Saturday, October 31, 2015

Last Day of October

Hi there everyone....well can you believe it? It's the last day of, wow, wow!!! I won't be participating in the Halloween doings today and tonight.....I don't dress up (I look scary enough), don't turn the porch light on and pass out candy to the "tricker-treaters". Nope, no scary pumpkins on this front porch, just two "pumpkin pie" pumpkins, to make pies with for Thanksgiving dinner.

I do have my reasons......first of all, I resent being scared and isn't that what Halloween is about??? Second of all, I will not help to promote diabetes and bad teeth for little children and big kids. Thirdly, have you ever realized how many people, children and animals are sacrificed on this very evening? NOPE I am not a believer in this PAGAN HOLIDAY!!! So there you have it, my reasons for not supporting SATAN!!! Galatians 5:19-21..."and they that do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God." You must read the "whole" of those 3 verses to get the  complete idea of what God is saying.
My box of Blue Apron food came on Thursday. I made some chicken soup from a chicken from Sam's Club and made this wonderful cheese sandwich and salad to go along with the soup! Man, was this delicious!!! The recipe card says, "Brie & Pear Grilled Cheese Sandwiches with Brussels Sprout, Arugula and Hazelnut Salad" I love that I learn so many new things and use different items to make a lovely meal.
The sandwich was sourdough bread, with slices of brie cheese, with slices of a pear and sage leaves on top of the cheese. Then grilled in a pan. This was so good, the sweetness of the pear and sage and cheese balanced each other off. The salad dressing, on the other hand was so good, I could have eaten a whole bowl of salad by myself, but needed to save some for JP's dinner.

A tablespoon of honey and the juice of one lemon, salt and pepper and 2 tablespoons of olive oil, mixed together and poured over the salad. I omitted the hazelnuts as I am allergic to them. JP ate them all....which was fine with me. I might try this dressing on a regular salad....asap!!!

So Yeah, I would give this grilled cheese sandwich 5 Stars!!!!! I will make it again and again.

I had my computer fixed and got it home Thursday. And yeah, I am still trying to learn all the new things about it.

I was going to blog yesterday, but found I could not download my pictures from the camera into the computer.....URG!!!!!!! Finally in desperation I called Office Depot and got Josiah, the Tech guy that fixed my computer. He gave me a few steps to follow...1st, using the SDHC card in the camera and inserting into the computer. finally I got the pictures downloaded. Darn, I sure did like the way 8.1 worked better then this Windows 10 in that area.

I personally don't see why some things have to change, but I guess "man" is not happy unless he is about changing things, to make things better (?) but inadvertently he makes things worse. Oh well, that's my pet peeve for the day.

This morning I went to turn on the computer and then I could not get on the Internet......I tried and tried, even pulled the plug on the machine. Nope, it would not work. Again, in my conversation to Josiah.....he said to type in Internet Explorer then take that icon and put it on my you can see, I am on the Internet. I tell you, all the hoops one must jump through to get something figured out.

One of the other things I had done to my computer was, finally I had the "office" program installed which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. Not sure how much PowerPoint and OneNote will be used....but who knows. I really wanted a Photo Shop program installed but Josiah said my computer would not or could not handle it. Oh well, guess I have to figure out another way to fix my pictures and add words and stuff.

After church tomorrow, I am going to the Stampin'Up Camp. I wondered how I would pay for part of this and it was neat that God, provided the money for me to go and make some cards and buy a stamp set. A friend called me to ask if I would cut her hair.....sure I said, and she gave me $25....I used to be a hairdresser back in the day, yeah, there I times I wish I had continued, but things change and so does life. But anyways, I still cut my hair and JP's hair, so I am still not out of the game. JP and I joke around about how much he owes me in haircuts and tips....yeah, big time!!!!!

Well, I guess I better close here for now, tonight I want to finish making my Hospice cards. Have a meeting on the 6th, this Friday. So just a few more cards to make and I will have at least 50 cards to donate.

