave my heart to Jesus when I was 7 yrs old. I got up every Sunday, got ready to go to Sunday School and church (by myself). My mother and father would stay home. When I came home from church, my mom would say, "What did you learn today?" I would tell her about Jesus and show her the pictures I drew. Eventually she started to go to church too. I guess back then I was witnessing to my very, very innocent.

I could go on with my journey with God and what he has done for me....but I am sure you would get bored. We all have a story to tell on how God has directed us in many ways, but also how we have taken steps without him and landed in a ditch. Sometimes, those ditches were hard to escape. But when we looked unto JESUS, He helped us out.....thank God, his eye is always on us, guiding and directing our every step till the day we die.

Well, time to close, need to go make some Bullet proof "Keto" coffee. You have a great day and keep looking up....better days are coming for sure!!!!! Cheers ~ Louise


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