Monday, January 31, 2011

Beautiful Heart Valentine Card

Here's my newest "Beautiful Heart Valentine Card" posted this card in my etsy store, go to: The card is selling for $3.00+postage and you can pay thru "PayPal" or use your credit card. This was a simple card to make, the stamp was found at a sale for $2 and the background stamp for $2 also.

The card was made by layering with a couple of layers of cardstock, the heart stamped in black and penned in with a sparkle gel pen. Pearls embellish the card at four corners and also on the heart.

Big storm coming tomorrow and Wednesday.......hopefully it skips us. Chicago is supposed to get hit really bad. It will be like the storm of 1967 whewwwww that was a long time ago, I was 21 then, now that IS a long time ago!!! Yikes!!!! 43 years ago!!!! Yep, just as the Bible says, our lives are just "a puff of smoke" a vapor that fades away. Things that were so important when we are younger, fade away and are is a vapor.

Watching the news tonight and the news commentator said there is just 48 days till spring. So maybe that will make things look a little more cheery for the first day of February, at least the snow won't be lasting very long. AND February is a SHORT month cheers, not much longer and beautiful Spring will be here with the rain, mosquitos, bugs and bees. Lovely!!!!

Well, time to close this blog, so have a good day and a LOVELY February!!!

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Got one of those great messages this morning that made my day. One of my Card sets made it to a treasury. If you will go to: you can see my cards there....Flower Power!!!!

Gosh that was a long address, but, yes that long address will take you to the U-caught-my-eye treasury........enjoy! The other artists are from Wisconsin also, so have fun browsing.

Will be adding another Valentine card to my Etsy store tonight, perhaps that will be all I will do for Valentines. Next on the agenda is making St. Patrick Cards, I am not irish, but still in all, aren't we all Irish when St. Pat's comes around? Go Green and gold......Go Packers!!!!

Have a great day...........cheers........Louise

Thursday, January 27, 2011

♥Valentine's Day is Coming Soon♥

Here is my newest Valentine's Day Card. Cuttlebugged the corners and colored them in with copic markers. Placed 3 sparkling hearts down the middle and added a Happy Valentine's Day! sticker at the bottom. Embellishing with a few gems for that added glitz.

You can find this card in my Etsy store at: the price is $3.00 + postage. For ordering this card you will receive one free card and bookmark just for stopping by and buying one of my cards.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Doing the Etsy Tap Dance Today and Another Snowman Card!

Here's my newest card that I just put in my little Etsy store tonight. Titled "Snowflakes are just unassembled snowmen!" It's a fun card to make, using alcohol inks dabbed on the metal piece which was run through the cuttlebug. Gems, another snowflake and the pre-made snowman embellish this card.

Doing the Etsy tap dance tonight, didn't even realize it till I went to my etsy store to add this "snowflake" card and noticed two cards were made my night that was for sure!!!!! It's been awhile since I last sold any cards through Etsy, so this was truely a blessing to me.

Oh, I've sold a few cards here and there, but not alot. I have to figure out how to get my cards out there more without having to spend alot of money doing it. Got any ideas????? I am going to try getting more cards in my little is said that if you keep listing and renewing your pieces of art you are in the forefront more instead of in the "back 40". Guess it's worth a try.

Going to close this blog for tonight. Have to get dinner ready for the husband......roasted vegies on penne and salmon burgers on rye toast and salad.

Talk to you later ~ Louise ~

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Valentine Cards

Just added these Valentine Cards to my etsy store tonight. A set of 6 cards of various kinds for that special someone. They are $2.50 a piece or $15.00 for 6 plus, for your order of these cards you will receive one free bonus Valentine card along with one free bookmark. Just for stopping by. You can see all my cards at:

I am going to add a few new cards in the next few days, probably St. Pat cards and then a few Winter cards. Trying to get a large stock of cards in my store, so when people come by they can sip a cup of tea and just enjoy the moment.........sounds good to me!!!

Getting late, so I shall close for now, take care and have a great day. ~Louise~

Thursday, January 6, 2011

The New Year and a New Card!

Happy, happy New Year! Oh I know it is already the 6th.....but you know how time flies when we're having a gooooooood!

Been busy with exercise, working and shopping, taking down some of my Christmas stuff, (still have my village and small tree up), cooking (I believe) gourmet dinners for JP. Last night it was London Broil......oh my, was that delicious!!!! Not so good for the diet, but mmmmmmm good, the meat almost melted in the mouth. NO pictures this time, maybe next time I make London Broil, as I only cooked half the meat and froze the rest for another time.

Card making seems to have been put on the back burner these last couple of days (sigh). BUT...........I am going downstairs in about 5 minutes to make a card or two, saw an idea in a magazine today at the store, so before I forget it, gonna make it! Well as you can see.....I made a card with my new folder from Cuttlebug. Ran silver cardstock through, then glued the embossed cardstock on a silver card. The pre-made snowman was glued on a cuttlebug scalloped circle with snowflakes then glued on black cardstock. "Let it snow" was layered on silver and blackcardstock. The inside of the card is says "May this winter greeting find you well and warm."

I will be putting this card in my etsy store for $3.00 + postage go to: to find all my cards.

Back in a few ~ Louise ~


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