Monday, April 28, 2014

Life is Peachy Keen!!!!

Hi everyone, how is your day going? Well my "gift give away" in celebration of going on 7 years blogging is sure was fun! I've heard from the 3rd place winner, still waiting to hear from the 1st and 2nd place winners. There still is time.

Today I thought I would post some cards I made and are already listed in my Etsy store. The set of cards below are repurposed cards, they go pretty fast and are fun to do. Selling them on Etsy for $8.00+postage. 
This is my vintage lady card, the back ground is some sheet music from an old gospel hymnal, the song is "Have I not chosen you?" I think I will use these as Mother's Day cards, maybe mom will start singing when she get's this card. I might make a few Hospice cards using this card also. I am selling this card on Etsy for $3.50+postage.
This was a fun little card to make....the faces are from and I found some small circle punches to fit the faces, the background is a embossing folder that I ran through my cuttlebug. The "happy birthday" was trimmed off from a store bought card. I am selling this card for $3.00+postage.
Well, time to close this blog for today....can't believe a whole month is just about over. Onward and forward to the "lusty month of MAY" hopefully all the rain of April will bring you lovely flowers in May!!!! Oh and my husband will be 67 years old in May.....he caught up to me, now we will be 67 together for 6 months, then I turn 68 in goodness time flies!!!! JP is going to get a "Cake Boss" cake, I can hardly wait for a bite of that cake!!!!! YUMMMY!!!!

Have a great day and keep looking up!! Cheers ~ Louise

Saturday, April 26, 2014

And the Winners Are........Sound the Trumpets

Hi exciting is this, JP just picked the names of the winners!!!!
But first...I want to.....

Thank all of you ~ for playing along with me leaving your sweet comments. Also a big thanks to Angela at: and Shaz from the land down under: for becoming my newest followers. What fun it is to make new blog friends!!!

HERE ARE THE WINNERS!!!! (toot, toot, toot, toooooooot)

1st place goes to: America, she makes lovely cards using House Mouse stamps, um....maybe I better add a House Mouse card or two to her packet of cards.

2nd place goes to: Brenda in Indiana....oh wow, she makes really neat cards also!!!

3rd place goes to: Susie and she junks

Congratulations to the winners, I will contact you via email to let you know you have won and get addresses so we can send your gifts in the mail.

Thanks again to all of you who left comments. Please do come back again, you never know when I may do this again and it's always fun to hear from you all. Have a great day and keep looking up. Cheers ~ Louise

In 13 Hours......the drawing!!

Hi Everyone......It's 2:03am....and there still is time to leave a comment or follow my blog. The drawing will be TODAY at 3pm or when JP gets home from practice. (He'll be picking the 3 names). If you go to the previous post you can see the gift for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

I am celebrating going on 7 years of blogging. Where did that time go...blogging can be great therapy and a way to journal your life. I have heard that you can actually have your blog posts put into an actual book. If and when all your posts disappear from blogland, you can still have your blogging in book form. Not sure how much that costs, but it sounds like a good idea.
So add your name to this lovely plastic bowl and receive 5 homemade cards, anti-bacterial hand lotion soap, a photo album, a pen, coffee or tea (your choice), and a special surprise!!

See you all later today. I will let you all know who won. Email me with your address and what your preference is for coffee or tea and I will get your gift off in the mail this week.
Cheers ~ Louise

Friday, April 25, 2014

Starting My 7th Year....Gift Give Away!!!

Hi everyone. Hope your day went well. Mine was pretty takes a lot of time. I hit a new store in town. GFS Marketplace. It's a bulk-type store for food services, restaurant and party supplies. A small building with a lot of stuff and a lot of people, ailes were not wide, so you were bumping into people with the cart and waiting for them to come around the corner...BUT there were free hamburgers and coffee...such a deal I could not pass up. Tomorrow they will be sampling the different foods in the store.......I should try and get there for that...hahahahaha. I did pick up their hamburgers, a large bag of salad, vegetable stock, naan flat bread. I might go back there to shop, hopefully when it is not so busy. It is sort of like Sam's Club but on a smaller scale.

Tomorrow, actually today starts my 7th year of blogging....I can't believe it has been that long already....I must have been having fun cause the time sure went fast!!!

