Monday, November 22, 2021

I guess I am back now. Not really sure how I am supposed to feel or act as a new "widow". Things have not settled down as yet, but through it all, I know God has been with me the whole time.

Yesterday was my 75th birthday, yikes!!! Just a number at this point, guess it is how you actually feel inside. My mind says 27 but my body says, without a doubt 80!!!!! Lol!!!

It's been a nice birthday, was taken out to eat 2 times, someone made me 2 cozies, (instead of using a potholder to hold a bowl of hot soup, this cozy fits the bowl perfectly). Cupcakes, a bottle of pepsi, $10, cough drops and a few other little things. Oh and I even got sung Happy Birthday at the grocery store!!! That was a first, the cashier was 78yrs singing to me...what a hoot!!!

This blog will not be very long today, as I just thought it was about time to come back and start blogging again. Don't know how often I will blog, but I guess I just needed time off and before I forget to blog, thought I better come back and blog. What??? Does that make sense???

Well, gonna sign off here, have to get ready to go to the Doctor and get my blood taken for my A1C. Talk later, have a good day.

Cheers ~ Louise


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