Monday, July 15, 2019

RIP Sweet Kylie

Hi there everyone. Gosh I hate typing those words. We had to put Kylie down on Friday the 12th. I hated to do it but it was time. I knew she was not going to get better. Hope was gone. She had a really bad seizure about 6am. She had had a few before, but this one lasted much too long. When she finally came out of it, she was so disoriented and it was hard for her to walk. Being blind and hard of hearing...she bumped into everything.

I finally had to find the nerve to call the vet....and said I think we need to put Kylie down......I hated to say those words too. I had hoped she would die in her sleep...but she had a mind of her own, I guess Schnauzers are like that. They said, 12pm okay? Yes, I said. Oh how I dreaded that time. But watching Kylie suffer was hard to watch too. So we took her in, she really did not know where she was, and when I laid her on the table....she fell asleep. I guess the seizure really knocked her out.

They gave her the shot to relax her, then the needle to make her die. She stopped breathing and it was all over for Kylie. My heart broke and breaks even now writing this.

So following are a some pictures of Kylie from last year....this is my favorite, she always loved being on the porch and looking out between the posts. She always had a smile on her face. except for these last couple of months.
 I think in this picture she is barking at me for some food.
 Relaxing on the porch.
 She loved going for rides, but not so much going to the groomer and the vet.
 Always peeking over the table to see what we are eating, hoping to get some herself.
Yep, barking at me again.....give me some of your food human!!!!
I have some more pictures that I will add to my blog here.....Hope you don't mind. This house is so empty without her. She followed me all over, where ever I was....there she was too. 
So hard to loose a friend like her.
The hardest part about having a dog is the heart breaking.

Bye for now.....Louise


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