I have been keeping track of how many times you have come to my blog to either comment or follow me and have put your name in the bowl. 
As you can see, the bowl is not full. You still have time to enter for the gift above. The drawing will be on Saturday at 3pm and my husband will do picking of names. You all have 3 chances to win as there will be a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. The gift includes:

5 cards - a Birthday card, Note card, Garfield card, Anniversary card and Get Well card. - To send to that special friend.
1 pen - Who doesn't need another pen???
1 small photo album (to carry your kids and grand kids around in)
1 bag of Door County coffee or 3 bags of Bigelow tea
 (your choice)  - To take some time to unwind
1 bottle of anti-bacterial hand lotion - Clean hands....clean heart!!
I might add a "special mystery gift" to make things exciting, of course it will be something I made.

It's not a lot, but it's fun things that we can always use. So you still have some time to enter the fun.....fill my bowl up!!!!

So hurry, hurry and comment please, help me to celebrate these 7 years !!! Have a great day, keep warm and dry!! Cheers ~ Louise

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Vintage Things Going in My Etsy Store

Hi everyone.....I trust you are enjoying the wonderful weather. I have been watching the tulips push through the ground....will be fun to see them in bloom. Probably in the next week or so I will start cleaning up the yard of leaves and whatever. Looking forward to getting the pond cleaned out and ready to fill and listen to the sound of the water fountain. Planted some heirloom tomato seeds today, probably should have started them earlier, they should be okay to plant by June, there's a good 8-9 weeks for them to grow.

I decided to add a few vintage things to my Etsy store, so the following pictures are just a few things I've picked up the an Estate Sale Store. I want to expand a little and see where this all takes me. I seem to be getting lots of different people looking at my shop. Guess not everyone is into cards, so I thought adding a few extra things might draw a few more people to my store.
This is a cute little figurine "Tyrolean Dancers" which was made in Bedford, Ohio...not sure about the date, but it seems to be 1980-1990's there about.
Here's a cute little brown tea pot that holds one tea cup full, no cracks or chips that I could find. It's hard to read the imprint on the bottom, I picked it up for $1.00
Now this is a rare Princes House 24% Lead Crystal Tusked African Bull Elephant from the Wonders of the Wild Series....I looked on Etsy to compare prices and found one exactly like this elephant and it was selling for $38....I picked it up for $5.00~~~~well hopefully I can make some money on this vintage item.
Here's two more elephants I found at the Estate Sale Store.....It seems someone brought in a collection of over 300-500 elephants.....that's why I have so many elephants on hand. I rather like them.....I have 6 elephants now.....and just may look for more. I rather like these planters, I need to find a little flower to plant in them if they don't sell.
I am still planning on having a gift "give away" on April 26th in celebration of going on 7 years of blogging. I have been writing your names down and every time you comment or add your name to be a follower, I have entered your name on the list for the drawing.

There will be a 1st place prize, 2nd place prize and 3rd place prize, and I have some cards made up for each place winner. Friday I will post the picture of the gifts that you could win.

Well time to close for a to you later and have a great day. Cheers ~ Louise

Sunday, April 20, 2014


Hi everyone.....bawhahahahahahah....What a funny face on the little pooch. Found him on Pinterest and could not resist!

Hope you had a great weekend and celebrated Resurrection Sunday with family and friends. We went out to eat....have not done that in a long time, it was fun. Cause I didn't have to do dishes afterwards. A small buffet with chicken, potatoes, dressing, eggs, ham, sausage, bacon, toast, salads and desserts....oh yum, I was full. We didn't do much today except just relax. I still have the paper to look over.

We watched Jimmy Swaggart on the computer today....usually we can get  him on the TV but the connection was not working. Someone from AT&T is coming out tomorrow to fix the problem, I hope. I had to call and talk to someone in Manila, Philippine's....oh geez I really dislike having to jump through these hoops to get something done right...this whole thing is unacceptable, to say the least!!!

Well, time to close, I am getting tired and it's almost 2:00 am, time to hit the I am not grumpy when the AT&T guy is here.

Cheers to you all ~ Louise

Friday, April 18, 2014

Happy Easter!!

