Sunday, June 13, 2021

Flowers * From * My * Garden

Hi there everybody. Hope you are having a good day. Been a little warm here of late. 90's plus. It is finally going to be in the low 80's, I guess 10 degrees makes a big difference. I have the fans going constantly, all day and all night just to get some relief. I really need to get a new window air conditioner, especially when the different people come here to help with the care of JP.

I do have a window unit out in the garage...does not work well though. Runs for about 10-15 minutes then starts spitting, so I have to turn it's old, got it in 2005....yeah, guess I need a new one. A portable air conditioners would be good, then I could move it around the house...(I am thinking I can, don't know if that is possible though.)

So in this blog, I am showing my flowers from my garden. The first photo is my first rose of the season. I just realized, I probably planted that rose bush when we first moved into this house. So it must be at least 30 years old!!! Yeah, we will be in this house 30 years July, how time does fly!!!
My peony bush is thriving, always blooms abundantly. I get many vases of peonies....but then they shed their beautiful petal all over the place....I decided to use the petals as mulch......why not, won't hurt. Above is my Iris....only got a few blooms but they sure were gorgeous this year.
Alliums. I like these guys very much, but they don't keep their purple very long. So I was driving down Richmond Street last week and noticed at Dairy Queen that someone had spray painted their Alliums in the garden.....what a good idea. Got to try that.  So below in the next two pictures you can see my spray painted Alliums.
Here's another view of the painted Alliums. Cool huh??
The rose bush below....just not sure what is doing. 2002 it was blooming beautifully. Then we had a new porch put on the house along with siding. The workmen stepped all over this rose bush, so bad that I thought it had died. A couple of years later it started to grow back, but very wildly and there were never flowers on it. We would always cut it down to size, cause that is all it did was grow, but no roses. Then low and behold the last couple of years it has been blooming. In this picture you are seeing more roses then it has ever sure how long this will last, but it looks nice to have a little extra color in the front yard.

I have so much more to do outside, but it is hard leaving JP alone in the house, never know what he is doing and need to check on him. Probably by the time I get everything will be fall and time to prepare for winter. 

Below are my Columbine's they grow along the side of the house....I wish they looked like this all summer long, but no, their blooms are gone now and they look like weeds, but I let them dry and the seeds spread and then I get more Columbines growing the next year.
So I think I shall close here for now. Before I do, a bit of an update on JP, he is not getting any better and is getting harder for me to take care of, I am wearing out. My 11 hours a week just is not enough to get things done while someone watches him. I do appreciate their help though, the girls tend to JP, give him a shower, do dishes, wash the floor, vacuum, fold towels....what ever I ask. So that helps, they will feed him too if I show them what to make.

I guess Community Care is still trying to find a place for him....assisted living may be the answer for him and then there would be people care 24/7. I am told, then I can be like a wife and come visit him then go home...sounds wonderful at this point, but I wonder how lonely I will become????? JP and I have been together 50 years, 48 of that we have been I am not sure how this will all pan out.

So I shall close here for now, take care and talk later. Keep looking up, I am pretty sure things will get God is working behind the scenes, we just can't see Him working for our good.

Cheers ~ Louise

Friday, June 4, 2021

June....How Fast Will It Go????

Hi there everyone. How you all doing?? My goodness it was warm the 90's for the next couple of days. I don't do very well with 90 degree weather. If the weather could just stay in the 70's, I would be a happy camper. Guess there is no perfect place to live....except for Heaven, then it won't matter what the weather will be like, because we will be so concentrated on Jesus!!!!
Some flowers from my garden, above are my Allium's. I should get some more of these guys. I sure do like them. Below are my pretty pink/white tulips. As they begin to open, they almost look like roses. So pretty!!!
Below is a picture of a picnic bench at Erb Park. I have found my quiet place. I get 11 hours a week now to get away for "respite time". A caregiver comes to the house, giving me time away from taking care of JP. They will wash my dishes, floor, vacuum, give JP a shower and wash his hair. Fold towels, which there are many, cause I seem to be washing towels constantly. The towels end up on the bathroom floor a lot, because of JP's incontinence. They also will take him on the front porch for fresh air, just kind of filling in for me. 
I had a different lady yesterday. I was told she was a "powerhouse" and that she was, she did things I didn't even ask her to do, I was amazed. Probably out of the 3 caregivers.....she is the best. We are getting a new one this Monday. So that will be 4 ladies.

So, when I go to the park, I take a note book and pen, Bible, a Billy Graham devotional, and write away. I have stopped at Jacobs Meat Market for a hot lunch or Kwik Trip for 2 pieces of chicken/chips and and cold drink. Even though there are lots of people there, it is still very peaceful. God knows I need some peace.

I can only spend 1 hour there or less, cause then I need to rush to the store and get back by 4pm, so the caregiver could leave on her shift. This Monday and Wednesday I will get 8 hours and 3 hours on Thursday. I guess I got a raise in! From 9 hours to 11 hours free time.....YAY!!!!!!

This is such a pretty park....we are going on 30 years in this town and we very seldom used the park....always too busy  guess. Now they let people walk their dogs through the park. When we had Hyko and Kylie...doggies were not allowed. We could only walk around the park on the street!!!!

See the cute card to the right? "If you're feeling blue....try painting yourself a different color". I did not make it....but, think I will try, I have the birdie, just would have to color it and write in the saying. Guess, when I get "a round tuit" I will try making!

Well JP had a Pet Scan and liver panel today, to see if he has cancer and if the cancer in his eye did or did not spread through his body. If that is the case, no cancer in his body, then our next appointment will be in Green Bay at St. Vincent's and he will have the surgery on his eye. 

JP is not doing all that good, all his health issues are getting him down, many times he say's he want's to quit. He is at a place where he may be put in an assisted living or nursing home and he will get 24/7 help. It is getting harder to care for him now. He does not get a lot of sleep and neither do I as I am up with him till sometimes 4 am. Sometimes his sleeping pill does not kick in cause he seems to fight it and gets a lot of arm pains that last 15-20 minutes. Yeah, it is tough to watch at times cause he will hit his arm 4-5 times and moan and groan, scream and shout!!!!

Well, I think I will close here for now, I want to go to YouTube and watch a few of my favorite YouTuber people with Chateaus in France, my get away places. So you all take care and keep looking up....I do believe....better days are coming!!! Cheers ~ Louise


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