Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Oh My Gosh.....Blogspot Changed It's Format

 Hi there everyone. Been awhile since I have been here.....and would you know it....Blogspot changed!!! A whole new learning curve. Come on now....why change something that was not even broken????? I would like to know that answer.

Not much has been going on around here. The street is still being worked on. The original letter from the city said August 24th, the streets, sidewalks, driveway and curbs would be done. (lies). The streets started getting torn up July 6th. At one point we could not get out of our driveway for 20 days!!! Not kidding! Was a good thing I had enough food and such. Towards the end though, toilet paper, paper towels, butter, and a few other things were gone!! And again, the original letter said we would get a notice when to move our cars to the side street. I NEVER saw such notice. I am about to scream at Appleton!!! In this time with the pandemic and everything else going on....don't need this aggravation also!!!
So today.....the street was being leveled out and I thought....maybe I better move the car. So now the car is parked on the side street....and guess what, the workers are gone, maybe I could have left the car in my driveway????? I don't know, just do not want to take that chance again. I have a Doctor's appointment Friday and if I cannot get out of the driveway because of road work, I will miss my appointment.

My Doctor of 33 years retired in July (sigh). So Friday I will be going to a NEW Doctor. JP's prostrate Doctor is retiring in December. His next appointment is not till next June. But JP will have one of the other Doctors in that office to take care of him. 

Another dilemma we face is, I have to find a new accountant, the one we had for 33 years...he was very good, but for the last 10 years or so, we were having to pay $200 to have our taxes done. But then it was affordable, we had the income. But now that is out of our budget, as finances have changed quite a bit.

JP retired from work June 3rd. He is now 73 yrs old. So no income from Jack's. Plus no extra cleaning on the side anymore. Taxes were not taken out and we ended up having to pay the Government $383+$200 for the accountant. Nope, not in the budget anymore. I have been told we can get our taxes done for FREE. Have to find out where that is pretty soon.

In the midst of all this stuff, JP deals with a lot of health issues, one being his prostrate, but now the appointments are 1 year apart....which is good. 

JP went to the foot Doctor last month and this month. He has a big, ugly, painful callous on his right foot. The Doctor scraped it and put some acid on it. But JP still takes baby steps and shuffles around like and old man. Doctor said we need to get some new inserts for his shoes. OR go to a Pedorthist and get fitted with molded inserts which is not covered by our insurance and would have to come out of our pocket $350. One half for the first visit and the rest on the second visit. Guess that is out of the question for now. 

Doctor felt sorry for us because we went to "Good Feet" for their inserts, for both JP and I the cost was $1800.00, He also got a new pair of shoes for $200+. I am still paying on that money making scam....the inserts never worked for JP. and the shoes are worn out and the heel worn down.

JP has a few other ailments, a hernia, needs some dental work and gets arm pains (10 to 20 a day). People think he is having a heart attack and are ready to call 911. But he just walks it off, praying and chanting words over and over.

And yes, we pray constantly, God sees the need....maybe one day these trials, tribulations and frustrations will all end, in His time.

Well I better close here, cause I am probably wearing you out with my tales of woe. One person asked me recently, "How are you doing today" I said, "oh fine. Actually I am not fine. But we have been taught to say, "oh everything is fine, whether it is or not". 

No one wants to hear problems, cause they have their own problems to deal with. I have heard it said, if we throw all our problems in a circle and are told to pick out a new problem, we would again go and pick up our old problems, because we know how to deal with them. Maybe new problems of someone else's would throw us for a loop and we would not know how to deal with them. Do you suppose???

So you all take care and keep looking up, better days are coming.

Cheers ~ Louise


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