You all have a great evening, maybe I will see you tomorrow with the cards I made at Stampin'Up Camp. Keep looking up!!!
Cheers ~ Louise

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Well....wha'du-ya know??????

Hi there everyone.....well....wha'du-ya know???? Came home from church, went on the computer and WOW!!! I had a transaction from Etsy!!! Yay that made my day. It has been awhile since something last sold. Now I just have to wait to see if the transaction goes through and it was not a fluke. I tried emailing the lady and her email failed and did not go through. So I convoed her through Etsy....shall see if she answers. I can tell I am her first seller that she is dealing with. I hate the thought that this could be a scam or something. I just won't send the item till I know the transaction goes straight into my account. Guess I should be a little bit more trusting, but I am not.
Yep.....Monday is upon us again.....GRRRRRRR!!!!!! We have a Net Health nurse coming tomorrow, she is going to check out our meds, do blood pressure checks, blood sugar, check my feet and ask questions, listen to our hearts and what ever else. I guess she will want to know about the tests and operations I had this year too. Oh and talk me into a year thank you after I pay for these past medical bills. Least now, she can't tell me to have a colonoscopy, cause I had that one already.

Tuesday, I have to take my computer in for a check up, it's been over a year since this computer was checked out as it seems a little sluggish on some programs. But on other programs, she works fine. Also, I will have Windows 10 installed professionally. It seems I have to check with HP to see if the settings are okay to install 10....sounded too confusing to me, so I decided to take it in. I possibly will have the Office program installed for $150 and MAYBE the Adobe program too.....not sure as yet. So if you don't see me for a few days, that is why. We are getting an up-grade.
So, here is another funny dog "Monday Morning" picture.....aren't they funny???? Maybe this is what I will look like on Tuesday though. Who knows.
I saw this doggie picture a few months ago....thought he was a cutie....I love fries, I think that is my excuse too...exercise is just too hard, I would rather a few extra fries. I have lost some weight, 40 lbs since last year this time. I do feel better and would like to lose another 10 lbs. But since my Hernia operation, I have noticed a few lbs creeping back on the scale......oh-oh....I better say STOP LOUISE!!!!

But I enjoy my cooking way too, too much....last night I made a roast in the oven with baked potatoes and Brussels sprouts. Oh my, it was delicious. I had marinated the roast for about 30 minutes then sliced some mushrooms and sat the roast on the mushrooms, then covered the roast with tin foil and set the oven at 500 degrees and baked the roast for 10 minutes then turned the oven off and let the roast sit in the oven for 1 hour. After an hour I took it out and OH MY was that meat tender and still pink on the inside, delicious roast!!! Yes, that is the way I shall cook my beef roast from now on....perfecto!!!!

Next Sunday, after church I will be going to a Stampin'Up Camp....can hardly wait. I ordered a stamp set already and got 15% off on the set if I ordered it before the that was a good deal. The stamp set will help me make my Christmas Cards this year, which will be very simple.

Well time to close here.....I was going to make this a short post....but I guess it did not make it into the "short" category, did it??

Have a great week and keep looking up. Cheers ~ Louise

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Finally On A Roll.........

Hi there everyone......hope you had a great "hump day". My day was good. Finally got to go to my friends house to make some has been awhile since I was there....mostly because her road was being it was hard to get into her apartment complex. So we just called off making cards for a couple of months. And, of course I was recouping from my hernia surgery in September. It's been a long hard haul......but we made it through.

