Monday, June 27, 2011

More Garden Walk Pictures

A Yellow Hanging Bogoina plant in the midst of a beautiful garden.
This is a picture of the side of the house with a rain barrell that catches the water for all the plants. I wish we could do this but the water that comes off the roof is black from faulty cheap shingles.

This waterfall is at the High School in the court yard. Made by the students.

I love the sound of a water fall.

This is the center of the court yard. the plants, walking stones, most everything is done by the students.

I got this picture of a REAL Dragon Fly in the High School Court huh? He stayed long enough so I could catch him on my camera.

Now this is a picture of a Dragon Fly walking stone made by a student in art class. If I could figure out how to make something like this, I would like to try. Well I hope you like the tour of the garden walk. I have a few more pictures but they are of flowers and bushes....maybe in the next blog I will show just the flowers I took. Have a good day and take 'er easy and stay cool!! Cheers ~ Louise

Thursday, June 23, 2011

185 Days Till Christmas!!!!

Yep..........just found this good news on another blog today. It just so made my day :) Not that I was looking for it, but just the fact that it was there........plastered at the top of the blog I visited. Oh well, it only tells me that time is going FAST..........Never wish your life away, it goes fast enough!

Not much is going on here, it's been raining alot, rain, rain and more rain. Hard to get out and work in the gardens. Also, our roof leaks and we have to put buckets and towels on the kitchen floor to catch the rain drops..........gosh I hate when it rains. But I guess it could be worse, our house could be under water or floating down a river. When you look at your own circumstances, they might be rough and hard to deal with.......but someone around the corner always has it much worse.

I am still trying to get some plants planted and it is almost the end of June. Ordered some Deep Dark Cherokee Purple Tomato seeds June 4th............they are still not here yet. It's getting alittle late to plant, but these are heirloom seeds (should last for 100 years), I shall try "one" seed and see if it sprouts and plant it in the front of the house so it gets lots of sun.

JP and I went to a garden walk last week-end, was lots of fun and we got lots of ideas. We would like to impliment some of those ideas, hopefully the money will be there along with some good weather. This year I have the time, as my merchandising job got phased out.....I guess I am too old. Following you will see some of the gardens we visited.
The garden above is one we visited on Saturday, this is her front yard and she has either zuchinni or cucumbers planted in those old coffee cans. I have a zuchinni and heirloom tomato plant and some radishes planted in the front yard.
In this garden walk is a lovely "1895 Circa" house. I have always admired the house when I pass by on my way home, finally got to see it up close.....I love this blue bottle tree. The whole back yard is dabbed with a lovely painting. In this lovely garden the woman has over 400 different hostas planted in her gardens. I liked the way she organized this little area.........she also had a door with little pots on it, it looked really cute, wish I had taken a picture, cause on the way home we found a door and took it home to decorate the back area of our backyard garden.

Well, I think I will close this blog for now. Have a great day in the Lord ~ cheers ~ Louise

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Garfield's Scale is Back!!!!

Tis' true, finally stamped and colored with copic markers, 8 "Garfield's Scale" cards. Made this one tonight, took a quick picture, not very professional though. Will be putting up in my Etsy store tonight also. I found that these cards moved pretty fast, am hoping that will happen again. Check out my store at:

Well, this will be a short blog tonight, have a great day and watch for more cards in the next week.

Cheers ~ Louise

Thursday, June 16, 2011

New Set of Cards Listed Today

Finished these cards the other night and just listed them in my Etsy store at There are 2 Happy Birthday cards with the seagull, 2 Happy Anniversary cards with the roses and 2 Thank You cards with the lighthouse. The technique is called "Direct on paper" where you take an ink pad and swipe it across the paper, then stamp the image and saying. I used the copic marker to color the lighthouse and roses. Didn't color in the seagull as I thought it looked fine as is. Perhaps I might color just one in just to see what it looks like. Made lots of these cards and may make more as the technique is quite fun.

The Lighthouse

The Seagull

The Pink Rose

Hope you like my cards. Please leave a comment. Thanks for stopping by. Check me out at!/pages/Cards4ubylouise/ should take you to my facebook page, "like me" please. For Twitter go to Have a great day ~ Cheers ~ Louise

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

♥My New Lemon/Lime Stamp♥

I made a stamp last night.......a lemon/lime/orange and grapefruit stamp. Maybe it is too small for a grapefruit, but the possibilities are still there. Saw a video on making this glass of lemonade and just felt I needed to have a lemon/lime stamp, so I made one last night. (confession.....I did order two lemon/lime stamps off Etsy yesterday, but that was BEFORE I made my own stamp). Doesn't this just look like the most refreshing and tasty little card you have ever seen???

I got the idea from another blog "Stamp and Scrape by Frenchie". I suspect it is okay to copy her ideas, otherwise she never would have made the video showing how to make this card. Although, my card is just a little bit different then hers. That's the beauty of making cards. Each person has a different slant on card making and you can take that same card and place 10 women in a room and each woman will make that same card different.........hahaha......sort of like the telephone game. Whisper in the ear of the first woman, a comment, by the 10th woman that comment has changed 10 times and has become a question.

Well, I still will be looking forward to my two new stamps, will have lots of lemons and limes to make even iced tea.......what fun this summer will be and very refreshing.

Well, you be blessed in this 90 degree weather and stay cool. Relax with a glass of lemonade.
Cheers ~ Louise

Thursday, June 2, 2011

♥A Few Father's Day Cards From My Etsy Store♥

Above Father's Day card called "The Lighthouse" could also be a birthday or thank you card. And below the "Golfer" he too can be a birthday or thank you or whatever your desire.

Below is my Father's Day "deer" card, which can also be for a Birthday or Thank you. Actually all three cards can be for either or. All you need do is convo me through Etsy and let me know what you would like stamped on the inside of these cards.

Well, I am going to close this short and sweet blog for now. You have a great day!!!! Cheers ~ Louise


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