Thursday, May 14, 2009

♥♥Inches A Weigh♥♥

To the tune of "Anchors Away" (dum..dum) Anchors Away (dum..dum), That's what I think of when think of Inches A Weigh..............well, it has really been fun!!! Have lost 4-5 lbs and 8 inches since April 24th. Not bad for me, that is for sure. Just think in 6 weeks.....8 weeks.....10 weeks....gosh, maybe by Fall I can buy a bathing suit 50% off!!!

I am feeling better, don't know if I look any different, but that is okay, it will come all in time.

We bought JP a new suit, yellow shirt and fancy tie for the big Chicago wedding on the 23rd. I am still trying to figure out what I will wear. MMMMM, I might go back to Catherenes, try a find a nice pair of slacks and top. We'll see. Catherenes is what sent me to Inches A Weigh in the first place............maybe just maybe things will be different this time.

Well, I think I will shut down, really not in a talkative mood and I am starting to get tired. so talk to you later and a great day.

Friday, May 1, 2009

♥May Day ~ May Day♥

Well, today is May Day...........WHERE IN THE WORLD DID JANUARY, FEBRUARY, MARCH AND APRIL GO!!!!!!! I don't know, the older I have gotten the more faster time is flying and maybe that isn't such a bad thing, what with the way this world is going. I wonder how much longer we will be living the good life before something drastic happens and all is lost. Life as we know it will be no more. Guess that is why God says to take one day at a time and enjoy each gift He has given. Yesterday is over, Tomorrow is the future and Today is a present. I think that is the way that saying goes.

Mother's Day is about a week away. Nothing special will be happening here, as I am not a mother to anyone. I have never much liked Mother's Day as it has only brought pain. I had a baby and had to put her up for adoption. Stepfather and Mother's decision, if I put the baby up for adoption I will always have a home with them, but if I decide to keep the baby I will never have a home with them.............was I going to be disowned? I don't know, back in those days being pregnant and not married was a terrible sin...........and still is cause it is NOT the way God planned for us. Satan had a big hand in my life trying to destroy my life. I have regretted my decision of 40 years ago.........wishing I never gave up my baby. Probably only because I was never able to have anymore babies. Now as I grow older, I wish I had a daughter or son and grandchildren. I am so envious of women with children and grandchildern..........where did I go wrong???????? Oh well, so much for Mother's Day..........I hate it!!!!

A new thing in my life, I finally took the plunge and am now going to "Inches-A-Weigh" I need to do something with this body that has gotten so out of shape. Gosh, I am finding it hard to put on my socks and bend over. When I look in the mirror I look like the "biggest loser" before they lost all their weight. Went to Catherine's last week to try on some clothes and to no avail.....I looked like two-ton-tessie!!!! Even in the "big girls shop" I could not hide the flab.

So "Inches-A-Weigh" is for women, they put you on a diet, mine is about 1500 calories, you write down everything you eat, and how many calories you've consummed. I got 6 boxes of food, protein bars, hot chocolate, juice, pudding/shake, mac and cheese and fettucini. Then the big thingy is going to IAW to exercise. They have 6 beds to lay on that do different things, waist twists, leg lifts, bumpers for the upper back and buns, vibrating bed then the relaxing bed that sort of messages everything. Then theres the riding bycicle, and tredmill which I do about 10 minutes each. Gosh I was so full of energy yesterday when I came home, did about an hour of work outside...........that was more pep then I have had in a long time. I hope by May 23 I will have lost 10-15lb and maybe 15 inches.............we'll see what happens.

Well, I should go for I have to get ready to go to IAW. Talk to you later.


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