These following cards are the ones I made at home....they actually are the backgrounds made from shaving cream and alcohol inks. Here is the post. You can check out what they looked like before embellishing the backgrounds with stamps, gems, iridescent spray and embossed leaves.
I love the way they turned favorite card is of course the red card. I let the shaving cream backgrounds sit around for idea finally came to me to stamp them with my Tim Holtz stamps, actually he was doing a tutorial using these stamps (if you can see them in these pics.) all over one of his backgrounds, I thought, how cool is that. Think I will try that. I sprayed the card with some iridescent spray, then layered the embossed leaves on each card. (that idea came from another card I saw on a card from the internet.)
Again.....the top and bottom pictures are in different colors.....I like that each card is different and unique.
In this picture are all the cards together.
This next picture is the first card we made today. We colored in the leaves and pumpkins and then used some glitter on the leaves....hard to see the glitter, but it really turned out nice.
Now this card was really took a while to make as each little piece of the penguins had to be pieced together. We decided  this card would have to sell for $6 in order to pay for all the time involved and so much work to it.
This was a fun and easy card....I like the leaves, they are a die cut...they almost look like a real leaf, and they colored up really nice.
This was my favorite very pretty. The music stamp comes from "My Daily Bread" and is embossed on a blue card. Then we added the die cuts to embellish the card with flowers, pearls, blue branches and a white branch.
Well, I shall pause here....I am making some matzo soup....and I am sure the matzo is ready to be dropped into the chicken soup. Be back in a little bit. Here is where I got the recipe. Okay....this is definitely very delicious!!! JP will really like it and one bowl will not be enough for him. I predict this soup will not last long in the pot!!!

Time to close this post....I need to get long as I am on not waste the time and get some cards done whilst I am!!!

Have a good day tomorrow and keep looking up! Cheers ~ Louise

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Saturday....Spent a Day Making Some Cards....Finally!!!!

Hi there everyone.....whomever that may be. Well, I finally spent some time in my basement studio, making some cards and also found some time to reorganize some stamps. Sometimes I can be so messy, and not put things back they way they were. So yeah....time to pick up after myself and straighten up a few things..
I bought this Tim Holtz stamp set from "Simon Says Stamp!" Here is their site. This week I need to get some Tim Holtz here is his blog site. distress inks, especially one certain color for my Christmas cards. If I can't find what I am looking for here in town. I will be off to "Simon Says Stamp!" again.

I have been seeing these "Crazy Birds" around a lot and thought they were so cute. There are quite a few tutorials on YouTube that show how to color them with Copic Markers and water color pencils. So far, I am liking the copic markers. So many ideas and so many ways to color these guys.
I like that they are so colorful....and whatever the color you use....they will look funny and appealing to the eye and bring a smile each time. Now I have to find some sayings to go along with their funny faces.
Thank You, Missing you, Hello Friend. I have seen some birds with hats on for Birthday and Halloween. I need to get some cards together for Hospice.....think I will use these crazy birds to bring a smile to a face or two.
Here is the third meal from Blue Apron I made on Thursday....this was really good. The eggs actually came in the box of food and were packed very carefully in an egg container and wrapped up in brown paper and then in a box....nope, they were not broken. I wondered about the transportation of these eggs....but they made the trip in one!!!

This meal was so yummy. "Roasted Romanesco Cauliflower Salad with Homemade Garlic Croutons and Sunny Side-up Eggs" I think I shall make this again....not sure I will be able to find the cauliflower they used.....but white will be fine. The cooked kale and onions with garlic was just the right touch. The cauliflower was roasted with spices and olive oil. Mixed together with the croutons and a fried egg placed on top....yes, a very good dish with lemons squeezed on top.

I found 3 people to receive the free invitations to receive 3 free meals from Blue Apron. Here is their site.  Two Blog Friends and my neighbor next store. I know they will enjoy these lovely gifts and love the meals as much as I do. Happy cooking friends  :)

Well, time to close here, need to take a short nape. I am feeling my eyelids getting heavy. The Packers are playing today at 3:25....that is usually my nape time. So you all have a great day and keep looking up. Cheers ~ Louise

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Pizza and Tacos....Yum!!!

Hi there everyone. Hope you are having a good week. We are half way through October already and can you believe it? It will be 6 weeks this Thursday that I had surgery on my hernia....yes, I have felt MUCH, much better.....but still get around slowly, but that could be my age too. Turning 69 in November....geez we certainly are a vapor, here today and gone tomorrow!!! Hahaha....aren't you glad you dropped by????
I received my Blue Apron box last Thursday and made this scrumptious is the link to their site.  "Spinach and Fresh Mozzarella Pizza with Lemon and Chili Honey. Oh my, this was so good. I wondered how the honey and lemon zest would tie in, but it was oh so good. The box came with the pizza dough already made and all I had to do was roll it out. The tomato sauce consisted of a sliced red onion and garlic cooked together then spread on the dough. The spinach was cooked down and layered on the sauce then topped with the mozzarella cheese and lemon zest. After the pizza was cooked then the honey and chili's were drizzled on the pizza. Yep....I would make this again.