Hope you all have a blessed Easter.
May you be blessed with all that God has for you.
Enjoy your families and friends.
Keep looking up for your redemption draws near!!!
Cheers ~ Louise

Monday, April 14, 2014

Hope You Are Feeling Well Today

Hi everyone.......thought you could use a few laughs today, I know I needed it. We woke up to 2-3 inches of snow today, oh uge!!! A song came to mind when I saw the snow...."It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas." Well, hopefully Spring is still coming.

My dog was not feeling well today, nor was I for that matter. Woke up with a dull headache. We had breakfast, eggs and bacon and toast. I still was dealing with the headache and about 12:30, felt sleepy and took a nap. Woke up and JP said Kylie threw up on the bed....oh geez, why does she do that, I don't know. Well, I tore the bed apart and have yet to wash the blankets. Because, I got sick and threw up my breakfast....guess there is some kind of bug going around this house. JP seems to be okay...we'll see when he gets home.

So after he left for work at 4:15....around 5 o'clock I laid down and fell asleep again till almost 7....woke up and felt much better. I have not eaten anything yet, but not sure I want to eat, might try some yogurt in a little bit.

So here are a few "Happy Pictures" to pick up your spirits!!!! Found this man on another blog and could not resist his laughing....wonder what was so funny?????
Don't you just love this little girl with the birdie on her head....funny birdie, it must have scared her!!! I think the lady in this next picture is just squinting, that's me a lot of times....I need new glasses.
So Good News.....Friday, April 25th marks the start of my 7 years of blogging. To celebrate I will be giving a "give away gift set of cards." I have been writing your names down for this drawing since March 31st. Be sure to watch for my blog on Saturday the 26th which will reveal the winners.

All you need to do is either comment and/or add your name to the list of followers to the right. I will add your name to a bowl. The more times you comment, the more times your name will be entered. That means more chances to win. I may do 2nd, and 3rd place winners also. So stop by all you want. I love your comments, it's always fun to hear from blogging sisters.

Well, I guess it is time to close here, I need to go get a load done, so I can make the bed for tonight. You all have a good night. Keep looking up. Tomorrow  "Rebuilding Together" is coming to look at our roof and ceiling....sometimes these preliminaries make me nervous. Hope your day is good!!! Cheers ~ Louise

Friday, April 11, 2014

Patty's Plop Pie Recipe

Hi everyone. Well, today was another busy one...Hospice meeting this morning. We meet at the Atlanta Bread Company, so to start off the meeting means a good cup of their coffee. We passed our cards around so we each could see see what the other's made and maybe get a few new ideas. We then spent some time making little chocolate favors for Mother's Day. Next month we'll make chocolate favors for Father's Day.

After the meeting I went to JoAnn Fabrics to look around at their stamping stuff. Since Archiver's closed, I've not bought anything for awhile, so it was time for a treat. JoAnn's had a 50% off coupon, so I bought a flower punch....I will show you the card probably in the next blog, once the card is done. After JoAnn's I went to Walmart and did some food shopping...JP needed a few things.
In the next three pictures is a pie I made that was so quick and fast....and really fun to make. It's called a fruit "plop" pie and I got the recipe from Patty, here is her address. Hopefully this takes you to her blog.
In the above picture, a pre-made pie crust is laid on the cookie sheet, cut up apples, strawberries and blueberries were mixed with half a package of sugar free instant vanilla pudding and "plopped" on to the pie crust. The rest of the instant pudding is sprinkled on the fruit.
The second pie crust is laid on the fruit and first crust, the edges are pinched together. I took a knife and made a few slices on the pie so it could breath a bit.
I think I baked the pie at 350 degrees till it was browned on you can see, the pie was "breathing a bit". It was really good and a very easy pie to make. Only thing missing was the ice cream or whipped cream. This pie lasted maybe one day.......JP likes two kinds of pie, hot or cold, round or square.....neither lasts very long.

Well time to close, I need to get some dishes done and go play with that new punch. So talk to you later and have a great weekend....keep looking up, OH and keep's suppose to rain this weekend. I will be keeping an eye on the ceiling with a few buckets ready to catch the drips....uge!!!
Cheers ~ Louise

PS. Thank you Patty....the pie was delish and I will be sure to make it again!!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Some Vintage Items 4 My Etsy Store

Hi everyone. Hope you are enjoying the wonderful 50-60 degree weather. I think the weather is agreeing with everyone, there seems to be a smile on most of the faces I see during the that is a good sign that Spring is finally here.

