Saturday, October 13, 2012

A Saturday Haul of Money and Stamping Supplies

Today is Saturday and it became our "Date Day", which can always be a fun day. So, once I got myself going, after waking up with a headache, worked out the kinks in my neck and took a Tylenol, I was fine after we got going.

We first went to Neenah for a "Stamping Rummage Sale". There must have been about 25 vendors there, tables were set up the length of the room so there were A LOT of stamping supplies. I spent $21.50 for a stamp, little red bows, 3 reinkers and a Copic reinker, 10 acrylic blocks for clear stamps, tape, embossing folder and 6 sheets of silver cardstock...........a great haul. Following are some pictures.
Sorry for this first photo, could not figure out how to turn it right-side up once it got on my blog. It was right when it downloaded into the computer, but somewheres between the download and upload into blogspot, it turned around. I am sure you got the idea of what I bought.
This picture turned out okay, you can see the embossing folder and silver cardstock a little bit better in this picture. After the rummage sale, we went back to Appleton and ate at "The Windy City" restaurant, where everything is Chicago style. After eating it was off to Kriegers Jewelery where I sold some old jewelry to them, making $175!!! (So with the garage sale and this $$$$ the total is $400....just $400 away from a new computer and boy do I need one SOON!!!!

Next on the agenda to sell is more jewelry and then the foreign and US coins and money!!! I have a business card of a coin dealer that will come to the house to check out my stuff. He showed up at my garage sale last I just may call him.
After the jewelry store, we headed to the Antique Store where I bought these old fashioned cards. Thought I could re-print them and up-date them into the 21st century. Their price, 50 cents a card. Also found a cookbook marked down 50% to $2.50....there were a few recipes that looked pretty good.

Well, I think I shall close for now as this computer is driving me NUT-SO because it is taking so long to type even a few has been  auto-saving every couple of seconds....So you all have a great day and keep looking up for your redemption draws nigh. Cheers ~ Louise

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