Tonight I made "Mixed Mushroom Tacos with Crispy Avocado and Cotija Cheese" The recipe says, "Mushrooms, one of the staple ingredients of autumn, make for a wonderful taco filling. Flavored with authentic Mexican spices, they're hearty and incredibly delicious. We are using two types of mushrooms, button topped cremini and ruffled maitake and pairing them with an array of tasty toppings. Quick pickled red onion provides tangy brightness, while battered, pan-fried avocado slices add crispy texture on the outside and creaminess within."
In the above picture is the pickled onions already cooked and the mushrooms sauteing. The next step was coating the avocado in rice flour and dropping them into the hot oil. 
Here is the finished product.....oh my, this tasted soooooo good. I ate two tacos and saved the other one for tomorrow. JP will have his 3 tacos tonight along with some fish from his dinner last night.
Here is another shot of the tacos with the recipe.....yes, I would do this one again. I am enjoying these meals and getting so many good ideas. I have decided to get one or two boxes a month.....that way I can keep up with the payments. A person can get a box every week if they so desire, guess it depends on the life-style. Blue Apron now offers a box of wine (6 small bottles) that pares with the meals that are sent to you.

I still have one "Free box" invitation that was sent to me to give to a friend....if you would like an invitation, let me know by a comment (all I would need is your email address) I can sign you up for ONE FREE BOX OF FOOD. Blue Apron people will contact you from their end. You don't have to sign up or anything, just try the box of food, All the vegies, meat, spices etc. are included in the box to make 3 delicious meals.

Well, time to close this post....I still have time to go make a few cards....I am trying a new technique with water coloring, and may use this technique for my Christmas cards this year.

Have a great evening and keep looking up! Cheers ~ Louise

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Coming Today!!!!

Hi there everyone. Just a short little post today. Today, I am looking forward to these two great meals from Blue Apron. The 3rd meal, could not get a good picture without doing it justice. When I make it, then for sure I will take a picture. These two pictures are from Blue no, I have not made these two lovely dishes as yet.
The top picture is a spinach and mozzarella that is right up my alley, looks like it is seasoned with some kind of oil and spice with lemons. That should be tasty.
This second lovely meal is mushrooms and avocado tacos......I think this one might be on a regular weekly menu....don't you think so??? I like that this uses two different mushrooms......yum!!!

The 3rd meal is a cauliflower salad with a fried egg on top. Will be interesting to see if the 2 eggs make it in the shipping from New Jersey and don't break in transit.
I always love when my shipment comes from Blue Apron. Here is their site. So far, I have been very happy with this product and the fact that the food comes to your house is a big plus. I don't have to go hunting for anything. Although when I find something I like from any one of the recipes.....I end up going hunting anyways, just trying to find that product. Like polenta, where you make your own, instead of using the already made polenta....another one was "Cracked Freekeh" a traditional grain of the Middle East. I found the polenta at Copps and the Freekeh at Festival in the health food section. Yeah....I have to do the hunt....but that is part of the fun, isn't it???
The other night I made chicken the way Blue Apron did it, using Panko crumbs, flour and turned out wonderfully tasty....then I fried up some corn on the cob (shaved off the cob, of course) in olive oil, salt and pepper, a little garlic and sliced up little tomatoes with the corn and put that on top of the chicken along with some mashed potatoes. Oh yum.....a very good meal, inspired by Blue Apron.

Today, seems like one of those days (cloudy and rainy) where I need to spend some time in the basement and make some cards. I have an idea for my Christmas cards this it will take time to put the idea together. After I do this post, I shall head down there. Maybe tomorrow I will post a few of the cards and my pizza from Blue Apron.

