Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Cards Made for a Birthday Gift

Hi there everyone, hope all is well with you and your family. So, in this post I am showing you some cards I made for a friend for her Birthday to send to Senior Citizens. She always liked my cards I made, so I thought why not make her a bunch of cards to send to others.

The above card is a die, I glued on white cardstock and colored in with different colors, mostly alcohol inks. The card looked a little plain, so I decided to emboss the card with clear embossing powder. I then embossed it a second time and it was so much smoother looking. Had a lot of fun doing these cards.

These two cards are my butterfly cards, both butterflies were embossed twice, with clear embossing powders. Same for the "smile". Simple little cards placed on backgrounds. The poka-dot background is a foiled background.

Now this "thinking of you" card, the flowers and birds were done years ago and I finally turned it into a card using some sticky background that was sitting around in my stash for years. Sort of fun to use up stuff that has been sitting around for years, turns into quite the challenge.

These two sets of cards, again they were sticky back, a metal type material which I ran through the cuttlebug. With just a simple "Thinking of You" tag place on the front.
Again, another card using a die and colored in with copic markers. The "Happy Birthday Blessings" was also dies and embossed twice with clear embossing powders.
In this picture is the birthday card to Mary, it is a flower I found at the Dollar Tree, made 6 cards with these flowers, think I will pick up some more of these flowers, makes for a quick card.
Last night another friend said he wanted me to make him a bunch of "Thinking of You" cards. He said he would send me the money and whatever number of cards he could get for the amount he sent would be good. He wants the inside of the cards to have scripture, (yes, I can do that). He wants the cards to have nice sceneries on the front, like farms and rolling hills, (yes, if I have the stamps to do that). He wants cards with pianos and pipe organs on the front with musical notes, (I think I could do that). Well, I have quite the order, will see what I can do. FIRST and foremost, I need to see the money!!!

I got involved with a Senior Center and go for card making classes for free every Tuesday.....I am really liking this class. Yesterday the other teacher was showing us how to use the Cricut (the older version, which I have). Wow, I learned a lot and now I have brought the Cricut from downstairs upstairs, and it is sitting on the dining room table. I have NO excuses, to NOT play with my Cricut now!!!!

One of the cartridges has a piano on it....there you go Bob, I have some old song books from church, I will cut out a page, glue it on cardstock and place the piano on top of it with a "Thinking of You" tag. There, a couple of those cards in his portfolio already.

Let's see, what else is on the agenda, I guess do some gardening, the grass is really growing, it already has been cut and needs another cutting. I am going to buy a tomato plant and cucumber plant and put them in the front of the house....they will get lots of sun all day!!! My backyard is in all shade because of the big tree behind the house. 

Well time to close this blog, bet you thought I was going to retire from blogging, guess as long as I am making cards, I shall always show you what I am up to. You all take care and take Jesus!!! Blessings ~ Louise

Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Hospice Cards for May 5th

Hi there everyone, how you all doing??? I've been busy with life, guess that is why you have not been seeing me on this blog, sorry about that. I do keep busy though, it's been a long hard winter and not going anywhere. Life changes quite a bit when one becomes a "widow" it's not the happiest place to be in the world. I guess you make your own happiness and I have not figured out how to do that as yet.

These two cards, I apparently colored these turtles a couple of years ago, ran across them and thought, let's make some cards for Hospice with this girl. Yeah, so the background is an embossing folder that I inked and ran through the cuttlebug. I covered the corners with black cardstock because I accidently ripped one corner while cutting it, so to camouflaged it, I covered it.
This card was run through the cuttlebug with a 3D folder on black cardstock. Then I covered with it gold paste with my finger. The white star like pattern is what is called Spirilla (thread art) and a gold dot for the middle. I need to add a Happy Birthday or Happy Father's Day at the top yet.
This card is just sticky back shiny paper. I added a flower that I embossed with 3 coats of embossing powders, gave it a real glossy look, kind of hard to tell in this picture. Again, I need to add a Birthday, Thinking of You or Happy Fathers Day greeting on it.
This card was fun. The black background was run through the cuttlebug (flowers). I used 4 different size circles of different colors, glued them together then cut them in half. Then you place the half circles on the card and it looks like swirlies, kind of a cool look.
This card, the embossing folder was inked and run through the cuttlebug. I added butterflies where the folder showed butterflies, simple birthday blessings.
This flower, along with 3 other flowers, apparently, I colored a couple of years ago and again ran across them and thought they needed to be used for a Hospice card. I think I used pearl-x powders but not to for sure.
Now this card was run through the cuttlebug with a tin looking paper that I had for YEARS stashed away and pulled out.....lets use this for a card, then it sat on the counter for a month or so, turned out really neat, wish I had some more of this stuff. The "Thanks" was stashed away and I added it to the card...guess I am just using stuff that's been laying around for years. Never know when stuff comes in handy.
Here again, these giraffes were done years ago and I just added them to these cards that I had foiled and ran through the laminator.
So, there you have it a bunch of cards I have made for Hospice this month. I should have between 60-75 cards when finished. I still have tomorrow to work on them. The meeting is Friday at 9am. We pass the cards around to each other so we can see what the other card makers made and get ideas for the next meeting which will be June 2nd. We sit around and gab and this month we will be putting together Father's Day favors and we put a Hershey's candy in each favor. We are usually done about 11pm

I suspect this month will go by pretty fast, most months fly by in a twinkling of an eye almost. A friend said, she closes her eyes Monday night and it's Friday morning already!!! That's how fast time flies for her!!!

Well, it you are still with me, I hope you enjoyed my review of some of my cards, the creative juices are running finally. You have a great month and hopefully I will be back again with some more cards. Take care and keep looking up, better days are coming. Blessings ~ Louise


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