I've been a bit busy here. Just got finished with an order of 500 punched out hearts. As soon as the order is picked up on Etsy, off goes the package to the Post Office tomorrow. It sounds like she is a wedding planner or something to that effect....we'll see. I think I was her first Etsy purchase hopefully she was happy with the service and will return for some more hearts.

I finally finished the application to hopefully get our roof fixed by "Rebuilding Together" They get funds from people and company's to help senior citizens stay in their homes, getting big projects done, like roofs, plumbing, weatherization, heating or whatever needs to be fixed. Someone is coming Tuesday to take a look at the roof and ceiling......gosh, I hope this time it can get fixed. Last time I tried getting help from this group, there were no funds. Another one of those "we'll see" situations.
Isn't this the most sweetest elephant, he's a planter, I found one on Etsy almost like him.....for $22 + postage. I don't know, I think I could get into collecting Elephants. I found an elephant creamer in blue...was going to sell him on Etsy....but I fell in love, he makes me smile every time I look at him......I will take a picture of him in a couple of days and post him so you can smile too.
Here's another view of this sweet elephant. JP brought in some inpatients in the that is what you are looking at...I am going to root them for planting outside when it gets warmer out.
I picked up this cup and saucer at the thrift store along with the elephants and a couple other cups and saucers. I will be putting this cup and saucer in my Etsy store in the next few days. It's Duchess Bone China made in England in the 70's. Searching other Etsy stores and seeing what prices are going for, for this particular tea cup and saucer, I might sell for $10 - $15....I'll probably check Ebay also. So I've got some more time to do more homework.
It's a very pretty little cup and saucer.....time to take some time to smell the roses with some "Earl Grey" tea and a crumpet with jelly. I think the English have a very wonderful tradition....a cup of tea at 4:00pm....yes, I should do that too.

Time to close here for to you later and keep looking up. The weekend is almost here. Cheers ~ Louise

Sunday, April 6, 2014

GOOD NEWS...Etsy Tap Dance in Progress!!!

Hi everyone....WOW, wow, wow! Sold some cards today....I am always amazed when something sells in my little shop. I don't know why, but I am. I was invited to join an Etsy team. The only stipulation is that you must live in America. "TeamVintageUSA" has been a blessing for me. Because since I have been a part of this team I've had 3 sales......that sure makes my day. I am not sure why they asked, maybe because of my "Vintage Lady" cards, but whatever the reason, I am glad they did ask me.
This was the 1st set of 4 Easter cards I listed the 2nd of this month. I shall have to get another set of Easter cards up in my store in the next day or so.
I really liked this card...What a friend we have in Jesus....this card sure has been a big favorite on's been favored by over 50 people, that's the most I have ever seen for anyone of my cards.
This is the 2nd set of 4 Easter cards I listed on the 3rd of this month. Sold....America!!!!

Well today, JP and I went back to the thrift store for some more tea cups and another elephant. I found out that one of the tea cups and saucers could be worth $ we went back for some more tea cups and saucers. I found two more that were English made. I am going to sell them in my Etsy store, clean them up and take pictures and see how they do.....first I have to read up on them and see what some of the other sellers are saying about their tea cups. It's a big process, but worth a try.

I already have a collection of 14 tea cups and saucers in my china cabinet. Two cups and saucers were inherited from my step-grandmother, one set is well worth $ I was surprised to see that. You never know what you may have in your china cabinets, just need the right buyer.

Selling things other then cards will help me to feel more like a "Vintage seller of wares" rather then just a "card maker"! I also will be expanding on my store name also "Cards4ubylouise and "other treasures". My "other treasures" will be tea cups and saucers, and lots of misc things that I might find....maybe even a few of my treasures I have here at home. Never know....this could be fun. Have to pay for this computer some how!!!!

Well you all have a great evening and onward to MONDAY and another week of many things to do. My calendar looks pretty busy this dull moments here!!! So take care and keep looking up. Cheers ~ Louise

Saturday, April 5, 2014

A Busy Saturday and Easter Cards

Hi everyone. How was your day today??? We had a pretty busy day for a Saturday. We picked up our finished income tax.....yay! Uncle Sam is giving some of our money back. One of the things I invested was a new computer, so some of that money will go towards it. Microsoft decided they no longer want to support Windows XP. So on April 8th "D-day" will come for those still using XP's. Kim Komando, a computer guru on the radio, said, those still on XP stand the chance of getting hacked and/or getting virus's. I took my XP off line last week, and will use it downstairs with my Cricut. Kim also says that 1/3 of the people in the world are still on XP, it's worked well for 12 years and has been a popular program, oh well, I guess that is progress for ya.

