Monday, February 28, 2011

Butterfly Birthday Card

Happy Birthday to you!!!! This is one of my new birthday cards.........simple but lots of fun. Using the crayon technique again as in the previous card. The butterfly was embossed in white and using distress ink it was painted in, another fun technique.

Well, I just wanted to get a new card up in my blog and in my etsy store. Beginning to switch gears now and work on Birthday, Anniversary and Easter.........Mother's day is not far away either.

Have lots to do today, so I better get going, talk to you all later. Sorry these blogs aren't very newsy, not a whole lot going on right now. So Cheeri-o until my next blog!!!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Last St. Pat's Card of the Season

This is my last card for the St. Patrick's Day season...............but it was the most fun to make. Using different colored crayons and smearing on my iron then onto a piece of white glossy cardstock made this technique quite unique! The background looks marbalized, I used two different greens and gold. In the next few days I will be putting a couple of cards up in my Etsy store with different you must check it out if you have a hankering to. Go to: Most of my cards go for $3+postage. I will also add an extra card to the order along with a bookmark.

Not alot going on lately, looking forward to seening Spring coming and working outside again, green grass and flowers popping up. So talk to you later and have a great day!!!!!


Monday, February 21, 2011

I'm Doing Another Etsy Tap Dance......YAY!!!!

Doing another Etsy tap dance this weekend.........sold 3 St. Patrick Cards..........gosh that just so makes me day.........I really could get used to this!!!! Well, I will make a few more cards today, and put a few more up on my Etsy store in the next few days..........SO CHEERS to St. Patty's Day!!!!!! Celebrating my Blessings!!!!!!! This little card "Shamrocks Galore 2" was like one of the cards sold yesterday. Only difference I used a sprelli background wrapping thread around to form a circle. Shamrocks stamped and punched on the front. The inside of the card says "Celebrate Your Blessings"

Making Chicken soup today.....a warm dish for a cold and snowy day.......I don't have a special recipe for my chicken soup cause every pot I make is different from the to use lots of spices, today so far, there's onions, a chicken thigh and leg, garlic, celery leaves, carrots and onion soup mix. Took it to a boil then turned down the heat to simmer. Once the chicken is cooked I'll take it out and debone then turn up the heat and add the noodles, boil a bit and turn down the heat again............WA LA a wonderful chicken soup!!!!!!

Today, seems to be a snow day, not going any place so maybe I will straighten up the house a little and go make some cards and excercise a bit today. So talk to you later and take care and TAKE JESUS!!!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Etsy Dance and Some New St. Patty Cards

Added these cards to my Etsy store in the last couple of days. Will be adding a few more St. Patty cards in the next few days and that will be it for St. Patrick Cards till next year. The first card with the House Mouse is one of my favorite cards.......I am a huge House Mouse fan so I have lots of stamps with the cute little mice..........just don't like those mice running around in my basement!!!! One night I was working at making cards and I opened a drawer and WA-LA there were pieces of dog food in the how could they have gotten there???? You got it, a friendly little mouse was finding hiding places for her food and my stamping studio seemed the perfect place!!!! I finally caught her along with her babies!!!!!
This is another card I put up on Etsy the other day.......Irish enough?????? Did the Etsy tap dance the other day, so I was pretty happy. Sold a St. Patrick Card, soooooo, thought I better get another few cards up for the Irish!!!! Next on the agenda will be a few Happy Birthday Cards and then comes how the seasons fly by, before you know it Christmas will be here!!!!!
Well time to close this blog, have to go to my Etsy store and put up another St. Patrick card if you go to I tell how I made these cards and the others that I will put up. So you have a good day and take care.

Monday, February 7, 2011

♥Frame Your Favorite Valentine♥

Made this frame along with two other frames, maybe about a year ago and just now putting all three frames in my etsy store. Nothing like a little procrastination on my part. But, now they are in my Etsy store, you can see all three frames at:
Hey, so what did you think of those Green Bay Packers.....what a great game, huh!!!!! I am really impressed by Arron Rogers, he sure is one of those great players..........good for him, couldn't happen to a better person. Aaron is going to be on the Letterman Show tonight, will be fun to see him and see how he does throwing the ball back at Letterman.....hahahaha!
Finally took the rest of my Christmas stuff down......there I go again....procrastination setting in. Another thing I procrastinate about is doing my taxes....gosh, taking time to sit down and see where all our money went and how much Uncle Sam takes from us is one of those jobs I have a hard time getting to. But, I have set aside Wednesday to at least get started on the taxes....mmmmm would be nice if I could finish it all.
Well, time to close this blog till the next one that may come up next week some all have a great day and keep looking up for your redemption drawth nigh.


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