Wednesday, May 22, 2019

A Big Hole in the Front Yard

Hi there everyone, hope you are having a good Spring so far. As you can see, so far our Spring is a MESS right now. Actually this was happening a couple of weeks ago. The hole is filled in and covered up with black top.

The city had work done on sanitary sewers and water main is being replaced due to its age, condition, and under sizing....they should be done by June 10th. Every front yard was dug up....but it seems our hole was the they could not find the water main or what ever it was they were hunting for.  

It was interesting, watching these guys work, they sure knew what they were doing. The backhoe driver was amazing how he could move that bucket around and move the dirt. I was pooped just watching them.
They had to tear up 7 slabs of sidewalk. They stepped all over my peonies.....they are growing now, some of them got dug up.....oh well that's life.
Here they are....still looking for the drain, I was getting kind of worried, all I could see was $$$$ signs. One of the workers said, don't worry, you won't have to pay extra. Whew!!!!
It looked like the hole was about 15 feet deep. Then down in the corner of this bottom picture you can see this big metal box they put in the hole so the dirt did not cave in while the worker was working on connecting the green pipes.
They must have worked on our drain most of the afternoon. I was kind of nervous most of the afternoon, pacing the floor and watching. I felt like something was going to happen.....sure enough, they could not find the drain to this house and had to come in the basement a couple of times to find where the pipes were. 
The hole is covered up now....will be glad when this is over, it has raised a lot of dust which has caused my eyes to itch constantly along with the pollen in the air. Using lots of eye drops and rinsing with hot water, which was very soothing.

I will take pictures of our front yard after everything is all cleaned up. I did a little bit of planting, radishes, lettuce, beans, zucchini, cucumber and chives. Hopefully the weather will be nice over the Memorial weekend and I can plant some flowers and seeds.

Time to close, Salvage Dawgs is watching them and see what they make with all the recycled stuff they get from old houses and old businesses. You have a great weekend and keep looking up, better days are a coming. Cheers ~ Louise

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Mother's Day Cards and Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Hi there everyone. Hope you had a wonderful Mother's day. I am a little late at wishing you all a great day. Finally got my pictures into the computer. A little slow here. We had a nice day. Went to church and watched Jimmy Swaggart on the big screen. Always a good service even though we are not in Baton Rouge, I can still feel the Holy Spirit in Forest Junction when watching on TV!!!

Usually on Mother's Day the ladies are given a gift for Mother's Day. Being I am the only lady there plus the Pastor's wife, I got two bags of pop corn and two Giant Pansies, one purple, one pretty!! We went home and I made gyros and oven fries....yum so good. Wish we could have gone out to eat....would have been fun to not have to do the dishes afterwords.

Mother's Day has sometimes been hard to deal with as even though I had a baby....I was told, that baby had to be given up for adoption. A decision I still regret to this day. That baby is now 49 yrs time does fly!!! She has two sons and one son has had a son.....I guess that makes me a mother, grandmother and great- grandmother. Three labels, I have but don't have....oh well that is life, we make decisions, or they are made for us, then we have to live with those decisions for the rest of our lives. 
Okay....on to my card making. I recently purchased this embossing folder from Stampin'up which makes beautiful 3D flowers and roses….I fell in love with the image the moment I saw it. You had to buy $50 worth of product and got this floral embossing folder for free. I asked my Stampin'up lady if there was some way I could buy the folder without having to buy $50 worth of product. She checked into it and said I could buy her folder and she would order another one for herself.....nice lady.

So in the above card, I used gold card stock then rubbed black ink on the flowers and a little bit of green on the leaves. Placed the image on brown card stock.....such a pretty card. If you can see it, I stamped and embossed a Happy Birthday verse. This floral image can be used for just about any kind of card, Thanks, Birthday, Thinking of you, Sympathy, Mother's day etc. 
These next two Mother's Day cards, the card on the right, I used silver card stock, rubbed black ink on the flowers then versa mark and embossed with clear embossing powder. Made for a very smooth finish. The card on the left was black card stock and I rubbed silver paste on the parts I wanted to shine the most. 

I looked on Pinterest and found lots of ideas using this embossing folder.....the ideas are endless, can hardly wait to try them all. Chalks, copic markers, water color pencils, Twinkling H2O, lots of ideas on the horizon.
In these two pictures are the chocolate covered strawberries. They did not last long, I made them Friday night and ate the last of them 30 minutes ago. Yes, I shall make these again....maybe for JP's birthday this next Friday. He will be 72 years old.....when did we both get this old?????
I melted the chocolate in the mic and added butter to make it creamy then dunked the strawberries in the chocolate and sprinkled the strawberries with coconut flakes. So good!!!

Well, time to close this post before I get too wordy and start boring you. You all have a great rest of the day. Tomorrow JP has an appointment with the foot Doctor and Tuesday I have an appointment to find out what my A1C is. JP has to renew his drivers licence on Wednesday....gosh this will be a busy week and I have to decide if I am going to bake a cake or buy one....that is something I am not too good at.....baking cakes and decoration....I am no Cake Boss!!!

Take care and keep looking up, better days are coming.
Cheers ~ Louise


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