We also mailed a package off to CA to a man who ordered some CDs and tapes from JP. Then JP took off for church to clean it and then practice his accordion for the service tomorrow. Leaving me to my computer for awhile. I decided to take a short nap before JP got home. Then we were off to a thrift store, the pawn shop and Walmart. When we got home I took Kylie for a short walk then it was time to make dinner. Roasted vegies, hamburgers and baked potato. Yep a busy day....right now I have a pie in the oven if you go to Patty's blog, she talks about her "plop pie" it sounded so good, I needed to try it.
Thought I would post a few Easter Cards that I have in my Etsy store. I made this card last Easter, had a few left and decided to make a set of 4 cards for $8.50+postage. The inside of this card is calligraphy with He Lives.
I made this card a couple of years ago....the inside verse says "Happy Easter"
This card was made this year, I got the idea for this card on one of the Etsy stores....was rather fun to make....need to make some more to give to a few friends. The inside of this card is blank, but I most likely will add "Happy Easter".
This card and the purple one were from a couple of years ago, if it does not sell this year, I probably will add it to the Hospice cards next year.
This is a newer card, using the same cuttlebug folder but not cutting it out like the blue and brown cross was. Inside says "Happy Easter"

Oh....I forgot to say I bought a few tea cups and saucers and an elephant creamer. I think I will try selling them in my Etsy store. Going to try something different. I figured with the store name Cards4ubyLouise and other Treasures....other Treasures could also include some vintage things...I do have some books listed and photo's I have we shall see how that goes.

Just a reminder...I am celebrating going on 7 years doing this blog. I will be doing a gift give-away....a set of cards and an extra surprise!!! So if you would like to be a part of the give away, just leave a comment and become a follower if you aren't already.

You have a great weekend and keep looking up....I need to go check out the pie....hopefully it did not burn...hahahaha. Cheers ~ Louise

Note: The pie turned out perfectly golden to taste it when it cools down a bit.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Funny Picture Wednesday......LOL

Hi is your day going? Was playing around on Pinterest again.....found these funny pictures that just absolutely cracked me up. Thought I would share them.
In the picture above....aren't we used to seeing those "non-smiling people" they had to be sitting so long, it must have been very boring waiting for the photographer to take the picture. I like the audacity of this lady....probably made a lot of funny faces before the photographer took this one. I think her personality reflects doubt....this could have been me back then....hahahahaha
Do you remember having your picture taken in those old photo booths?? I have a lot of those pictures. My dad would bring me to work on Saturdays....I loved going to work with him. There was a photo booth at his work place. He was the manager of Cascade Bowling Alley. So I do remember the pinball machines, candy and pop machines, the photo booth (25 cents for 4 pictures) the restaurant and hamburgers and very skinny French fries, more candy then money in the big walk-in safe, talking with the office ladies, rides on a dolly by one of my dads employees. Oh and there were lots of free games of bowling too. Most likely the bowling alley is gone now, cause I'm talking back in the 50's, yeah....lots of good memories.

Well, this girl is not me....but again, no doubt I probably would have taken a picture like this back in those days.....yep, that could have been me.
This lovely lady is another funny.....something I probably would have done as someone is taking my picture...a good selfie....hahahahahah I hope you enjoyed the walk back in time with me....with funny pictures. I may do this again...oh and I hope your April Fools day didn't find too many jokes being played on you.

Time to close, have to walk Kylie around the block and get some exercise for us both. Chicken is in the oven and need to get some potatoes baked....maybe some corn bread too. You have a great evening and keep looking up. Cheers ~ Louise

P.S. Watch for my 7 year Blogaversary "give-away" The gift will be a set of cards....of course. All you have to do is comment and follow my blog for the month of April. I will put your name in a cup or bowl (depending on how many visitors I have) and on April 25th I will pick a name. So do visit me every day or so. More visits = chances to win.


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