You all have a good day and keep looking up, better days are coming. Cheers ~ Louise

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Saturday is 4 Dutch Apple Pie's

Hi there did your Saturday go?? Mine was quiet, still taking it easy from my hernia surgery September 3rd. I still tire easily, but at least there has been no gut pain, Hooray for that miracle!!!! I do sleep a lot....but maybe that is part of the healing process.

My exercise consists of walking Kylie every day around the block, shopping at the stores, walking around the house, getting up and down from the chair etc. One of these days I shall have to start doing some yard work and get the house and yard winterized for the long cold winter......uge!!!!
So today I made a Dutch Apple Pie.....found this recipe at one of my favorite recipe sites to visit. My go-to for many of my recipes.
I usually use a pre-made crust....not very good at making real crust, not sure I have even tried, maybe one of these days I shall try.
The pie filling consisted of about 10 apples, a combination of Mollies, Cortland and about 4 McIntosh apples. (Mollies and Cortlands, we bought from the apple orchard last Sunday) Mixed them all together in some lemon juice so they would not brown. Then I drained them and mixed in 3/4 cup Palm sugar, 1/2 cup flour, 1/2 teaspoon nutmeg and 2 teaspoon cinnamon. Mixed the apples altogether by hand then poured them into the pie crust.

I over did it on the apples and had enough for a little pie.......sad to say...these two pies may not even last the week-end if JP has his way.

The crumb topping consists of 1 cup flour, 1/2 cup butter and 1/2 cup Palm sugar. Mix it altogether till crumbly....if more flour is needed, continue adding till the topping is crumbly.

Note: When I added Palm sugar, it is actually called, Organic Coconut Palm sugar, I bought it at Sam's club and have been using that in place of sugar and brown fine.
So here is the final touch.....a little bit of Cool Whip on a cooled down piece of pie......yum, was this delicious!!!

After I finish this post, I shall head down stairs and do a bit of card making and stamping.....guess my mojo is coming back and "making things" is coming back into my life again.....Hooray for small miracles!!!

You all have a great weekend and Lord willing, I will see you in a few days. My week is pretty much open, guess that means another week of rest and getting my strength built up. Never realized how much surgery can knock one out......I forgot!!!

I have another order of Blue Apron coming this week.....this one should be fun, a gourmet pizza, mushroom tacos and a cauliflower  salad.....looking forward to these recipes.

You all keep looking up and better days are coming!!!!
Cheers ~ Louise

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Some New Supplies

Hi there everyone.'s a new month and with it comes some new supplies to get me started up again. I have been in an unmotivated, un-inspirational mood for the last couple of months. The thought of being creative, just was not in my heart or mind.

In my previous post (9/28) I showed the shaving cream technique....which was lots of fun. Made quite a few samples and different colors. Since then I have watched a few more tutorials on using alcohol inks, distress inks and I have a few more techniques to try out. Hopefully I can keep up with all my ideas. Guess the inspiration is there....hopefully motivation is right behind.
In the picture above, you can see I was impressed with a lot of Tim Holtz's products. Added a few more alcohol inks, distress inks and some new stamps. Another technique that impressed me was using the Gelatos....have heard about them and seen a few cards made with Gelatos and watched a few techniques using the colors. So that should be a fun thing to play with. Sounds like I will be doing lots of backgrounds using stamps.

I sure do like the way Tim Holtz puts a card together, every card is a work of art. I need to be more freer in my applications of these different mediums. I just typed in Tim Holtz in and up comes lots of tutorial in using his products.

I used to be a great fan of his....but some how got lost along the way....guess I will make my way back. Funny how we go through phases and different seasons in our life and we make a full circle,  back to where we were. Funny, how life can be. What goes around comes around.

Well, I think I shall close this post for tonight and head downstairs and see what I can come up with. You all have a great evening and a wonderful October 2nd.....and the weekend is here again.....where did this week go????
Cheers ~ Louise


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